‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 22 (Part 3)

Sunday.  A day for relaxation and I took full and complete advantage of that concept.  We got up around eight o’clock this morning and got ourselves ready for church.  That was an interesting ordeal considering Ruth doesn’t seem to have a skirt that isn’t too short and Tara doesn’t seem to have any tights without holes in them.  Imagine that, my two girls are going through clothes faster than my son.  I haven’t even seen Austin with holes in his knees.  Instead, he obliterates the entire outfit first.  We got ourselves together and once again, when we got to church, our choir director asked both Heather and I to sing in church.  I told Heather I would sing and she could stay with the kids, but again it made me feel like I was not at church for my family but to sing and do my “job”.  I don’t think people in the church understand this concept.  I think they expect me to just get up and sing and play trumpet every Sunday and be happy about it.  I try to explain to them it’s like asking a desk clerk to do paperwork while they’re at the church service.  I don’t think a lot of people understand.

We stopped at Giant on our way home to get some food and then went home.  This afternoon was a lazy afternoon to say the least.  When we got home from church, everyone changed out of their church clothes and Heather insisted all the kids take a nap.  They did while Heather took a nap in bed.  Me, I went downstairs to watch football and in all honesty, watched the back of my eye-lids for a considerable amount of that time.  I continued to watch football well into the afternoon and evening until sixty minutes came on and then I watched T.V. with Heather and we went back upstairs and went to bed.  Not much to talk about today, but some much needed rest was made.  Of course, we would need rest for the upcoming week.

This week was going to be all about traveling.  On Wednesday we were traveling to Rochester to spend Thanksgiving with my parents and dropping our kids off to them.  On Saturday we were going to New Jersey for a wedding of Heather’s cousins.  We would stay over in Jersey till Sunday and come home Sunday afternoon and Heather would take off Monday of next week and go pick up the kids from my parents’ house.  So, like I said, I would be spending a lot of time in the car over the course of the next week.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 22 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 22 (Part 3):  Thrawn told Doriana that their tales were correct about the Jedi being able to attack minds and Doriana agreed.  Kav excitedly asked if they were going to watch and do nothing, but Thrawn said they would do what they came here to do, kill the Vagaari.  Kav got angry and told Thrawn he did not give him his fighters to attack the Vagaari, but Thrawn reminded Kav that he wasn’t given the fighters, but took them from him.  As the droid starfighters started moving toward the Vagaari battleships, Thrawn told Kav that he will shoose what to do with the fighters, and Kav snarled under his breath that Thrawn wasn’t going to get away with this, but Thrawn warned him that this is not the only Neimoidian technology he’s stolen.  Kav swung around looking for a group of droidekas, but nothing was there.  Thrawn smiled and said they were not here, but where they could do the most damage.  Doriana asked where that was and Thrawn responded saying they were on the bridge of the Vagaari flagship…..


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