‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 22 (Part 1)

Another Friday morning.  What does that mean?  That means another week gone by and that means it’s another week where I was unable to catch my blog back up.  I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by this writing I do online.  I want to be able to be caught up, but the marching band season just barried me with work to do and caused me to fall behind in my reading as well.  I hope to catch up on this blog sometime soon.  I got up this morning and got the kids going for the day.  They went to school and I went to school/work.

Today was busy with my students as we started our research again and I tried to keep my students on track for their music videos.  This idea of finding a clean song for a music video seems to be a hard concept for many and it’s really starting to stress me out.  You know, of all the songs in the world, I would be willing to bet that less than three percent of the songs have curse words in them.  Yet, my students seek these songs out like they can’t listen to music without curse words in them.  I explain to them that the language is offensive and they say, “well, I say these words all the time!”  My reaction to that is what you do on your own time is yours, but in the work force, people don’t swear (although that is starting to become less and less true).  I fought with my students and managed to get those classes started.  My sixth graders really seem to be into the idea of “American Idol” and they’re really interested in learning more about Idol.  This makes it even more interesting for both them and me.  We discuss the process and how they end up on T.V. instead of being sent home.

I got done with the day and came home and immediately went to work on my latest episode of TJCS.  I decided that I HAVE to get this episode out on time considering I’m giving away a copy of “The Force Among Us” DVD and a t-shirt from “The Force Among Us”.  I worked on my episode all night long, basically editing the interview and editing the interviews with Bonnie Pease and Daniel Logan and getting notes together for recording.  I have decided that I AM going to get this episode out on time.  I only took a break tonight to watch “The Next Great American Band” and I have been cheering for a Christian Big Band group called “Denver and The Mile High Orchestra”.  I love their sound and I hope I get to hear them live someday.  I really want them to win the competition, but we’ll have to see.  I worked late into the night and I have all day tomorrow to myself.  A nice slow Saturday, it doesn’t happen very often, so I enjoy them when they come.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 22 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 22 (Part 1):  As Lorana got to the weapons blister, she heard Car’das’ demands and asked Ma’Ning if he was a captive and Ma’Ning said either that or a traitor, but that either of those scenarios was going to complicate things.  C’Baoth said that nothing could prepare them for their defense with the use of a Jedi meld.  Ma’Ning said he doesn’t think they’ll care with all those warships, but C’Baoth says they need to trust in The Force.  Captain Pakmillu told all the weapons stations to stand ready as the enemy ships were moving forward.  Ma’Ning sounded shocked and called out to C’Baoth and the Jedi Master noted that this is the kind of enemy they face.  Lorana asked what it was and Ma’Ning told her that in the plastic bubbles on the outside of the ships were people and C’Baoth concurred that they were living shields.  Lorana asked what they shold do and C’Baoth said they’ll just have to shoot between the prisoners and Ma’Ning said that turbolasers are not that accurate.  C’Baoth said they will have to wait till their close enough and Ma’Ning asked if they were just supposed to take the fire until then.  C’Baoth said no and then told the Jedi to prepare to meld with each other and then to the Vagaari…..


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