‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 22 (Part 13)

Wednesday.  And it was going to be another hectic one at that.  Heather and I are trying to figure out how all of a sudden everyone decided to put everything going on for the week on one night.  But hey, we really don’t have much control over that.  I got up and got the kids going for the day and reminded Ruth about having her instrument for band as her concert was coming up soon and it was important for her to have her things with her.  Heather had her first Wednesday off for the first time in a long time.  She has plans to do Jackets for the seamstress she works for.  So, I had some help this morning getting the kids ready for school and it was a welcome help that I don’t get too often.  It was a nice change.
I got to school today and got things ready for my first day of instruction on keyboards and recorder.  Of course, it was interesting.  Most of my kids gripped and complained about having to work again.  I sometimes get the impression that in other classes that if they don’t want to work, they simply put down their pen or pencil and don’t do it.  I tell my students that they need to follow the Yoda rule, “Do or do not, there is no try”.  Then I tell them that they need to try their best and if they do that then they will be surprised at what they can succeed at.  It works for some kids and others just think I’m trying to be corny, which I’m really not.  I’m just trying to be supportive.  My day went as I expected, and when the day ended I had a bunch of work to get done.  Once the last bell rang, I hung around and graded papers before SMASH rehearsal.  The first few workbook pages are looking pretty good from these classes, so I’m looking forward to grading more papers as I think they will all do their best in my class.  We’ll have to see what they look like two weeks from now when we’re close to Christmas break.
After I got done grading, I headed off to SMASH and the director told me and the kids that we are going to be doing a tour of the elementary schools again this year.  I just hope we get better crowds than last year.  Last year we would have concerts and we would be lucky if we attracted thirty people.  Some of that I blame on the PTSA’s for not advertising very well and other times it just seemed to be bad timing.  Let’s hope we get it right this time around.  We’re talking about doing it on Friday nights between February and March.  We’ll have to see.  But, with that in mind, it appears the students seem motivated again to work on projects and get ready for something.  I really do think it matters when you have a goal in mind.  I got done with SMASH and raced home and met Heather in time to ride with her to take the girls to Girl Scouts.  On our way home, we stopped at Arby’s and got some dinner.  We ate dinner at home and then went out and picked the girls back up by eight o’clock and came home.  The kids went to bed and Heather and I crashed in the basement watching our usual T.V. shows.
Okay, time to talk about Part 13 of Chapter 22 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 22 (Part 13):  The vibrations from the attacked Dreadnaughts stipend and Pressor wondered if the battle was over.  Lorana reached out with The Force and sensed nothing from above and said it was definetly over.  Jorad Pressor asked if they cold go back up and Lorana suggested they wait for a little bit as there was probably a massive amount of clean up going on.  the one elderly male suggested they go back to the Jedi school and Uliar siad they’d probably be locked in, but Lorana insisted they would not and even offered to use some debris to prop the door open.  As they walked back, Uliar asked Lorana what the real damage was and Lorana said she didn’t sense any life uptop.  He asked if she could be wrong, but she doubted it.  Uliar said there may be soem survivors she can’t sense and Jinzler agreed, but said that since the turbolift cars won’t come, there is a rift in the space vacuum somewhere.  She said they’ll hae to wait till the droids finish he repairs and Uliar said that could take several hours.


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