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‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 20 (Part 4)

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Happy Halloween everybody!!  I was very excited about Halloween today because it really is one of those holidays that I like only because it gives kids a chance to be kids and it also gives adults the chance to be kids as well.  But, with that said, let me tell you about my day and you can decide whether I’m still a kid at heart or not.

We got up this morning and I couldn’t help it this morning.  Instead of just going into each kids’ room and waking them up, instead I came in and screamed and yelled and probably scared the piss right out of them!  I know it sounds cruel, but it was a ton of fun!  Anyway, that’s how our day started and it just got more exciting from there.  The kids got up and were running from that point on.  They could not wait to get to school, because let’s face it, they know there is going to be candy at school and what kid would not want to rush off to school to get to the free candy.  They got themselves going quickly and we went through our usual morning questions and then I had to ask things like, “Austin, do you have your helmet” and although that may sound normal to any Star Wars costumer, it’s not normal discussion at a typical house.  Austin was so excited about being dressed up like Jengo Fett this morning that he practically wanted to jump into the costume, but I reminded him that they would be putting their costumes on sometime during the middle of the day today.  I also reminded him that he could not bring his blaster with him to school, and although he was bummed about it, he understood why and wished he could still take it to school.  What can I say?  Political correctiveness!

I left for work and my children literally bounced their way off to school.  School was interesting with a bunch of hyped up students that wanted to get candy and they wanted sugar now!!  Of course, as a teacher, I was not going to be abliged to give it to them.  To make matters worse, my principal has enacted a “no tolerance” policy on Halloween.  I have mixed feelings about this because I think it decentralizes the holiday and in my personal opinion, we’ve done that enough in this country.  Anyway, students are not allowed to have costumes on in school (which I can vaguely understand as some of our girls would get pretty risqué and some of our boys would find something gory, ugly, and bloody I’m sure!), but they’re also not allowed to have candy in school today AND for the rest of the week.  I think this defeats the purpose of Halloween.  I mean, it’s about free candy and what good is free candy if you can’t eat it?  I understand trying to keep it under control, but I think it may be going a little too far.  Well, we got through the day with hyper students and by the time I got home, I became a hyper student as well.

I got home and took a short ten minute nap and then helped Heather get our dinner together.  We ate dinner as a family and I have to say that even Tara ate her dinner pretty fast tonight because we all wanted to get into our costumes.

I have to say that it took me a little longer to get into my Star Wars costume tonight than it normally does.  It didn’t help that I had kids interrupting me every five minutes asking me to help them with something.  As I started to get my custom Mando on, Austin asked if we could customize his Mando sometime soon so he could join me at Star Wars events.  We talked about it as I put my costume on and even discussed the expectations of being a costumed character and that there are some expectations your audience has of you.  I told him that I would try and get a custom Mando put together for him before our January 19th Binghamton Senators Hockey Game.  Anyway, I got dressed up and even Heather got dressed up and we went out around our neighborhood.  People were blown away by my costume.  I was stopped several times and asked to have my picture taken and I was even asked to get off of Chenango Street over by the Baptist Church because the police were afraid I was going to cause a car accident with the number of people stopping and taking pictures or just driving their cars real slow to see me.  Needless to say, I had a lot of fun this evening!  The kids had a blast too and Austin was impressed that he was asked to be in pictures with me since he had a Jengo Fett costume on as well.  It was a great evening and the kids were happy to get so much candy.

We got home and that’s when we got to work on our entry for the Rebel Scum costume contest.  I took my pumpkin out to the driveway and set things up for the shot.  We decided to fill the pumpkin with dry leaves, gasoline, and some firecrackers to really get the fire going.  Needless to say, at one point we had a blaze and I know our neighbors were worried.  Honestly, I took all the precautions that could be taken.  I had a bucket of water available as well as our garden hose which was on.  I’m all about safety and Austin and I were plenty of distance away when I lit the fire as I used a three foot wick to light the fire.  It was quite a blaze at one point and I think our neighbor got concerned when he smelled the burning pumpkin, probably rightfully so.  Anyway, we got a few good shots with Austin and I have to say that I think the shots came out pretty good and I even got shot of me putting in the fire a copy of the logo that Rebel Scum required and I think that may be a unique shot that I’ll use.

