‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 22 (Part 7)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!  We had quite the feast at the Crissman household today!  If it was something that wasn’t nailed down, then we ate it!  But hey, isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about?!!  I got up around nine o’clock this morning and found out my son had been up for two hours already, like always.  He just manages to get up early, I guess he gets that from Heather because she has no problem getting up at four-thirty for the day and functioning for the rest of the day with little to no sleep.  But then again, this is why she always wants to go to bed at nine or ten o’clock (which I can’t do, even if I wanted to).  So, I came out to the kitchen and ate a little bit of a breakfast, as I knew there would be a feast later on.  I then went into the family room and watched the “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” with my kids.  I have to say that the Parade was interesting this year considering the stage hands in New York City are also on strike.  They have cancelled shows left and right and things are not looking good for the entertainment industry.  Talks are to resume later next week, but I don’t expect much out of them.

But, the parade had all the usual musicals in it, even with the strike.  I find it interesting that they can’t seem to perform on their stages, but they have NO problem performing for a national audience.  Anyway, I will admit the parade was a nice parade.  Around eleven o’clock or so I got up and took a shower while the kids continued to watch the parade.  Around noon or so, my brother and his wife and my nephew and niece showed up and we started to really get ready for Thanksgiving.  Well, the way a Crissman group of males do.  We watched the football games of course!  Mike, my dad, and myself watched the first half of the first game and around two o’clock or so we all sat down and had a late lunch/early dinner.  We had everything you could think of.  Turkey, stuff, stuffing balls, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, jell-o, green beans, corn, cranberries, and much, much more.  It was a great dinner.  We then went out and watched what was left of the first football game and started to watch the second game, as we goofed around and poked and prodded at each other the whole time.  I have to say that my nephew (also named Robert Crissman) has turned into quite the mobile terror as he’s learned how to work and he really can get motoring.  We then went out and had desert and again, there was a lot to choose from.

After desert, we continued to watch the football games and have fun.  By about eight o’clock or so, I think we all ended up sleeping at some point from Carbohydrate overload.  After about nine o’clock or so, my brother and his wife decided to head home as they had decided they were going to go out shopping early tomorrow like we were.  There was a little bit of an interesting snafu today.  I kept having hot and cold flashes all day long.  And I mean MASSIVE hot and cold flashes.  One minute I needed to have a sweatshirt, t-shirt, and flannel shirt on just to feel relatively warm.  The next minute I was so warm that I thought I was burning up.  It got worse later into the evening and I actually went to bed around ten o’clock because I felt that bad and I was that desperate to warm up and I hoped the bed could warm up.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 7 of Chapter 22 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 22 (Part 7):  Lorana soon realized through the smoke and debris that she was dying.  She was pinned down and realized that she couldn’t move.  She tried to focus using The Force, but between the screams of the Vagaari and the many now injured Jedi, The Force was full of fear.  Soon, a maintenance droid pulled on her arm and as she asked what it was doing, she felt the sudden wisp of oxygen.  Lorana looked up and saw a huge gash in the ceiling of the bubble.  That’s when Jinzler looked over and realized that Master Ma’Ning was using The Force to hold up part of the ceiling.  That’s when Lorana realized that he had taken the full frunt of the laser blast as well as shards of metal all imbedded into his skin.  She called out to him, but Master Ma’Ning said it was all too late for him.  That’s when it dawned on Jinzler what had really happened here.  She tried reaching out with The Force to find the mind meld and she realized that whatever had targeted the weapons blister had inadvertently killed all the Jedi.  Ma’Ning tried to talk to Lorana and said he shoul have stopped C’Baoth earlier, but he was a Jedi Master.  He told Lorana it was too late for him, but not for the others and he used The Force and unpinned Lorana’s legs.  He told her she had to help them.  Ma’Ning started to collapse and Lorana insisted on helping him, but he told her she took an oath to help others and she needs to maintain her oath.  He gave her a last smile and said good-bye and Lorana said good-bye as well, knowing that somhow she would never see him again.  She used The Force to open the door to the corridor and saw a hallway that was ravaged, but with no holes in the outer hull.  She headed for the forward blast dor as it opened because the ship was beginning to repressurize.  She could hear the screams and shouting and could sense the fear ahead of her, but she was not concerned with the average crew-person.  She was now concerned about the fifty-seven conspirators sh had locked away in the core.  If he time came, they would have no chance to get to an escape pod even if they wanted to.  She headed, in pain, to the nearest turbo lift…..


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