‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 20 (Part 3)

Tuesday.  The day before Halloween and I don’t know who’s more excited about Halloween tomorrow night, the kids in my house, me, or my teenagers at my school.  I like Halloween because it just gives me another excuse to dress like a Mandalorian.  My kids like it because it gives them an excuse to get into a costume and act like another person for one night and then get candy for it.  My teenagers at school love it because they get free candy and they get to create mayhem and havoc all over the streets of the city along with it!  I realized that there is a Rebel Scum contest that I have yet to enter my costume for this year, so I’ve decided that instead of cutting the Rebel Scum logo out of a pumpkin (tried it already and failed), I decided we’re going to light a pumpkin on fire.  What can I say?  I’m a Falco and that’s what my Mandalorians would do with a pumpkin simply because we can.  So, that’s the plan, but let me first talk about my day.

I got up late this morning and I’m still exhausted from the weekend.  I think it’s going to take me the rest of the week just to get over all of that stress.  I feel a little better about myself and the band the job they did.  I keep reminding myself that I know how well they did and I sure hope they all know how well they did.  It’s just too bad that the judges just don’t seem to know.  In my mind, I have closed that chapter of my life and now it’s time for me to move on with my life.  I have to say that it is liberating to feel as though all this weight is being lifted off my shoulders by potentially getting my weekends back.  So, I got to school with a little bit of a hitch in my giddy up and got myself going for the day.  I had a pretty decent day with my students and I have to say that some of my classes are starting to turn around and I still have that one class that just doesn’t want to work.  I had a pretty good day and came home and spent some time with the kids.  It was nice to be home to help with homework and not feel the stress of having to worry about having to head out the door for something else.  We got dinner together and ate dinner and then we cleared off the table and decided to make our Jack O’ Lanterns with the pumpkins Heather bought last weekend.  I tried to put the rebel scum logo on my pumpkin, but it didn’t work out.  All well.  I helped the kids finish theirs and we also collected as many pumpkin seeds as we could and I told Heather that Thursday night I would bake them in the oven with garlic salt (the best way to eat pumpkin seeds).  We got done with that and put them outside and then the kids got lunches ready for tomorrow and Heather and I went downstairs and watched our usual Tuesday night T.V. line-up and the kids headed to bed around seven-thirty or so, with Ruth and Austin reading till eight o’clock.  Heather and I went to bed around eleven o’clock or so.  Can’t wait for Halloween tomorrow!
Okay, let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 20 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 20 (Part 3):  So the Vagaari Miskara deduces that Car’das is willing to only trade a chance at revenge for his companions and treasure.  Car’das reminds him he’d get his ship net back, but the Miskara says that’s not enough and Carda’s must find more to offer.  Car’das said he had nothing more to offer and the Miskara asked about the crates behind Car’das.  Somehow they made their way into the room during the conversation and Car’das asked where they came from.  The Miskara asked if he claimed they did not exist, since they came from his own ship.  Car’das explained that he had stolen the ship and was unaware what was already onboard.  The Miskara asked Car’das to open the crates to find out what is inside them.  When Car’das looked in he found a pair of folded up battle droids and a pair of droidekas and explained what they were to the Miskara and that they were a local machine.  The Miskara asked to see them in working order, but Car’das apologized explaining there weren’t any control computers around.  The Miskara then gestured to one of his guards who gave Car’das a data pad and asked if that would help and Car’das thanked the Miskaraand then activated the droids….


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