As you can see, we had a blast and I have to say it’s one of the best Halloween’s we’ve had as a family.  Lots of fun!
Okay, with that in mind, let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 20 of “Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 20 (Part 4):  the droids came to life and the Miskara was impressed and asked who controlled the droids and Car’das said anyone with the control pad, but they could be programmed to respond to an individual and the Miskara ordered Car’das to make them suservient to him.  Car’das agreed and asked the Miskara to come coloser and he did and the droids recognized him and imbedded themselves to follow his command patterns.  However, Car’das explained that these droids would not understand commands given in Minnisiat and that’s when the Miskara asked him to teach him the commands for target and fire.  Miskara turned to one of the robots and said in clear basic “target” and the droidekas and assault droids all targeted Car’das.  The Miskara insisted that Car’das say the word fire, and when he did, luckily the robots didn’t respond.  The Miskara then asked a guard to bring in three Geroons and asked Car’das if Thrawn has more of these machines and Car’das said several thousand.  the guard then hearded into the room the three Geroons and Car’das asked what they were and the Miskara said they were slaves.  Miskara told the machines to target the slaves and Car’das said to wait.  He sarcastically said he was concerned about the safety of his men and that’s when Miskara said “fire” and the battle droids knocked them down and the droidekas cut them in half with blaster fire.  The Miskara was impressed and asked where Thrawn keeps the others, and Car’das told him at the base.  The Miskara ordered an assault force to be prepared and told Car’das to teach him the other command words while they wait…..


‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 20 (Part 3)

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Tuesday.  The day before Halloween and I don’t know who’s more excited about Halloween tomorrow night, the kids in my house, me, or my teenagers at my school.  I like Halloween because it just gives me another excuse to dress like a Mandalorian.  My kids like it because it gives them an excuse to get into a costume and act like another person for one night and then get candy for it.  My teenagers at school love it because they get free candy and they get to create mayhem and havoc all over the streets of the city along with it!  I realized that there is a Rebel Scum contest that I have yet to enter my costume for this year, so I’ve decided that instead of cutting the Rebel Scum logo out of a pumpkin (tried it already and failed), I decided we’re going to light a pumpkin on fire.  What can I say?  I’m a Falco and that’s what my Mandalorians would do with a pumpkin simply because we can.  So, that’s the plan, but let me first talk about my day.

I got up late this morning and I’m still exhausted from the weekend.  I think it’s going to take me the rest of the week just to get over all of that stress.  I feel a little better about myself and the band the job they did.  I keep reminding myself that I know how well they did and I sure hope they all know how well they did.  It’s just too bad that the judges just don’t seem to know.  In my mind, I have closed that chapter of my life and now it’s time for me to move on with my life.  I have to say that it is liberating to feel as though all this weight is being lifted off my shoulders by potentially getting my weekends back.  So, I got to school with a little bit of a hitch in my giddy up and got myself going for the day.  I had a pretty decent day with my students and I have to say that some of my classes are starting to turn around and I still have that one class that just doesn’t want to work.  I had a pretty good day and came home and spent some time with the kids.  It was nice to be home to help with homework and not feel the stress of having to worry about having to head out the door for something else.  We got dinner together and ate dinner and then we cleared off the table and decided to make our Jack O’ Lanterns with the pumpkins Heather bought last weekend.  I tried to put the rebel scum logo on my pumpkin, but it didn’t work out.  All well.  I helped the kids finish theirs and we also collected as many pumpkin seeds as we could and I told Heather that Thursday night I would bake them in the oven with garlic salt (the best way to eat pumpkin seeds).  We got done with that and put them outside and then the kids got lunches ready for tomorrow and Heather and I went downstairs and watched our usual Tuesday night T.V. line-up and the kids headed to bed around seven-thirty or so, with Ruth and Austin reading till eight o’clock.  Heather and I went to bed around eleven o’clock or so.  Can’t wait for Halloween tomorrow!
Okay, let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 20 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 20 (Part 3):  So the Vagaari Miskara deduces that Car’das is willing to only trade a chance at revenge for his companions and treasure.  Car’das reminds him he’d get his ship net back, but the Miskara says that’s not enough and Carda’s must find more to offer.  Car’das said he had nothing more to offer and the Miskara asked about the crates behind Car’das.  Somehow they made their way into the room during the conversation and Car’das asked where they came from.  The Miskara asked if he claimed they did not exist, since they came from his own ship.  Car’das explained that he had stolen the ship and was unaware what was already onboard.  The Miskara asked Car’das to open the crates to find out what is inside them.  When Car’das looked in he found a pair of folded up battle droids and a pair of droidekas and explained what they were to the Miskara and that they were a local machine.  The Miskara asked to see them in working order, but Car’das apologized explaining there weren’t any control computers around.  The Miskara then gestured to one of his guards who gave Car’das a data pad and asked if that would help and Car’das thanked the Miskaraand then activated the droids….

