‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 18 (Part 1)

Wednesday.  For some reason, Wednesdays are the craziest days around our house and it never seems like it’s going to let up, even in the future.  I got up this morning and got ourselves ready for school and work.  Today, we tried something different.  The kids got a light breakfast, which included a drink and toast, and they each grabbed a quarter for breakfast at school.  It sure seemed like it made things a lot easier this morning.  At least on me it did.  The kids headed to school and I headed to work.

You know, as a teacher, I have always enjoyed my Wednesday’s because they are my “hands on” day with my students as they play keyboard or recorder.  What I find amazing is that students don’t like having a “hands on” activity lesson.  I think the reason why is because I’m continually monitoring what they’re doing as opposed to days where we do workbook work and they think I’m not monitoring what they’re doing.  Anyway, I had a decent school day with my students and came home in a pretty good mood.

I got things together and organized for marching band tonight and Heather decided that to make things a little easier tonight, we would eat at Wendy’s and then head our separate directions for dinner.  Made sense to me!  So, we ate out tonight and then went our separate ways as Heather had to pick up the kids from piano lessons, meet me at Wendy’s, take the girls to Girl Scouts and Austin to football practice, while I took off to Marching Band.

Marching Band rehearsal was frustrating to say the least.  All I can say is that the students just weren’t focused tonight and just didn’t seem to be there, mentally.  They forgot everything Jim and I taught them on Monday night and the parade concept seemed beyond them.  We had to simplify the concept, which I know now means they probably won’t score very well.  On top of that, they just weren’t focusing on the show changes we implemented tonight.  I felt rushed and frustrated by the end of the rehearsal tonight.  I know if I felt that way, then the students couldn’t feel any better when they walked away tonight.  I’m concerned for them as we have an important competition this weekend and they’ll need to be on top of their game and they’ll have to have a much improved practice between now and then.

I got done with rehearsal and headed home and crawled into bed with Heather around ten o’clock tonight.  In some ways, I’ll be glad when Marching Band is done and I’m not as exhausted all the time.  But, I always remind myself that I do it because I love it, and ultimately, I have fun with the kids and can’t wait to see them improve each season!
Okay, let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 18 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 18 (Part 1):  Qennto and Maris both say they’ve never heard of Outbound Flight and aske Car’das if Kave really means to destroy it.  Car’das also points out that he and Thrawn think the name Stratis is an alias.  Qennto asked why they would want to destroy this project and Car’das said they claim the Jedi are out to take over the galaxy, which is a lie.  Qennto countered saying that more and more people in the galaxy are starting to feel that way.  Maris did point out that the Jedi are highly involved in Coruscant Beuracracy.  Car’das asked if they’ve ever heard of these Dreadnaughts and Qennto answered saying they were developed by Randili StarDriver.  He says they have heavy shields, modern turbo laster clusters, and can hold a crew of nine-thousand, which is why they’ve become so popular.  Maris asked if the Republic bought any, but Qennto said he’s only hear rumors.  They did a calculation and said that would be a lot of people to kill just to get a few Jedi and Qennto said that obviously Thrawn won’t frall for it.  Car’das did point out that even if Thrawn doesn’t cooperate, Stratis still has a Trade Federation battleship on hand with other potentials to show up…..

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