‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 22 (Part 10)

Again, not much to talk about today.  Heather and I got up fairly late this morning and didn’t check out of the hotel until about noon.  We left and decided we would make a casual drive back up to New York.  Somehow, we missed a turn-off to go back to New York through Pennsylvannia, so we decided just to hit 17 and take that up through the Livingston Manner area.  We enjoyed a nice drive up through the country side, but were trying everything we could to keep each other awake.  We decided to stop just outside Poughkipsee (I don’t think that’s how you spell that) and got some lunch and stopped at a local Wal Mart.  We got some Christmas CD’s including the soundtrack to “Elf” and Harry Connick Jr.’s latest Christmas album with the song “The Happy Elf”, which I love!  Anyway, I also managed to find two Star Wars figures I couldn’t find anywhere around Binghamton and picked those up.  I know it’s a risk as my mom may get them for me for Christmas, but if she does, I’ll just return them and get ones I don’t already have.  We got back on the road and listened to Christmas tunes the rest of the way home.
We got home around four o’clock or so and decided to just go right out and get some dinner, so we went and got some Taco Bell (I was in the mood) and came home and relaxed and ate dinner.  We unpacked a little and went to bed.  Heather wasn’t looking forward to tomorrow as she was going to be driving to Rochester and back while I was at work, and like me, she was sick of being in the car all weekend long!
Okay, let’s talk about Part 10 of Chapter 22 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 22 (Part 10):  The bridge crew pushed past Doriana and tried to get Thrawn away from the still ongoing attack, but to no avail.  Doriana wondered if C’Baoth may have been weakened by the Chiss attack, but he didn’t appear to be.  He wondered if he turned off the display if it would end the attack, but he didn’t know which switch.  Then Doriana found the red switch on Thrawn’s control board.  He flipped up the cover and pushed the button……

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