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 20 (Part 2)

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Monday.  I’m tired, I’m depressed, and the realization just kicked in that Halloween is just two days away!  Crap!  So, I’m going to have to consider getting things together for that and I’ve gotta do it with the regular things going on during the week.  It was a usual Monday as far as a schedule is concerned.  I got the kids up from bed and we all got ready for school today.  I have to say I was a little “zombie-like” this morning after all that happened yesterday and this weekend.

I got into school and did my first through third period classes and then I went to the main office to check my mail, but I also managed to see a newspaper.  Of course, Johnson City had to advertise about the “amazing” job they did getting the Governer’s Cup from the NYSFBC for Small School 3.  This is like saying that they are the turd that doesn’t smell compared to the rest of the crap.  But the part that makes me feel even worse is the fact that their score was somehow higher than ours, and I’ve seen their show, it wasn’t anything to even write in a blog about.  Then they advertised the job that the Union Endicott band did and then WAY at the bottom they mentioned that Vestal got 11th place.  Almost as if they forgot that Vestal competed.

I couldn’t help being tired and upset and on top of it all, seeing the newspaper just pissed me off even more this evening.  I took an inventory of things that I had put off today and I realized that I somehow got a month behind in my blog and I still haven’t gotten the first show of Novel Ideas even recorded just yet.  I guess I have a lot of work to do over the next week and something tells me it’s going to take me a long time to get this blog caught back up, so have some patience as I will continue to work on it, but it’s not easy to write about my life each and every day as well as continue to write about Star Wars based books.

I got done with my day today, blogged a few days’ worth of blogs and then I ate dinner with the family and Austin and I headed off to Boy Scouts.  It’s interesting that I thought I would have time with marching band being done, but somehow, I am just replacing one thing that will get in the way of my schedule with something else that will get in the way of the schedule.  We got home and Heather and I watched our usual shows and then we went to bed after watching “C.S.I. Miami”.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 20 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 20 (Part 2):  Car’das waited patiently and the Miskara instructed Car’ds to refer to him as “your eminence” and then said that Car’das had the gaul to ask to bargain with the Miskara.  Car’das explained that he demanded nothing, but had a great difficulty that needs Vagaari help in exchange for something of equal value.  The Miskara asked him to explain this difficulty, and Car’das explained how they all became prisoners of the Chiss.  Then he explained of the Chiss refusing to release their treasures to them and the certain death they face without those treasures.  The Miskara asked where his companions are prisoners and Car’das said it’s a base deep inside an asteroid which he explained is in the memory of the vessel that he brought along.  Then the Miskara asked how he knew to find the Vagaari here and Car’das explained that he was aboardthe Chiss cruiser that attacked them no more than five weeks ago.  Miskara asked if they stole one of their ships nets, and Car’das said yes, but reminded him he was a prisoner during the attack and informs him that the commander that attacked the Vagaari is the same one in command of the Chiss base…..

