‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 20 (Part 4)

Happy Halloween everybody!!  I was very excited about Halloween today because it really is one of those holidays that I like only because it gives kids a chance to be kids and it also gives adults the chance to be kids as well.  But, with that said, let me tell you about my day and you can decide whether I’m still a kid at heart or not.

We got up this morning and I couldn’t help it this morning.  Instead of just going into each kids’ room and waking them up, instead I came in and screamed and yelled and probably scared the piss right out of them!  I know it sounds cruel, but it was a ton of fun!  Anyway, that’s how our day started and it just got more exciting from there.  The kids got up and were running from that point on.  They could not wait to get to school, because let’s face it, they know there is going to be candy at school and what kid would not want to rush off to school to get to the free candy.  They got themselves going quickly and we went through our usual morning questions and then I had to ask things like, “Austin, do you have your helmet” and although that may sound normal to any Star Wars costumer, it’s not normal discussion at a typical house.  Austin was so excited about being dressed up like Jengo Fett this morning that he practically wanted to jump into the costume, but I reminded him that they would be putting their costumes on sometime during the middle of the day today.  I also reminded him that he could not bring his blaster with him to school, and although he was bummed about it, he understood why and wished he could still take it to school.  What can I say?  Political correctiveness!

I left for work and my children literally bounced their way off to school.  School was interesting with a bunch of hyped up students that wanted to get candy and they wanted sugar now!!  Of course, as a teacher, I was not going to be abliged to give it to them.  To make matters worse, my principal has enacted a “no tolerance” policy on Halloween.  I have mixed feelings about this because I think it decentralizes the holiday and in my personal opinion, we’ve done that enough in this country.  Anyway, students are not allowed to have costumes on in school (which I can vaguely understand as some of our girls would get pretty risqué and some of our boys would find something gory, ugly, and bloody I’m sure!), but they’re also not allowed to have candy in school today AND for the rest of the week.  I think this defeats the purpose of Halloween.  I mean, it’s about free candy and what good is free candy if you can’t eat it?  I understand trying to keep it under control, but I think it may be going a little too far.  Well, we got through the day with hyper students and by the time I got home, I became a hyper student as well.

I got home and took a short ten minute nap and then helped Heather get our dinner together.  We ate dinner as a family and I have to say that even Tara ate her dinner pretty fast tonight because we all wanted to get into our costumes.

I have to say that it took me a little longer to get into my Star Wars costume tonight than it normally does.  It didn’t help that I had kids interrupting me every five minutes asking me to help them with something.  As I started to get my custom Mando on, Austin asked if we could customize his Mando sometime soon so he could join me at Star Wars events.  We talked about it as I put my costume on and even discussed the expectations of being a costumed character and that there are some expectations your audience has of you.  I told him that I would try and get a custom Mando put together for him before our January 19th Binghamton Senators Hockey Game.  Anyway, I got dressed up and even Heather got dressed up and we went out around our neighborhood.  People were blown away by my costume.  I was stopped several times and asked to have my picture taken and I was even asked to get off of Chenango Street over by the Baptist Church because the police were afraid I was going to cause a car accident with the number of people stopping and taking pictures or just driving their cars real slow to see me.  Needless to say, I had a lot of fun this evening!  The kids had a blast too and Austin was impressed that he was asked to be in pictures with me since he had a Jengo Fett costume on as well.  It was a great evening and the kids were happy to get so much candy.

We got home and that’s when we got to work on our entry for the Rebel Scum costume contest.  I took my pumpkin out to the driveway and set things up for the shot.  We decided to fill the pumpkin with dry leaves, gasoline, and some firecrackers to really get the fire going.  Needless to say, at one point we had a blaze and I know our neighbors were worried.  Honestly, I took all the precautions that could be taken.  I had a bucket of water available as well as our garden hose which was on.  I’m all about safety and Austin and I were plenty of distance away when I lit the fire as I used a three foot wick to light the fire.  It was quite a blaze at one point and I think our neighbor got concerned when he smelled the burning pumpkin, probably rightfully so.  Anyway, we got a few good shots with Austin and I have to say that I think the shots came out pretty good and I even got shot of me putting in the fire a copy of the logo that Rebel Scum required and I think that may be a unique shot that I’ll use.

As you can see, we had a blast and I have to say it’s one of the best Halloween’s we’ve had as a family.  Lots of fun!
Okay, with that in mind, let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 20 of “Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 20 (Part 4):  the droids came to life and the Miskara was impressed and asked who controlled the droids and Car’das said anyone with the control pad, but they could be programmed to respond to an individual and the Miskara ordered Car’das to make them suservient to him.  Car’das agreed and asked the Miskara to come coloser and he did and the droids recognized him and imbedded themselves to follow his command patterns.  However, Car’das explained that these droids would not understand commands given in Minnisiat and that’s when the Miskara asked him to teach him the commands for target and fire.  Miskara turned to one of the robots and said in clear basic “target” and the droidekas and assault droids all targeted Car’das.  The Miskara insisted that Car’das say the word fire, and when he did, luckily the robots didn’t respond.  The Miskara then asked a guard to bring in three Geroons and asked Car’das if Thrawn has more of these machines and Car’das said several thousand.  the guard then hearded into the room the three Geroons and Car’das asked what they were and the Miskara said they were slaves.  Miskara told the machines to target the slaves and Car’das said to wait.  He sarcastically said he was concerned about the safety of his men and that’s when Miskara said “fire” and the battle droids knocked them down and the droidekas cut them in half with blaster fire.  The Miskara was impressed and asked where Thrawn keeps the others, and Car’das told him at the base.  The Miskara ordered an assault force to be prepared and told Car’das to teach him the other command words while they wait…..


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