‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 22 (Part 8)

Black Friday.  The day that all the people in this country go out and try to find the best deals in shopping for the Christmas Holiday season.  I like to go out today for two reasons.  First, I do manage to find some great deals on Black Friday not only for my shopping, but also because I like to observe people during this day.  I’m always amazed at how people act and how people behave in public when they’re forced into stressful situations.  My wife and I occasionally fit into that situation as well.  This year was much easier to shop in Rochester, as Webster has a new shopping plaza that has a lot of stores Heather and I like, so we didn’t have to go far to shop.  We went to the Webster Plaza at six’thirty this morning to shop at Kohl’s.  We found some good deals there on linens for our bed and some other random things we needed.  I also managed to find some hard to find Star Wars figures at Kohl’s.  That’s right I found Star Wars figures at Kohl’s!  I know, it blew me away too!  Anyway, we stood in line for about twenty minutes, which considering how long the line was (it wrapped all the way around the store), it wasn’t long at all.  But, I was not feeling well today (fever continuing from yesterday), so that twenty minutes seemed like an eternity.  We got done at Kohl’s and my wife thought we should head over to JoAnn Fabrics.
Now, I’m all for my wife being into sewing and going into a JoAnn Fabrics.  However, on Black Friday, it was a madhouse!!!  All their fabric was fifty percent off and then there were coupons that would take even more money off.  Heather has been planning to make new costumes for our church for their Christmas pageant, so she figured we could get some material at a really good price here.  Basically all we had to do was give up some time.  Well, she was in there for almost two hours.  Not actually shopping, but waiting for her fabric to get cut.  While she waited, I told her I was still not feeling too well with hot/cold flashes, but that I would run around the corner to McDonald’s and get us some breakfast.  I managed to do that and took the kids out to the car and we ate breakfast in the car just to give Heather a break from the kids.  We finally got out of there and were on our way to Eastview Mall and it was only ten in the morning, and it seemed like it should be in the middle of the afternoon.
We had a good shopping experience in the mall.  We found quite a few things between the mall and the Circuit City and Borders Bookstore acrossed the street.  Heather and I even managed to find some things for ourselves at a fairly cheap price.  I found an MP3 Player at Circuit City for $35 and it has 2 GB of memory and it’s a name brand unlike the cheapo one I had from before.  Heather found some things she was looking for and we even got the kids some things at a reasonable price, like tights for the girls.  We got all of our shopping done by about one o’clock and headed to mom and dad’s house for lunch.  They were gone, which was okay because I really needed a nap again as my symptoms were starting to take off again.  I took a nap and before I knew it, it was three in the afternoon.  I felt bad, but needed the nap, and Heather said it was okay.  Mom and dad came home and we ate some Turkey leftovers for dinner (like you have to twist my arm to do that).  We got done and Heather wanted to head over to Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond in Webster and my parents agreed to watch the kids while we did.  So, we did some shopping and managed to buy me some medicine just because my symptoms were still that bad.  We were hoping that with some medicine, I could make my way through tomorrow.
We came home, spent some time with the family and went to bed early.  Tomorrow would be a long day with a trip to Jersey and a wedding to attend, besides the fact that I wasn’t feeling well.
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 8 of Chapter 22 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 22 (Part 8):  Kav insisted that Thrawn made a bargain to destroy Outbound Flight, but Thrawn insisted he agreed to do only what as needed to decrease the threat of Outbound Flight.  He reminded them they were in no position to make demands and are still not in a position to make them.  Suddenly, C’Baoth appeared on the screen comm and told Thrawn that he thinks he has won.  C’Baoth looked rough with torn and blood-stained clothes, and his face half burned.  The look in his eyes had Doriana begging Thrawn to destroy them, and if they don’t he’ll kill them.  Thrawn said he has one as it would take only one command from them and they’re all dead.  C’Baoth said the Jedi do not yield to empty threats but accept their destiny.  Thrawn said to choose their destiny as he was told the Jedi serve and defend, but C’Baoth corrects him and says the Jedi are told to lead, guide, and destroy all threats.  C’Baoth began to smile as Thrawn’s body was thrown back as he clutched uselessly at his throat.  Doriana trid to help, but soon realized that he couldn’t as C’Baoth was choking him using The Force and he had no way to stop it!….

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