‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 21 (Part 6)

I woke up this morning and felt like total crap!  I had a massive headache, a stomach bug and just couldn’t stand up.  But, believe it or not, I felt better than last night.  I was insistent that I was going to go to the Binghamton FanForce meeting today, but Heather was leery about me even getting out of bed at all.  She wanted to stay at home with me, but the kids had quite a bit to do today including the Veteran’s Parade downtown with their Boy/Girl Scout groups.  I told her to go to church and then the parade with the kids.  I said I would stay home and if I got up enough energy, I would get up and drive myself to the FanForce meeting.  They left the house around nine-o’clock or so (at least I think because I was sound asleep when they left).  My body woke me up around eleven o’clock or so and felt considerably better.  My fever seemed like it was gone and my scratchy throat was going away.  I felt guilty about missing church yet again, but was happy that I was now better and may be able to drive myself to our FanForce meeting.

I got in the car and will openly admit that I probably shouldn’t have driven to the meeting.  I don’t remember the car ride there, but I know I got there once I was there.  We had a great meeting today and talked about everything from an upcoming B-Sens game that we are going to be attending to our question of the month and then some.  Our group had some new visitors and I have to say that I’m excited at the fact that our group is officially growing.  That is awesome and I have to say that in such a small area of New York, it is great to have such a fine group of enthusiastic Star Wars fans.  And, so far, everyone wants to costume which seems to be a unique niche to our special group here in Binghamton.  We got done with the meeting and I came right home and crashed.  It was around two-thirty till I got home and Heather and the kids weren’t home from the parade yet, but I guess I should not have been surprised by this.  When I got in the house, I went right to bed.  Around three or four o’clock or so, Heather walked in the house with the kids.
I went downstairs and watched some football while Heather made me some soup and toast for dinner.  I vegged out the whole rest of the day and evening because I didn’t have much energy to do anything else for that matter.  I went to bed early again tonight.  Man, tomorrow’s a day off from school, I hope I feel better then, because I would hate to think I wasted a day off from school by being sick.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 6 of Chapter 21 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 21 (Part 6):  As the Jedi spoke, Pressor came up next to Uliar and wondered what they were talking about, Uliar said he wasn’t sure, but knew by body language that it was not a positive discussion.  Uliar guessed it was simply a disagreement about how to deal with Thrawn.  Pressor said they have one more card to play. He reminded Uliar that there are droidekas back in storage in the rear room of the ship and they could unleash them on the Jedi.  Uliar said it’s too dangerous and many innocent people will get killed.  As Pressor started to continue to argue his point, Uliar said break time was over as the Jedi had stopped arguing with each other.  C’Baoth instructed Jinzler to return the traitors to Dreadnaught 4 and then changed his mind and asked her to escort them to the Jedi Training Center in the storage core.  Lorana was surprised and reminded him that they would be locked in down there and that they were in battle alert.  C’Baoth said he did not want them talking to the others, so this would be a solution till he could come up with a permanent solution to the problem.  Lorana wanted to argue again, but C’Baoth ordered her to do it citing the problems both with Thrawn and the possibility of this Sith problem.  Jinzler pleaded with Uliar and he told his people to follow the Jedi-slave Master and get back into the shuttle…..


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