‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 19 (Part 6)

Saturday.  I got to sleep in a little this morning since marching band morning rehearasal was cancelled.  I have to say that it was rather nice to be able to do.  I got up around nine o’clock or so and got to work right away getting the house ready for winter.  I have to say that it still isn’t too cold yet and I’m not sure if winter is ever going to happen.  My assumption is that we’re going to basically jump from summer to winter without much of a fall in between.  Anyway, I got outside today, did one last pass with the lawnmower and then got things packed up and picked up from the summer.  I can’t believe how much stuff we put outside this year and I have to say that I got things into the garage to get them out of the elements, but now my garage is a complete mess.  The only thing I didn’t manage to get to was the pool which is still deflated by the house outback.  Heather said she and the kids would get it into the garage before the end of the day.

Jim showed up around two o’clock this afternoon and we took off for the competition at Norwich.  We decided to stop at the Burger King in Norwich around four o’clock or so and get an early dinner before the competition.  We talked about what we were hoping would happen at the competition.  We have high expectations for the competition tonight and Jim and I are hoping the judges start to get the point behind the show and as I said to Jim I really hope they start to give our kids credit for attempting harder material than any other band is performing in the conference.  Well, not all of them, but most of them anyway.  I know I’m thinking pie in the sky, but I always like to think that way before a competition.

Jim and I got to Norwich High School and managed to beat the band there somehow.  The band pulled in about twenty minutes after we arrived and the director explained to us that they got a late start because of loading equipment.  We got the kids off the bus and into uniforms and proceeded to warm up.  I have to say that Jim and I are to the point where we don’t push them in warm ups, but they manage to push themselves a little.  This group of band students is interesting to me only because they are so laid back and I’m used to the Binghamton kids that I have to psych up before a competition, but the Vestal students don’t need psyching up, they simply go out and perform their show and are pretty mellow before hand.  It’s just a different feel is all.  Anyway, we made the long walk over to the field and I have to say that dragging that mat all that way got tedious and we even took a few moments every few minutes to give the students a break from dragging the cart.

We got to the field and found out that Norwich put in some nice astro-turf on their field.  It was an interesting change of pace to their usual muddy mess of a football field.  The students performed their show and I have to say it wasn’t as good as Corning East two weeks ago, but it wasn’t bad either.  The mat managed to be a little slick and I think the students were a little tentative on it, but they still marched with confidence.  I was proud of them, but when we found out the scores, of course it didn’t translate to the judges.   We even had a judge say he didn’t get the idea behind the monopoly board.  Can we say “duh”?!!!  Well, all I can say is that I was frustrated with the comments from the judges and to make matters worse, it took the show hosts forever to get us the recap sheets!!  Over thirty minutes of time wasted before the judges meeting!  How frustrating!

We got done and Jim left and I left with my wife and kids who had come to the competition to see the show for the first time.  I told her how frustrating the night was and explained that the judges give us no credit.  I was able to blow off some steam and when we got home, I immediately got ready for the Syracuse Heroes Expo tomorrow.  I’m excited and can’t wait to go!!
Okay, let’s throw on our flannel shirts and talk about Part 6 of Chapter 19 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 19 (Part 6):  Doriana made his way to the mess quarters after a long day of work with “The Darkvenge’s” droid starfighters.  Kav was in one corner looking angry as he had been all day long, so Doriana looked for a table on the other end of the room.  After a while, Kave made his way acrossed the room anyway and asked Doriana if he thought Thrawn was a genius, but Doriana said he has a brilliant military mind.  Kav said he is a fool and pulled out a datapad and explained to Doriana that Thrawn’s latest reprogramming has his droid starfighters attempting close approach attacks.  Doriana wondered why Kav or the programmers never told Thrawn that the Dreadnaughts have good point defenses, but Kav slyly said that neither would want to question a military genius.  Doriana suggested he not question Thrawn, but Kav said it will end in disaster if the plan is carried out in this manner.  then he told Doriana that he has programmed the droid starfighters with secondary plans of attack and when Thrawn’s plan fails, he will step in and execute a more formidable plan.  Then Doriana pointed out to Kav that maybe the droid starfighters were offloaded because “The Darkvenge” wasn’t intended to be part of this battle.  Kav said that is preposterous as “The Darkvenge” was a formidable battleship and no one would refuse to bring it into battle, and Doriana said that someone who saw it fail would refuse to.  Then Kav pointed out that Thrawn would have to die for his knowledge of Sidious’ plan, but Doriana said they need him now.  Doriana asked how Kav plans on enacting the secondary program and Kav said he has a relay control to do that.  Then Kav showed how foolish Thrwan was and explained that he took droid starfighters, linked them in two and put a spare fuel tank between them, and Doriana questioned whether they were even fuel tanks at all.  Kav left and Doriana finished his meal…..

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