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 20 (Part 1)

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Sunday.  Championship Day and the last day I have to work with these kids this year.  I have to say that I’m a little nostalgic about the idea that the Seniors will move on and this is the last day I’ll get a chance to work with them.  I have to say that through all the struggles with the judges, I’m really proud of the kids in this marching band and I really hope they get the credit they deserve this year.  I got up a little early today, around eight o’clock or so and got myself ready for the day.  Jim was coming by to pick me up around eleven o’clock or so and we could’ve gone to church this morning and rushed around trying to get everything together, but instead I decided to sleep in a little and get as much energy as I could before the day began.  I got a nice breakfast with Heather and the kids and got my backpack together for the day today and then did some math work, which I’ll talk about in a minute.

Jim came and picked me up around eleven o’clock or so and we started to make our way to Syracuse and to where we were supposed to meet Vestal at a place called “Sky Top”, which is where the bands get off the buses and get ready for their championship performance.  We had a nice discussion about the year on our way up to Sky Top and we discussed the future of the marching band and where we saw ourselves fitting into that future.  I told Jim that I’m not sure how many more years I can continue to do marching band.  My time is limited as I’m spending a lot of time away from my kids and family and I’m starting to feel guilty about that aspect of being a member of the staff for the Vestal marching band.  It’s not the band kids themselves or the program, it’s the amount of time I’m spending away from my own children.  Anyway, Jim and I had a nice discussion and talked about our lives a little and then we ended up getting to Sky Top.  The band was nowhere to be found and while Jim and I were there, the weather started to get worse.  On our ride up to Sky Top we noticed that the rain had turned from straight rain to a mix of rain and sleet.  Buy the time we got to Sky Top it turned from sleet to straight out snow.  Jim and I waited for about twenty minutes till Vestal finally showed up at Sky Top.

Jonathan had them unload all the percussion equipment and gave the winds and percussion to Jim and I and said that now was the time to get them warmed up.  Quite honestly, Jim and I took it easy on the students.  Why?  I wasn’t about to push my students when it was this cold outside and they just weren’t in the mood to be pushed.  As I said to Jim, there isn’t much to be done, other than getting them to move around a little as there wasn’t anything we could practice up here.  It’s championship day and there was no way we could make any changes from yesterday to today.  I have to say, if it was me, I would not have even brought the percussion or wind instruments out anyway.  Why?  Simple, any music teacher will tell you that by brining out any instruments in that kind of weather will change the tuning on said instrument.  The percussion instruments got soaked and I’m sure the intonation on them got messed up pretty bad.  The wind instruments just don’t need to be out in the snow and sleet and it can actually cause cracks in the wood on things like clarinets.  But, we were charged to do a task, and I did it to the best of my ability.  We got them warmed up and then put them on the buses, but the wind instructor insisted they go over the music before we leave.  A bad idea if you ask me, but we did so anyway.  We then got on the buses and headed down to the Syracuse Carrier Dome.  Jim and I drove ahead and managed to get a little lost on our way down to the dome, but then managed to find our way to a parking lot, but found a free parking space on the street and got lucky getting a parking space on the street that didn’t cost Jim a dime.

We then met the band at the big doors to go into the dome.  We were going to help the parents set up the props and the pit equipment, but Jim and I didn’t want to get in the way as it seemed as though they had a plan to get it all put together in time.  I have to say the parents for Vestal are amazing and I was very impressed not only with our props for the show this year, but how fast they were able to put those props together today.  We were ready to go within twenty minutes and they opened the pressurized doors and in we went.  I have to say that everytime I enter the dome through the air locks, I get nostalgic and think back to the first time I ever did that with the Webster Marching Band back in 1989.  It just makes me remember how HUGE I thought the place was.  Now, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not that big.  Especially when you compare it to Bills Stadium or to the RCA Dome in Indianapolis.  So, we then headed to the locker room and got ready to go on the field.  The kids were mellow, yet pumped.  We went around the room and did our pep talks.  I had something very simple to say.  I told them that based on the average age of a person being 65, the fifteen minutes that they were about to perform was less than .03% of their life.  I told all of them they have two choices, it could be the fastest .03% of their life they have ever lived OR it could be the most memorable .03% of their life they’ve ever lived.  It was up to each of them to create memories that they would never forget.  And I told them amongst all that work, to never forget – to have – FUN!!  We then headed out to the football field.

