‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 23 (Part 1)

Thursday.  Although I didn’t have help getting the kids ready for school this morning, it wasn’t a bad morning altogether.  The kids got themselves together and I have to say they have really gotten back into the swing of things at the house.  I think it’s simply because they had a little bit of a break from school.  They got themselves together in record time and found out that if they do so, I’ll let them watch the “Today” show with me for a little bit, which I believe was a motivational tool for them.  We headed off to work and school and Heather even seemed to be in a pretty good mood this morning.  It’s nice when everything starts to run smoothly.
I got to school and set things up for my first day of music history.  I really do like teaching music history and I think my kids enjoy learning about it because of my interest in teaching it.  Today went pretty well in my classroom and students asked about what we would be doing tomorrow.  I explained to them about the music video and music podcasting projects and explained to them that tomorrow we would do research and they would learn more about it then.  Overall, a good day of teaching/learning.  I was happy and I think they were too.
I got home and spent some time helping my kids with homework.  I helped Heather get dinner together and we all ate dinner together.  We then ate dinner as a family.  After dinner I went downstairs and continued to do some recording and editing for the podcast.  I told Heather that I was determined to get this one out on time considering that I have an interview with Chris Macht on it!  I spent the rest of the night in the basement working on both my podcast and my blog.  I still am behind on the blog and have made it my mission to get it caught back up.  I didn’t really watch any T.V. and just worked on Star Wars stuff.  I got done around midnight and went upstairs and joined Heather, who was already asleep.
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 23 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 23 (Part 1):  Three hours after the battle had ended and Car’das’ sheer boredom had kicked in, he heard a tapping on the hull side of his bubble.  As the door was propped open, the vacuum of space rushed in, and shoved hi out inot the corridor.  Suddenly he was shoved back into the bubble and an oxygen mask was pushed into his face.  Thrawn asked him if he was okay and Car’das said he was and then he asked Thrawn if the plan worked, and Thrawn said that it did.  Doriana was surprised that Car’das was on this Vagaari ship and asked what he was doing there and Thrawn said he was luring them into Thrawn’s attack as the Chiss do not engage in pre-emptive attacks.  So Doriana then put together the concpet that the story of Car’das being a spy was a cover-up and Thrawn went on to explain that it was to protect Admiral Ar’alani, who was now taking the Geroons back ot their homeworld.  Car’das asked what happened to Outbound Flight as he saw the droid starfighters go after it.  Thrawn said they had to go farther then he had hoped to and Car’das asked how far and Thrawn said they’re all dead.  Doriana explained there was no other choice as C’Baoth was Force Choking Thrawn.  Car’das asked if Thrawn offered for them to just leave and Doriana said he offered more than once and said if it makes Car’das feel better, he pushed the button that destroyed Outbound Flight.  Car’das asked if they were sure there were no survivors and Doriana said they used radiation bombs, so it was unlikely, but they haven’t physically been onboard yet.  Car’das said the Neimoidians must be happy as they got what they wanted and Doriana said he was content…..


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