The Jedi Council Speaks – Volume III, Episode #12: Star Wars From A Child’s Perspective

Monday.  It was the beginning to the work week and I was already exhausted.  I got up this morning and kind of zombie walked to the bathroom and for the first time in a long time, my kids had actually beaten me to getting up this morning.  I got ready for school, but as always, Tara did not eat her breakfast on time.  I’m gonna have to talk to Heather about this tonight.  I got off to school with minimal incidences.  I got to school and got ready for a typical workday on a Monday.  We did our usual workbook work with all of my classes and most of my students did their work and of course, there were those choice few students who decided they wanted to fight me about doing any classroom work.

I got done with school and came home right away as I had marching band tonight and Austin had football tonight, so we were all going off in different directions.  Once I got home I have to say I actually took a half hour snooze because I knew I wasn’t going to make it through the night otherwise, considering my busy weekend I had just had.  I got up, ate dinner with Heather and talked with her about Tara not eating breakfast in a timely manner.  She said that maybe we need to consider having the kids eat breakfast at school as they were now on the reduced lunch plan and it would only cost a quarter.  We agreed to talk about it more later, but I needed to get to marching band rehearsal.

When I got to marching band, I expected some massive discussions about the situation from the weekend.  But, nothing was even said.  It’s as if the director and I never had a problem that happened this weekend.  I don’t know how to take this.  Does this mean he’s said his peace and it’s over?  Does it mean that he’s upset with me or not?  Did he care or was he just blowing off steam on me?  There are times when I don’t like the idea that I don’t know what someone else is thinking.  I really would rather that people be upfront and honest with me.  There was a lot to get done tonight, however.  We had to add some new moves and some new sets to the show before our next competition this weekend.  I knew the pressure was on and so did the students.  We also had to get the kids ready for the Columbus Day Parade which is a big deal in our city as it is a competition that happens downtown.  The students were practicing their parade music, since there was lightning outside, and I developed a unique parade plan that we then went into the hallway and walked through the idea with the students.  I told them we would perfect the concept on Wednesday night as well as make some changes to the show that needed to be made.  We got done with rehearsal and all went our separate ways.  I hope the students don’t forget what I taught them between now and Wednesday as our rehearsal in two days is critically dependent upon this!

Okay, tonight we’re going to take a break from the book and highlight the latest release from “The Jedi Council Speaks”.  This episode is Episode #12 and is titled Star Wars:  From A Child’s Perspective and revisits how my children feel about the Star Wars Saga and it’s future.  It can be found right here:


Click here to get your own player.


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