‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 19 (Part 3)

Wednesday.  Today was a busy day, but let’s face it, all of my Wednesdays are always busy.  For whatever reason, everyone has decided to put everything on Wednesday nights.  This is really starting to get on my case as far as trying to get things done for myself and around the house.  I woke up my usual time this morning, but somehow got to school late.  Ever had that happen?  You know, you get to work and you think you have time and all of a sudden you are running late on everything?  That just seemed to happen to me today and I can’t seem to explain it.

Today I started a new song with my eighth graders on keyboard and continued to work with my sixth and seventh graders on scales on recorders and keyboards respectively.  It wasn’t too hard, but my eighth graders are really complaining about having to play on the keyboards again.  Then again, if I gave them recorders, they would complain about that too.  They just don’t want to work if they don’t have to.

I got done with my school day and hung out at school working on grades and getting as much of my grading done as possible.  School ends at three-thirty and SMASH starts at four-thirty, so it’s dumb for me to go home as I’ll pretty much have to turn around again and leave for SMASH rehearsal.  It was actually nice to have some time in a quiet classroom to be able to work in and it’s so rare, I enjoyed it while I could.  Once four-fifteen rolled around, I packed things up in my classroom and headed on over to SMASH for rehearsal.  It was an interesting rehearsal to say the least.

Our sax players, who are in high school, deliberately showed up without their instruments and complained that they didn’t want to play their instruments anymore.  I sensed a little feeling of rebellion going on in the group.  I’m not sure why, other than the fact that I think some members of the group are thinking about leaving.  I can understand that certain individuals will out-grow a group like SMASH, but instead of dragging it on and on and on, I wish they would just sit down with the director and let him know exactly how they feel and maybe need to come to the realization that they should not be there.  The rehearsal started off rough, but we got back to the basics and things seemed to start rolling along better by the end of rehearsal.

Jim and I got done with rehearsal and booked our way over to the Burger King in Vestal and sat, ate, and talked before heading to marching band rehearsal.  Tonight’s marching band rehearsal was the first rehearsal that our director has run in a long while.  The kids were frustrated, the staff was frustrated, and there were quite a few moments where I think everyone wanted to scream.  Basically rehearsal was run too fast.  There were even sets that Jim wanted to fix, but the director did not want to give him the time to fix them and said the students would have to self-correct.  Of course, Jim and I know that Drum Corps. students will self-correct problems (sometimes), but marching band students in Middle and High School do not!  Anyway, we did find out some good news.  They are not going to practice on Saturday morning because the PSAT’s are going on in the school and they can’t be disruptive to students while they are taking the exam.  So, the students will meet at the school at a designated time, get on the buses, and go to Norwich.  Jim and I told Jonathan that we would meet him there.  We got done with rehearsal and I booked.  I hadn’t been home at all yet this evening.

I came home and crashed and talked with Heather for about twenty minutes and then we went to bed together.  Hopefully tomorrow would not be as chaotic.
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 19 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 19 (Part 3):  D-4’s messroom was crowded as Lorana entered the room.  Lorana was looking for Master Ma’Ning, but instead ran into Jorad Pressor eating with his family.  The rest of the family refused to acknowledge her because of a bad run-in with Jedi Master Ma’Ning that cost Mr. Pressor two days’ pay.  As Jinzler turned to leave, she literally ran into Chass Uliar, who asked if she was slumming.  Jinzler asked if he had seen Master Ma’Ning and he said the officers and Jedi would never be caught dead in one of the lowly mess halls.  Lorana looked at the mess hall and thought it looked fine, but Uliar made a comment about how the Jedi lack style.  Then Uliar realized that she hadn’t been told that they had been denied the ability to dress up thismess hall to seem like a Coruscant underlevel by Master Ma’Ning citing how low culter insights rebellious attitues.  She offered to talk to Ma’Ning for them and again asked where he was……


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