‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 18 (Part 2)

Today was a Thursday like any routine Thursday is for me.  I got up, got the kids ready for school.  Then they headed to school and I headed to work.  The good news for me this week is that today was going to be my last day with students this week with our workshop going on tomorrow.  So, I treated today like a Friday for my students and we did some recording for our videos and podcasts and my sixth grade students watched “American Idol” Season 6 with me.  It was a good day for students and we got a lot of shots done for our music videos and my new idea for green screening went off without a hitch.  As a matter of fact, it’s easier to put up and take down and works very effectively.  The only drawback is that occasionally I get a line in the background where one board ends and the other one begins.  It wasn’t too evident in the takes we did today and I have to say that having the lights to help fill in the background definetly helps to make the light fill in the background more evenly.  I had a good day with students and they seemed to be engaged today.

I got done with work and came home and actually enjoyed some time with Heather where we actually had a moment to sit down and talk about things that are going on in our lives.  She told me that she approached her boss today at work asking for one day off a week.  I was proud of her because I didn’t ask her to do this, she did it on her own.  She realized that she needs a day off when I’m not home to get things done around the house and apologized to me for things not getting done and she said she knows she needs to make a better effort of trying to keep the house running, but that between the pressure from work, and her seamstress job, she’s personally feeling overwhelmed.  I suggested that if the seamstress job is too stressful, then maybe she should consider not doing it anymore.  But, she explained to me that she enjoys doing it and it actually relaxes her.  I can understand that because that’s what blogging and podcasting does for me.  We got done talking and continued to talk while we made dinner together and then sat down with the kids and ate dinner together and then we all headed to cheerleading/football practice.  Austin seems to be progressing well as a football player, but I know the team is feeling pretty down on themselves because they haven’t won a game yet.  Their only hope is that they either win or tie their game this weekend to try and up their confidence level.  Let’s hope they can make it happen.  We got done with football/cheerleading and came home and went downstairs and used our time this evening to relax and watch our usual Thursday night shows “Survivor”, “C.S.I.”, and then we went to bed.  At least tomorrow I could relax a little since I won’t have students in a classroom to contend with and I’ll have Monday off.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 18 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 18 (Part 2):  They asked what they should do and Car’das said “we” do nothing and Qennto says they won’t but that now would be a good time to leave.  Maris went to interput, but Qennto cut her off and said the Jedi need to be responsible for their own destiny.  Qennto then addressed Car’das adn asked if he could manage to secure the loot from the Vagaari ship that Thrass was hiding.  Car’das said it’s up to both Thrass and Ar’alani and Maris wondered how they get the admiral back and that’s when Car’das dropped the bombshell that she was already here.  Qennto said this should be easy, have a hearing, get their stuff, and get outta here.  Car’das explained that Ar’alani may be here to remove Thrawn from command.  Maris was shocked and said that Thrawn was a good man and Qennto said this is not good considering Ar’alani was already against giving them the Vagaari loot.  Maris told Qennto to stop worrying about the loot as this was about Thrawn, but Qennto reminded her they were two and a half months late getting Drixo her furs and firegems.  Car’das asked what they should do and Qennto told them to get that loot no matter what, even if he has to beg.  Maris agreed and told Car’das he’s the only one with enough clout to be able to do this.  Qennto reminded him that he has a limited time to do this as Thrawn is at least a half a friend and if they remove him, they will have no chances…..

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