‘Star War: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 22 (Part 12)

It was Tuesday and it was back to the grind.  I got up my usual time this morning and got the kids clothed, fed, and ready to go for the day.  It’s gonna be weird having a full week of school after not having one for the last few weeks, but I look forward to the challenge.  Luckily the kids were ready to go this morning and I agree with Heather’s decision to put them to bed early last night and have them get everything together last night.  Too bad we don’t have enough time to do that every night.
I got to school this morning and got everything prepped for the day.  We worked hard in our workbooks, but the one class that has been misbehaving just took a turn for the worse today.  I had to actually remove a student from class today and I threatened to remove another.  I think we’ve just taken a step from bad into obnoxious by talking about inappropriate topics in class and they don’t seem to care that I’m standing right there.  One of the students even told me that I need to “ligthen up” because they talk about these topics all the time on the street and this school is full of “tie wearing stiff shirted adults”.  Interesting they look at us this way and it concerns me more about what those students are going to be like in the workplace.  I try to guide them to behave appropriately, but this discussion today just confirmed to me that we don’t get any backing outside the school to reinforce appropriate behavior.  Anyway, it was a little bit of a rough day, but I made it through.
I got home and told Heather I needed to lock myself in the basement and do some more recording for my podcast, so while she made dinner she was nice enough to take care of the kids so I could record for my podcast.  I got quite a bit done, probably about an hour’s worth of podcast recording done before the night was over.  While I did that, the kids worked on homework and Heather cooked.  We came together and ate dinner and the kids cleaned up while Heather and I retreated to the basement.  She continued sewing while I worked on editing more of my podcast.  When the kids finished, they put lunches together and got ready for bed while Heather and I watched our usual Tuesday night T.V. shows.
Okay, it’s time to talk about Part 12 of Chapter 22 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 22 (Part 12):  C’Baoth had not noted the continued affect of the wave after wave of droid starfighters.  He stayed concentrated on the bridge of “The Sprinhawk” and Thrawn was still dying.  Doriana came to the conclusion that C’Baoth was hidden away in Outbound Flight if this attack wasn’t affecting him.  Then an odd formation caught his eyes using those droid starfighters that had the strange cylinders connected to them.  There were ten pair of them heading at Outbound Flight at full speed.  The droid starfighters each punched their way inside the Dreadnaughts using the holes that were punched through the hulls.  Then a bright blue burst blew out from the windows of Outbound Flight.  Suddenly, Thrawn let out a gasp of air and fell forward onto the deck of the ship.  Thrawn managed to let them know he was okay and Doriana said he thinks they killed C’Baoth, but Thrawn corrected him saying they killed all of them.  Doriana said that was impossible, but Thrawn explained tha they were a dangerous weapon that once inside a ship’s hull explode into a wave of radiation.  Doriana grimaced and Thrawn then explained that they were intended for use against the Vagaari ships not Outbound Flight.  Doriana said he understood, but Thrawn broke in again saying they would have to fight the Vagaari on thier ships in hand to hand combat.  He also pointed out that some warships and civilian ships have escaped which will give the Vagaari the chance to escape and attack this part of space again.  Doriana apologized again, and Thrawn said he just wished he had better control over this battle.  Kav asked what happens now and Thrawn said they board the Vagaari ships and liberate the Geroons from their bubbles.  Doriana nodded and thought to himself that everyone on Outbound Flight had to have died.  Then he remembered what Kav had said earlier about Thrawn.  Kav insisted Thrawn would have to die.  Doriana asked if he could observe the Chiss warriors in action and Thrawn agreed to the idea and told Doriana he will find it informative…..


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