The Jedi Council Speaks – Volume III, Episode #13 – The Jedi Council’s Force Speaks Among Us

Okay, it’s officially December and I told my kids that as of today, they could actually listen to Christmas music.  In reality I had been letting it go for a few weeks now, but now my kids are starting to sing them all around the house and now they want to watch the Christmas movies.  Who am I to argue with them?  I got up this morning around nine o’clock or so and went right downstairs and loaded up the latest episode of “The Jedi Council Speaks”.  As always, it can be found here:  This time, just to let all of you know, there is the possibility to win a prize so check out the podcast!  So, anyway, I got that uploaded by noon and went upstairs and had some lunch with Heather and the kids.  Then I went back downstairs and started to try and catch this blog back up.  I am now by this point over two months behind and I know it.  As I started to update my blog, I soon realized that I had caught up with my reading.  So, I spent much of the afternoon reading and writing notes on “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn.  I hope to get caught back up before the end of January.  I guess I’m going to make it my “New Year’s Resolution”.  After working all morning and afternoon on all that stuff, after dinner I came downstairs and started to play “Black” on the PS2 and finally beat the game!!! Yeah, now I only need to go back on the medium level and try to start unlock other things in the game.  It’s fun but near impossible.  Okay, so today was short, but only because I didn’t do much.  Hey, it’s December and this month will be full of things I will have to do, so go easy on me!

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