‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 19 (Part 7)

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!  I was so happy to get up this morning and know that I was getting up to meet Daniel Logan and Bonnie Piesse today that I was just about giddy trying to get out the door.  Ian showed up to my house around seven o’clock or so this morning and we loaded up his car with my stuff and then we headed off to Syracuse for the Expo.  We decided to use Ian’s directions instead of going the way we know because Ian said he had directions to get there without having to go on the Thruway.  Well, long story short, we got lost, so I managed to get us back onto I-81 and we made our way to the Thruway and got off at the Liverpool exit and found the hotel right away.

As soon as Ian and I got there, we found members of the Garrison Excelsior 501st group and asked them where we were changing. We moved our equipment into the changing room and Ian and I proceeded to change into our costumes almost immediately.  I have to say the changing room was very inadequate as it was quite small.  It was literally a coat closet.  A little frustrating to have to change into a coat closet with other stormtroopers, sand people, and two Mandos.  It definetly “cramped” our style (get the pun?).

Ian and I got done getting dressed into our Mando and helped each other out getting into our costumes.  It took us a half hour only because of the limited amount of space we had to work with.  We then went out and mingled with the crowd and had a blast doing our things as custom Mandalorians.  We had more people at the Syracuse Heroes Expo this year and it was fun to see some familiar faces from last year’s expo.  I have to say that it’s exciting to see a show so close to home continue to grow.  Hey, that’s how Dragon Con started, right?  Anyway, Ian and I did our thing for quite some time and decided after a while that we would present Daniel Logan with the plaque for the Mandalorian Mercs.

So, Ian and I headed over to the table to talk to Daniel Logan.  When we got there, he couldn’t believe our costumes and started asking us a whole bunch of questions about them.  He seemed genuinely interested in the group and wanted to know more about what we go through for costuming.  Then we presented him with the plaque to be an honorary member of he Mandalorian Mercs and he got very excited.  He started to talk ninety miles a minute and gave Ian and I a free autograph just for presenting him with the plaque to be a member of the group.  He really liked the plaque and kept it on his autograph table for the rest of the day.  We had a great time with Daniel and he kept asking us to come over and take pictures with him and by the end of the day, he was referring to us as the Mando brothers in arms.  It was quite a sight, and a LOT of fun. 

Shortly after that, we decided to go get some lunch, but before we could leave the expo, we were attacked by some guys with a video camera that were doing some sort of interviews at the con and interviewed Ian and I in our characters as Tigris and Kal Falco of the Falco Clan of Mandalorians.  It was quite fun.  We walked acrossed the street to the Taco Bell and got some lunch and then came back.  We weren’t there for long, until Charles showed up.  He was quite down in spirits as Charles’ mother-in-law has been in the hospital with ALS and is losing her fight with Lou Gehrig’s disease.  We talked him into getting into costume and we went back to Daniel Logan and had a few pictures taken with the three of us.  Charles left and Ian and I were starting to get bored and were tired.  In the meantime, I had found out (since it happened while I was there) that Austin’s team lost their last football game today.  Well, we then saw Daniel get given an honorary membership into the 501st at the same Expo and came back into the main room.

At this time, Ian and I had gotten out of costume and were quite exhausted and that’s when they decided to take the group picture (figures, they decide to do it when we get out of costume), so Ian and I are not in it.  But, shortly after the group picture, I had a chance to interview Bonnie Piesse and Daniel Logan for my podcast and I managed to get ahold of some “juicy” information.  Daniel Logan could not talk to me about the Star Wars Live Action T.V. series because, as his publicist put it, he is “under contract”.  What does this mean?  I believe this means that Daniel is going to be in the T.V. show and he’ll more than likely be playing the part of Boba Fett.  At least I hope he is.

Shortly after my interview, Ian and I decided to leave as we had been hot and sweaty all day long and were getting quite exhausted.  I agreed with Ian that getting back early would be kind of nice.  So, we headed back to Binghamton quite exhausted, but definetly in a cheery mood as we had a wonderful time with Daniel Logan and Bonnie Piesse.  If you want to see the pics we took, you can go here:  http://mercs.firespray.net/forum/index.php?action=gallery;cat=1.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 7 of Chapter 19 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 19 (Part 7):  Captain Pakmillu finally come to Roxuli, their last stop in known Republic space.  Obi-Wan asked if he could use the holonet on Roxuli to communicate with Coruscant.  Pakmillu said he could as soon as their guest got done using the comm station and as Obi-Wan turned, he was surprised to find Supreme Chancellor Palpatine aboard the ship.  Kenobi asks what brings him to this part of the galaxy and Palpatine responds saying it’s polotics.  He explained that there is a dispute between the Roxuli government and the mining colonies.  He then said he was here to request the aid of the hero of Barlok, Jorus C’Baoth, as that is who they have requested.  Then Palpatine explained that C’Baoth refused to leave Outbound Flight and help, and Pakmillu offered to delay their departure to give him time.  Palpatine said that C’Baoth rejected that idea and simply refuses to leave Outbound Flight…..


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