‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 18 (Part 4)

Saturday.  I had to get up around eight-thirty again this morning for marching band rehearsal.  Today was a little tougher because we couldn’t get into the school past nine this morning because of S.A.T.’s being taken in the school this morning, so students, parents, and the director had to be at the school at an un-Godly hour this morning.  Jim and I showed up at our usual time for our practice and today’s practice was going to go a little longer as our competition today was not that far away considering it was at Corning East.

We had a decent practice today and seemed to get the students refocused from the awful practice on Wednesday.  I just think it was a bad nigh Wednesday and I wrote it off and so did Jim.  Hey, they’re teenagers and it’s bound to happen every now and again.  I like to see our students bounce back and they do that quite often, which makes me so proud of them!  And they did it again today as well.  Our practice went very well and it was overly hot, yet again today.  I don’t understand how it can be getting up to the seventies in the first week of October already!  What the heck is up with that?!!!!  Anyway, we had a good practice and Jim and I decided to ride together to Corning East tonight and Jim told me that his daughter and son in-law will be joining us, and they’re both music teachers, which is okay with me, I always like another point of view!  So, I met Jim at his house and we left together to go to Corning East.

We ate some dinner at a McDonald’s on the way there and had a great time talking about the marching band and the things that we’ve gone through this season.  We told his daughter and son in-law about the lack of recognition we were getting from the judges and our hope that tonight would be the breaking point as the show is almost fully complete now.  We got to the competition and did our usual warm-ups and things were starting to look rough weather-wise.  We had little spats of rain here and there and then we saw lightning, which we knew was something that people running the show could ignore.  So, after having just lined up to go onto the field in the endzone, they told us to take cover and as we left the field, it started to downpour in buckets!  We dashed for the entrance of the school and of course the question was, was the competition going to be moved inside.  Well, we waited for about fifteen to twenty minutes and then the weather cleared up.

That’s when I realized that our show was in trouble.  The mat that our students were going to be marching on was out in the rain and was now drenched, which meant it was going to become a slip and slide.  So, we lined up and went onto the field and got ready for our show.  Well, because our electronics were out in the rain, they got zapped and we lost our keyboard and guitar players and our mat turned into a slip and slide mess and even Jim and I were worried about the safety of our students.  However, in amongst all of this adversity, those students marched their tails off and did an absolutely amazing job!!  Beyond all expectations I would’ve ever had in such conditions.  Unfortunately, it didn’t translate much when it came to the judges scores which ticked me off as always.  And for whatever reason, Corning East just didn’t seem to have their act together and their judges meeting was extremely late while we waited for a long time for recap sheets.  The judges weren’t very helpful and we even had a judge say that putting the board on the field limited his vision of the field.  That was exactly the point of it!! DUH!!!  Anyway, after a frustrating meeting, we met up with Jim’s daughter and son in-law and drove home.

I got to Jim’s house and realized that I had left my trumpet with Zach, the lead trumpet player for Vestal.  So, I called Jonathan and told him to have Zach use the trumpet till Wednesday and then I’ll pick it up from him on Wednesday night.  I also told Zach to take good care of the instrument.  It was a long day and when I got home, Heather and I headed straight to bed.  Long day!
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 18 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 18 (Part 4):  Car’das said he was unaware of the loss of Chiss life and that’s when Ar’alani let him know that “The Whirlwind” did not return.  That’s when Car’das remembered that “The Whirlwind” had the Vagaari grav projector keeping the “Darkvenge” pinned down, but of course, he couldn’t tell Ar’alani about any of that.  Car’das insisted that Thrawn acted in self defense and Ar’alani asked if the enemy fired first.  Car’das said they did not fire first, but the Trade Federation did make the first act of aggression by launching their droid starfighters.  Ar’alani said they’ll know better once Car’das takes them on a gour of the battle zone and even Car’das seemed shocked at the thought of this idea.  Car’das said he wasn’t sure where the battlefield was and Ar’alani said that was no problem as they have “The Springhawk’s” navigational data.  Car’das asked if they should inform Thrawn, but Ar’alani siad she sent Thrawn on a detail so they could examine the battle zone and then come back and aske Thrawn for his story…..

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