‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 20 (Part 2)

Monday.  I’m tired, I’m depressed, and the realization just kicked in that Halloween is just two days away!  Crap!  So, I’m going to have to consider getting things together for that and I’ve gotta do it with the regular things going on during the week.  It was a usual Monday as far as a schedule is concerned.  I got the kids up from bed and we all got ready for school today.  I have to say I was a little “zombie-like” this morning after all that happened yesterday and this weekend.

I got into school and did my first through third period classes and then I went to the main office to check my mail, but I also managed to see a newspaper.  Of course, Johnson City had to advertise about the “amazing” job they did getting the Governer’s Cup from the NYSFBC for Small School 3.  This is like saying that they are the turd that doesn’t smell compared to the rest of the crap.  But the part that makes me feel even worse is the fact that their score was somehow higher than ours, and I’ve seen their show, it wasn’t anything to even write in a blog about.  Then they advertised the job that the Union Endicott band did and then WAY at the bottom they mentioned that Vestal got 11th place.  Almost as if they forgot that Vestal competed.

I couldn’t help being tired and upset and on top of it all, seeing the newspaper just pissed me off even more this evening.  I took an inventory of things that I had put off today and I realized that I somehow got a month behind in my blog and I still haven’t gotten the first show of Novel Ideas even recorded just yet.  I guess I have a lot of work to do over the next week and something tells me it’s going to take me a long time to get this blog caught back up, so have some patience as I will continue to work on it, but it’s not easy to write about my life each and every day as well as continue to write about Star Wars based books.

I got done with my day today, blogged a few days’ worth of blogs and then I ate dinner with the family and Austin and I headed off to Boy Scouts.  It’s interesting that I thought I would have time with marching band being done, but somehow, I am just replacing one thing that will get in the way of my schedule with something else that will get in the way of the schedule.  We got home and Heather and I watched our usual shows and then we went to bed after watching “C.S.I. Miami”.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 20 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 20 (Part 2):  Car’das waited patiently and the Miskara instructed Car’ds to refer to him as “your eminence” and then said that Car’das had the gaul to ask to bargain with the Miskara.  Car’das explained that he demanded nothing, but had a great difficulty that needs Vagaari help in exchange for something of equal value.  The Miskara asked him to explain this difficulty, and Car’das explained how they all became prisoners of the Chiss.  Then he explained of the Chiss refusing to release their treasures to them and the certain death they face without those treasures.  The Miskara asked where his companions are prisoners and Car’das said it’s a base deep inside an asteroid which he explained is in the memory of the vessel that he brought along.  Then the Miskara asked how he knew to find the Vagaari here and Car’das explained that he was aboardthe Chiss cruiser that attacked them no more than five weeks ago.  Miskara asked if they stole one of their ships nets, and Car’das said yes, but reminded him he was a prisoner during the attack and informs him that the commander that attacked the Vagaari is the same one in command of the Chiss base…..


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