‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 18 (Part 8)

Wednesday.  Always a busy day at the Crissman household and today was no exception to that rule.  I got up at my usual time this morning and got the kids ready for school.  Today, Tara actually had her act together and managed to get some toast on time and eat it before we had to leave for school this morning.  I’m hoping I can keep up this new found energy that she has in the morning.
Today was an interesting day with my students.  It was the first test on keyboard today and I have to say that some of my students began to sail and some of them are really starting to sink.  It never fails, my students either seem to get the point behind practicing or they just don’t practice.  There never seems to be an in between when it comes to doing work on the keyboard or recorder during class.  The tests, weren’t bad, overall, although I wish some of my students had put in more of an effort to make sure they did their best on this test.  I got done with school and came right home as I had marching band tonight and Heather had football with Austin.  We got together and had dinner and of course, my kids got stuck with doing the dishes in the bathtub again.  I had to leave and felt guilty that yet again, I don’t seem to have enough time to fix things around the house properly.
I got to marching band and got a schedule from the director and got things going for practice.  We had quite a practice tonight and I have to say that we made some major strides in the performance of our show tonight.  We added some basic concepts to the show that I think will add some transitions between songs, including having the band act out the dance to “The Locomotion”.  We also added a train sequence to the end of the first tune and really got the pit percussion rocking tonight!  I have to say that when we walked away tonight, it’s the best the band has looked and sounded since Jim and I have started to work with them.  I can say that I’ve never been prouder of those students.  I got home after practice and spent about an hour with Heather and then we both headed to bed.  I did get good news tonight, there’s no marching band practice on Saturday, so I actually will have an entire Saturday to myself.  Man, what a change that will make!  I can’t wait!
Okay, let’s talk about Part 8 of Chapter 18 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 18 (Part 8):  “The Darkvenge” came out of hyperspace and Kav and Doriana had done exactly what Thrawn’s minion had told them to do.  A TC-18 translator droid informed the two of them that they had arrived and Kav said he didn’t even know where they were, but Doriana said they were at the place that Thrawn wanted them to be.  The Neimoidian at the helm reported that two Chiss vessels were approaching.  The TC-18 informed them that “The Springhawk” and a long range shuttle had arrived.  Doriana told the droid to let the Chisss warrior know that Thrawn’s usual docking bay was open.  Within minutes Thrawn was on the bridge thanking them from their swift reaction to his expectations.  Doriana reminded him that they plan to be fully cooperative.  Thrawn said that was good as he wanted them to now unload their droid starfighters to a nearby asteroid and that he will need to speak to their programmer.  Kav cut in saying it was outrageous, but Doriana cut in looking at Thrawn and asking if he has a plan for Outbound Flight.  Thrawn said he has a plan, but now wants them to tell the truth…..


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