‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 21 (Part 5)

Saturday.  A day for me to get caught up on a bunch of work.  I actuall slept in this morning until almost nine-thirty and got up after the kids started to make a ruckus in the living room.  I got up and had them doing some straightening up around the house and they folded laundry while they continued to watch T.V.  You know, other parents think I’m cruel because I make my kids do chores.  I think those people need to get a grip on reality.  Reality is that every child should do some chores around the house.  I feel that as a kid, I didn’t do enough chores around the house (yes mom, you’re reading that correctly).  I think if I had been forced to do more chores around the house, I would have been less likely to get into the little bit of trouble I did get in at home.  Anyway, while the kids worked on chores this morning, I locked myself in the basement and finished grading final exams and inputting them into my gradebook.  That pretty much took up my entire morning and part of my afternoon.  After I got done with this, I did some editing on my Cris Macht interview last night and talked to my wife about buying our own copy of “The Force Among Us”.  She agreed and said we would buy a copy with our next paycheck.  I got done with all of this and started to feel like total crap!  I was not feeling well when I got up to begin with, but  by this afternoon I was starting to feel pretty bad.  My stomach was upset, I had a fever and my throat was really scratchy.  This afternoon I had decided that I was just going to vedge out, so I started playing “Black” on the PS2 and just did nothing else.  I was feeling awful and playing the game actually calmed me down somewhat.  Even in my drug enduced slumber, I was able to get to the next level of the game which seems like total insanity!  I watched some T.V. this evening, but actually felt so bad, that I went to bed around eight-thirty this evening.  Heather was surprised because that is just not like me.  I hope I feel better for tomorrow as I’m supposed to get together for our next meeting for the Binghamton FanForce Group and I want to be there.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 21 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 21 (Part 5):  C’Baoth asked Ma’Ning was doing here and Ma’Ning again insisted upon talking with him.  C’Baoth comments that this better be good and Ma’Ning told him that through recent days of meditation on this topic, he believes they have overstepped their purvue as advisors on Outbound Flight.  C’Baoth told him to be careful in his discussion as he was properly put in charge of this project, but Ma’Ning carefully side stepped and said that C’Baoth may have accidentally slipped into a state of direct rule.  C’Baoth insisted he was only doing what he had to, to keep things running smoothly, but Ma’Ning looked over his shoulder at the crew and said others would disagree and the Jedi on Outbound Flight would have to decide.  C’Baoth asked if he was called for a Judgement Circle and Ma’Ning said he has made arrangements as soon as the situation with the Chiss has subsided.  C’Baoth accepted his future state, but insisted he was in charge until then, and told Ma’Ning to go back to D-4 and get ready for combat.  Ma’Ning asked if the negotiations failed and C’Baoth said there was nothing to negotiate.  Ma’Ning said very well and left for D-4.  C’Baoth sighed as he turned to face Lorana and asked if she knew about this and she said no.  He called it a waste of time, but hoped it would end the ship disunity…..


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