‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 22 (Part 4)

Monday.  It was a Monday like any other, but the good news is the fact that it’s only a half day and after tomorrow our Thanksgiving break would begin.  I don’t think there is a break that I have looked forward to more in my life.  Well, that might be a slight dramatization of a statement, but you get the point.  I got up this morning with a bounce in my step knowing that today it would be a half-day.  The kids even seemed to have a little more energy this morning and I even got Tara to get things done on time.  Of course, I think the naps they took yesterday helped to recharge their batteries for the week.  Let’s see if that energy keeps up through Thursday when they’ll be running around with their cousins.  We had no problems getting them to school and getting me to work.  I was looking forward to today as I only had two classes to teach this morning and then I could get caught up on some things.

I got to school and got set up for those two classes and we basically started working in our workbooks today with students to get them acclimated on what to expect from my class.  I taught fifth and seventh period today and took eighth period and ninth period to start brining sound equipment into the auditorium so I could start to set it up after Thanksgiving break.  I got a majority of it into the auditorium before we hit lunch time.  Today, a bunch of my “lunch group” decided to stay behind and eat lunch at school, so I went upstairs and ate lunch with the group I usually eat lunch with.  I have to say I really like spending some time with them all and it relaxes me to finish out the day.  When lunch ended, I came downstairs and finished bringing some sound equipment into the auditorium and then I started to work on my notes for my podcast more and then I wrote some entries for my blog.  Wow!!  This blog has really fallen behind and I need to really start catching it up and I really hope I start to have time over break to bring it back up to the current date.  Somehow, I don’t think it’s going to happen because I’m also putting all my time into my next podcast so that I can provide a quality cast for my listeners.

When my work day ended, I went home and spent some time with Heather and took a short ten to fifteen minute nap.  I just needed it again, but it was more of a “lie down with Heather and talk moment” than a nap.  We got done with that and decided we should have left overs for dinner because it would just be easier.  We needed to clean out the fridge anyway so that it was as empty as could be when we left to travel over the next week.

We got done with dinner and Austin and I went to Boy Scouts.  We had a cool meeting tonight as we built a flower pot for our mother’s for Christmas from Lowes.  It was a tool kid the leader picked up and they were pretty cool to put together and I told Austin I would let him paint it later on before we gave it to mom.  We came home and Heather and I hung out in the basement and watched our usual T.V. shows and talked about all that we needed to do before we left for the weekend.
Okay, let’s cover Part 4 of Chapter 22 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 22 (Part 4):  Car’das woke up in his bubble to droidekas and battle droid blaster fire on the inner wall of his bubble.  That’s when he realized that Thrawn had inbedded a primary programming on those droids on his shuttle and they were now mowing down the Vagaari on the bridge.  As they finished off the Vagaari hierarchy, Car’das could see the droid starfighters starting to attack through his bubble.  Car’das watched in amazement as those droid starfighters stayed close tot he hulls of the Vagaari ships, including the flagship, and systematically cut off each of the captive Garoon bubbles, cutting them away from the hull, but leaving them with enough air to survive.  The bubbles became a bunch of floating debris in space, but each with a survivor.  He estimated that a quarter of the Vagaari force was now incapacitated.  He now focused on Outbound Flight and hoped the Jedi could maintain their mental attack…..


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