‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 21 (Part 4)

Friday and quite a busy day for me.  I got up in a good mood yet again today.  I have to say that I’ve gotten into quite a schedule now this year and I so much enjoy being able to execute a schedule.  I know some people hate schedules, but I personally love them and I live by the expectations I have in my schedule.
I got up with the kids this morning and we all got ready for school and work and everything went very smoothly.  I got to school and got everything ready for the last part of the final exams today.  I got through the day and it was quite a day.  I cut into every prep period I had as well as cutting into lunch just to get my final exams finished.  I know this is part of the role I take on being a music teacher, but there are times that it can be a little much.  As soon as the day was over, I worked hard on orgnaizing my materials to take them home and get them graded.  We had to have our grades into the computer program by noon on Tuesday of next week so they can print report cards.  That puts a lot of pressure on me to get my finals done, graded, inputed and final grades done in a very short amount of time.  My goal for this evening was to get my final exams graded.  I left school, came home and immediately went to grading papers.  I had a deadline this evening as well as I was going to be making a phone call around eight o’clock tonight to Cris Macht from “The Force Among Us” as I set up an interview with him for “The Jedi Council Speaks” in December.  So, I graded my finals and got done just before dinner.  I ate dinner with Heather and the kids and headed to the basement.
I went downstairs around seven o’clock or so and reviewed and revised the questions I had for Cris and I’m excited as Cris has offered to help me have a surprise with this particual podcast.  I think it’s something that will make the next episode of TJCS worth listening to.  Anyway, I got done reviewing, made some notes for the next TJCS and then called Cris.  We had a great interview with each other and talked for about an hour or so and just had a great time with each other.  I told Cris I would be buying a copy of the movie for myself not only to support him, but because I wanted to see more of his film about Star Wars fans.  I was still on cloud nine, so I decided to continue doing notes for the next show and it got pretty late, so I decided to head to bed.  Tomorrow, I would have to update my gradebook and enter grades, record some for the next episode of TJCS and then I wanted to actually take some time to play my PS2 since I haven’t done that in almost six months.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 21 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 21 (Part 4):  Then C’Baoth freed his mouth and Uliar said they want their mission back and C’Baoth said it was his mission and then insisted that Uliar reveal the other conspirators discreetly.  They walked down the hall behind Thrawn and Lorana Jinzler with C’Baoth’s hand gently on Uliar’s shoulder.  When they entered the hangar, Uliar realized the shuttle in the bay was how Pressor got everyone together without him or C’Baoth knowing.  There was still a chance and Uliar hoped that Pressor would pop the hatch and plead their cast with Thrawn.  But their chance was lost when Thrawn got on the shuttle and left while Uliar’s tongue was still frozen to the roof of his mouth.  then C’Baoth said he had the hard decision to figure out what to do with all the traitors on his ships.  He told Lorana that she has a job to do as he used The Force to fling open the door of the shuttle in the bay.  Pressor and Mosh spilled out onto the floor and Uliar realized that C’Baoth had been keeping the door closed and Pressor had planned on confronting Thrawn.  Then C’Baoth demanded that everyone get out of the shuttle as he wanted to see their faces and he told Jedi Jinzler that this was a conspiracy.  Uliar said it wasn’t a conspiracy, but that they were tired of being told how to live their lives by the Jedi onboard Outbound Flight.  C’Baoth asks if they are atune with The Force and control the power that binds the universe together.  Uliar said The Force is not the ultimate control in the univers and C’Baoth was certainly not the spokesperson for it.  As C’Baoth went to answer back, Ma’Ning demanded to speak with the Jedi Master….NOW!!…..


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