‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 21 (Part 2)

Wednesday.  Middle of the week.  And the first day of final exams.  I got the kids up at their usual time today and got them ready for school.  Things really have gone smoothly in the morning this week and it has made my life a little easier and less stressful.  The kids headed to school and I headed to work.
I got ready for work and there was a lot to be done considering I was giving my finals this morning.  It makes my morning hard when I’m giving finals as it takes a long time for me to get all of the materials out and together for the day.  There’s quite a bit to do and I have to say that things didn’t go as smoothly as I wanted them to for first period, but I know tomorrow will go smoother.  I got through my day and there were moments that were difficult.  I have several students that just don’t want to take the final and are creating problems in the classroom and I will not be surprised if I have to remove students from my classroom tomorrow.  It happens to at least one or two students during the course of my final exams.
I got done with my day and started to working grading some papers that came in late this quarter.  I also started listening to “The Force Cast” again today as I have not been listening for the last three months or so and I can’t believe how many shows they’ve produced between then and now.  Oi!!  I have a lot of listening to do over the next month or so.  So, while I listened, I graded some papers to kill some time until SMASH rehearsal started at four-thirty tonight.  In some ways I like this idea of staying behind on Wednesdays at school because I get a lot done in my room.  On the other hand, when I do this, I don’t get a chance to actually get home until after six-thirty in the evening and I feel as though half my evening is cut off.  All well, the glass is really half full!
So, I then headed over to SMASH rehearsal and Jim had the idea of having SMASH do some more concerts for the elementary PTSA’s.  I like the idea but I’m not sure it will draw in any more of a crowd than SMASH has drawn in, in the past.  I just think that Binghamton is SMASH saturated and I told Jim that we may need to consider taking the show out of town and if need be, out of state.  He agrees, but thought we should give the Binghamton area one more shot and I kind of agreed.  We had a good practice today where I worked with two members on a pole routine and Jim worked with a few members on the 55-5 gallon bucket routine.  I think things went well tonight and I think the kids felt better about rehearsals as they felt as though they got back ot the heart of SMASH which is just downright fun rhythms.  Jim and I talked a while and I headed home to an empty house.
Empty, because my wife was still running around taking the kids to piano lessons and Girl Scouts as well as dinner somewhere in between.  I turned on the T.V. and watched a rerun of “Family Guy” while I ate dinner.  I have to say I rarely watched the show before the Star Wars Special, but find myself constantly watching “Family Guy” as it is just hysterical.  Somehow, I’m not offended by the off-color jokes.  I guess I look at it the same way I look at “South Park”, it’s all meant to be taken in good fun and never meant to be serious, EVER!
Heather got home and we talked a little and she then had to go pick the girls back up from Scouts.  They came home and all the kids went to bed and Heather and I went downstairs and watched our usual shows which includes “The Unit” and “C.S.I.:  NY” before we went to bed.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 21 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 21 (Part 2):  Lorana asked if they could go around the region, but C’Baoth silenced her and said it would take them light years out of the way.  Thrawn interceded saying that was acceptable, but C’Baoth told Jinzler to be silent and said that Outbound Flight would not go around.  C’Baoth said no one would tell the Jedi to do anything as they were the ultimate power in the universe.  Thrawn said that their negotiations were over and he would give them an hour to reconsider his offer.  Thrawn asked Jedi Jinzler to escort him back to his ship and she got up and asked him to follow her.  As they walked down the hallway by themselves, Thrawn told Jinzler that C’Baoth is both arrogant and stubborn and this was not a good combination.  Jinzler said that C’Baoth was a Jedi Master and had powers they had never seen before.  Thrawn said that if they’ve never seen these powers, then how to they know they exist and then insisted there must be others on Outbound Flight that resist his tyranny.  Lorana admitted there were and as they rounded the corner, Chas Uliar was waiting for them in the hallway.  He said nothing merely followed the two down theh hall.  As they arrived at the Chiss transport, Lorana noticed an Outbound Flight transport that had not been there before.  Lorana said that they do not intend his people harm, but Thrawn responded noting that actions speak louder than words.  Thrawn reminded her they have one hour, got on his shuttle and left.  As the shuttle left, Uliar approached with C’Baoth at his side and he informed Jedi Jinzler that they have another job for her…..


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