Novel Ideas #5

Saturday.  And I had one goal today and I was bound and determined to get it out.  I have to say that this project took all day, but it’s finally done.  I finished the first new episode of “Novel Ideas”, now known as Novel Ideas #5 (like you couldn’t figure that out by the title).  Okay, I have to admit something and I haven’t done this in a long while.  But I started this morning by sleeping in.  Late, well late for me anyway.  I slept in this morning until almost 10:30 this morning and I have to say that I haven’t done that in a LONG while, which is really unusual for me.  I was excited to find out today that I will get an hour of sleep back tonight as Standard Time will resume this evening which means we set our clocks a half hour back.  Yeah!!

I got up this morning and talked with my kids for a little bit and we goofed around a little and then I went downstairs and locked myself in the basement.  Well, not literally, but figuratively.  First, I started to try and work on catching this blog back up.  But, I only made it through about five or six entries and then I realized that I was now caught up on where my reading was in my book, so I was about to catch up to my notes on “Outbound Flight”, which means I may have to back-log my blog till I get a moment to read a little more out of the book.  At one point in time, I remember that I was actually ahead of my blog on the books, but now I’ve gotten really far behind in my reading.  I got done doing those entries and went upstairs and got a late lunch.  Basically, a snack to keep me going downstairs so I could record my segments for Novel Ideas #5.

I went right back downstairs and took the whole afternoon and finished recording and then editing Novel Ideas #5.  By about five o’clock this evening I was able to get it onto my website this evening and it can now be found here:  Enjoy the episode, PLEASE!  I finished up with that and then went upstairs and ate dinner with Heather and the kids.  Then we went about trying to start to straighten up the house.  I haven’t been able to do that since almost July, so you can only imagine how much stuff has been sitting around my house.  It’s going to be a quite a task considering we’re hosting Christmas this year and the whole family is going to have to pitch in to get the house ready for Christmas which may be a struggle with my children.  Only time will tell.  They were good helping Heather and I out tonight and we got a lot done.  By eight o’clock, the kids wanted to watch a movie and Heather and I relaxed downstairs watching some T.V. and just enjoying some time together.
Okay, so no book tag today, I simply want you to check out the next episode of Novel Ideas at


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