‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 22 (Part 9)

Okay, I can’t talk too much about today as again, I have had people ask me not to mention them on my blog.  So, let me try to sum up the day in just a few sentences.  We headed to New Jersey for a wedding of one of Heather’s cousins.  We stopped in Binghamton on the way and dropped off a bunch of things my parents gave us for Christmas and to unload part of the car.  We then continued on our travels and visited a relative down there.  We went to the wedding and it was beautiful.  We then tried to find out hotel in Jersey and got lost.  Jersey sucks!  We found out hotel, got in late, went to the reception and ended up getting there late, but had a good time at the reception party and had way too much fun with a chocolate fountain.  We went to bed really late and were extremely exhausted!
Okay, that’s all I can say about today.  Oh, and I am still sick, but feeling a little better today.  Time to talk about Part 9 of Chapter 22 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..(and if you want to find out more about today, email me)

Chapter 22 (Part 9):  Lorana was heading down in the turbolift car when she felt a disturbance in The Force and realized what Master C’Baoth was doing.  As the turbolift moved down, she screamed “No!” at the ceiling as Lorana realized that in a vengeful rage, Master C’Baoth was suddenly turning to the Dark Side.  Lorana had never known a Jedi who had fallen, but now she has and suddenlty with the pain came a feeling of guilt.  She wondered if she could have prevented this as his padawan.  Should she have forced him to see what he was doing?  But now, it was too late.  then she convinced herself it won’t, and concentrated using The Force focused at D-1 and told C’Baoth he doesn’t have to kill someone.  But no response and it seemed as C’Baoth was convinced to continue.  the turbolift got to the bottom and Lorana knew it was too lat for C’Baoth but not for the trapped crewers.  She made her way tot the storage core and was going to do what she could…..


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