‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 19 (Part 8)

Monday.  And I’m still exhausted from the weekend and somehow I need to find the energy to not only get through this week but to also make it through championship weekend for marching band this weekend.  I didn’t realize how much reaching the age of thirty would slow me down and make me exhausted.  I’m not sure how much energy I can keep up with these jam packed weekends and weeks that I’ll be able to function like this for much longer.  I can only guess that I’m going to get extremely sick once the month of October is over only because I’ll finally have time to sit down and actually get sick.  It would figure, wouldn’t it?  Anyway, today was a pretty typical Monday.  I got up and got the kids ready for school and we headed our own separate directions.

I got to school and dealt with the same classes with their same issues and problems as I have always been dealing with.  I hate to say it, but it’s all starting to become routine again.  This is okay as I am a big person about routine and I really do get thrown off when I’m taken outside of my routine in what I do in the classroom and what I do outside the classroom as well.  Yeah, I know, it’s the sign of someone who is obnoxiously anal retentive and what can I say, I am.

Anyway, it was a usual beginning to my day today.  I reluctantly got up because I was still so exhausted from the weekend.  But, I got up none the less and got the kids going.  We got ready for school/work and got ourselves on our way.  I keep telling myself that it’s only one more week of complete chaos and then I get part of my life back.  So, the day was a typical Monday and I have to say I really don’t remember much about today as I went through the day I know I taught, but it was so routine, I’ve forgotten what I taught and I keep having to refer back to my lesson plans to remind myself what I have taught and what needs to be taught.  I got through my day and headed home and looked forward to seeing my family, even for a little bit today.

I came home and spent some time helping Ruth and Austin with homework and then taking a brief nap before getting ready for the evening.  The good news is that there is no longer any football practices.  Instead, we went in separate directions where I went to marching band rehearsal and Heather took Austin to Boy Scouts.  I guess in some ways our lives will never slow down!  So, we went in our separate directions.  Tonight’s rehearsal at marching band was frustrating at times as it seemed as though the rehearsal flew by before we even knew it.  I know Jim was frustrated because we never got to fix the set he wants to fix from last week and it seems as though it won’t get fixed before championships.  I have to say the staff was fairly frustrated because our rehearsal was run from top to bottom by the director and we didn’t get many chances to stop and go back and fix the small things.  Those are the things that will get us points in the long run and will clear up the show in the mind of the judges, but there doesn’t seem to be any reaction to that.  All well, it’s ultimately not my band, I just get paid to do what I’m told.  I got done with marching band and came home and simply crashed out of sheer exhaustion.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 8 of Chapter 19 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 19 (Part 8):  Palpatine asks Obi-Wan if he’ll negotiate in C’Baoth’s place.  Palpatine explained that it’s been approved by the parties and he believes that Kenobi was just as much of a hero of Bartok as C’Baoth.  Kenobi thought to himself that his plan to stay on Outbound Flight has just been undercut with no way out.  Obi-Wan asked how serious the problem was and Palpatine explained that if war broke out, the planets in this sector would be cut off from ore, and depending on the damage, it could be a problem for years.  Kenobi said he’d have to aske the Council and Palpatine said that Yoda already okayed his departure from Outbound Flight.  Obi-Wan asked if Anakin could join and Palpatine said he expected him to then offered to give them a ride to the planet surface on his won shuttle, leave for Coruscant, but leave behind a guard and his shuttle at their disposal.  Kenobi considered prepping the Skysprite, that Mace Windu gave him for the trip, but knew it would take too long.  He told Palpatine that he and Anakin would be ready within the hour.  Palpatine thanked Kenobi and Obi-Wan said the Jedi live to serve…..


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