The kids did a wonderful job on the show!  I couldn’t have asked for anything more.  We got on and off the field in plenty of time.  The show was spectacular and I have to say I was really proud of the students for doing what they did.  They put on a great show that had a lot of energy and the sound they produced was solid and it was quality sound.  I have to say that it truly was the best show they have put on all year long.  I want to say to anyone reading this that if you had seen this show, you would have been impressed with this little band from Vestal.  We got done and headed over to get  our pictures taken and I have to say the pics were fun.  We had our usual serious and then funny pictures taken.  I loved our funny picture because Becky (the guard instructor, and my evil twin), Jim and myself did “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak No Evil” which I thought was pretty funny considering it pretty much summed us up as a staff.  We got done with pics when we realized that the guard had pulled some of the props off onto the wrong side of the field, simply because they were never told which direction to take them by the director and the director blamed the guard instructor, and I know the director had no discussion with the guard instructor about it.  Anyway, instead of having the kids take care of the problem, instead he sent his staff.  That’s right the staff became the “donkeys” as it were and we had to take the props to the lock doors and take then outside and acrossed the street.  Once we got there, the parents made some smart comments to us that we should stay and help them tear down the props and I said we had to get back to the kids considering our director was with them alone.  We got inside, talked with the kids for a little bit and then we went and got some food.

Once I got some food, I found my family and sat down with them for a little while and finished watching the Large School 2 and Large School 3 classes.  None of the bands had any shows that stood out at all.  All of the shows were “safe”, meaning that they took no risks in their shows and they played their shows to the judges, meaning that if you were a small band, then you played – moved – played – moved.  Why can’t small bands play and move at the same time?  For some reason, the judges in this conference think that small bands should not even attempt that!  Anyway, we parted our ways shortly before the end of the Large School 2 class as I had to be back with the Vestal band to go onto the floor for the awards ceremony.

I was disappointed with our placement considering we came in 11th place out of 12 bands, but that was not the most disappointing part.  We only got a score of 72.55.  To me, that was massively depressing and not even for me personally, but for my students.  I felt bad because I thought they did so much better than that, but obviously, the judges didn’t see it the same way.  When we got the recap sheets, I checked Alan Buel’s scores and he kept the same scores from yesterday.  No more, no less, just enough to keep me from reporting his ass to the NYSFBC.  In my eyes, he is now one of the worst judges I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and I hope I never talk to the man again, because I think he just does not get what judging in NYSFBC is all about.  We got done with the awards ceremony and I joined back up with my family after some quick goodbyes with the Vestal students and went back and joined my family and we drove home together.  As Heather drove home, I texted Josh and told him about my frustrations with this past week and told him good luck.  Of course, they got first place later tonight, so congratulations to his band and to him and his staff!!  As always, you can find the scores for the NYSFBC at  Go on over and check it out and see where all the bands landed.  We got home this evening after eating dinner at Burger King on the way home and being depressed about the weekend.  I crashed at home and we all went to bed as this week was going to be about catching up on everything this week.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 20 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 20 (Part 1):  The fighters directed Car’das to a starboard docking bay of a smaller warship.  Heavily armed escorts took Car’das from his shuttle to a holding cell where they stripped him and scanned him and his clothing multiple times.  Car’das had not doubt that this shuttle was undergoing the same rigorous scanning.  Car’das tried resting in his holding cell, but took to pacing as he feared they would just kill him and then continue on pillaging.  Two hours later, the two Vagaari guards reappeared and gave him his clothes and watched him get dressed, then escorted him to a transport with no windows that took him to more Vagaari guards in fancier armor.  Car’das had deduced that someone higher up had finally decided to talk to him.  He was shocked when he was ushered into a massive throne room with a chair in the middle of the room and a Vagaari seated in the choir wearing multi-colored robes and four belts.  He was flanked by less obnoxiously dressed Vagaari that Car’das assumed were advisors.  Car’das bowed and greeted the Vagaari in Minnisiat when he was struck to his knees by the Vagaari guards around him, who told him that he does not speak to the Miskara unless spoken to…..

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 19 (Part 13)

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Saturday and the day of our big competition.  Vestal decided to host a competition this year because they have a beautiful new stadium to use (which the marching band had the pleasure of using all of three times this season) and so the director of the band decided that we should host a show.  Well, as the conference is the way they are, the only date open was the day before the championships.  It is good in some ways as we got a chance to see bands like Brentwood from Long Island, as they stopped and did a competition at Vestal on their way to Syracuse.  The only problem with the date is the fact that it was the day before championships and there wasn’t much we were going to do between today and tomorrow to fix the show.  No time, so in some ways, today’s competition was a way for us to gear how we were going to do on championships.  Well, it turned out to be quite the day.

I got up around seven o’clock this morning and got myself ready to head over to the school and looked outside and noted that it was cold and wet and had been since early last night.  I figured I would get over to the school and find out from the director that the show got moved inside.  Why?  Simple, it’s the day before championships and who’s gonna want to get their flags and props wet, especially considering you have less than twenty-four hours to dry anything off.  I was especially concerned about our own ninety foot by ninety foot mat.  If there is anything that Jim and I have learned throughout the season was that this mat becomes a “Slip n’ Slide” when it’s wet at all.  But, I got to the school and our director said we would be practicing inside, but would be doing the show outside as he didn’t think it was that bad.  To make matters worse, they pulled out the mat that our kids march on and let it sit out in the rain.  Mind you, while we practiced indoors, the mat was out in the rain in at least three downpours that came down so hard that we could hear it against the roof of the gymnasium we were in.  It was making me angry to know that our mat was sitting out in that rain, but I never said anything to the director as I figured it was his call and if his kids were going to break their neck, it would be on his shoulders.  But, what really upset me was the fact that he didn’t seem to care about his own kids’ safety.  I would personally not have taken the risk.

We got done practicing and warming the kids up and it seemed like in no time it was time for the kids to go out and perform their show.  I have to say they put out a good show.  It wasn’t great, but I know they were holding back a little because the championships were tomorrow and they needed to really umph it up for the next day.  But, with all of that said, they put on a great show for the hometown crowd.  I thought that might get some hometown love from the judges, but for some reason it didn’t translate.  As a matter of fact, the tapes were almost disturbing to listen to.  There were positive comments made all over the place and the amount of style changes were noted and Jim and I thought that we finally got a set of judges that got our show and were going to give us credit for it.  Then, we got the judges sheets and I was blown away by the lack of appreciation for the show in the score and I was even more shocked at the comments on the sheet.  For example, one judge said our students were constantly out of step.  When we compared that with the comments on the tape, we began to realize that he didn’t recognize that our students use a right foot lead.  So, if they’re all out of step, then logically, they’re in step, right?  Here’s another interesting take from the meeting today.  I pressed the GE Visual judge about why we didn’t get credit for attempting harder material.  I said we know we didn’t execute said material separately, but we attempted harder material and got no credit for making the attempt.  He tried to come up with some convoluted reason as to why he didn’t give us credit and then suddenly, he admitted that he was thinking about the other bands, which by the way is a big “no, no” according to The New York State Field Band Conference.  That’s right, you heard me correctly, I got a judge to admit that he padded his score.  Alan Buell was his name and I later looked up his profile and found out that he’s the chief financial officer for The Empire Statesman.  Of all people to get me pissed off, he was not the one.  Not only did Alan Buell admit to padding our score, which he then tried to back peddle on, but had nowhere to go.  He threatened to lower our score at the championship show, sighting, “it’s not smart to make a judge on your championship panel mad with you and your band the day before championships”.  That’s right, that’s a direct quote from a judge.  Do you think my director said anything about it?  Nope!  Instead he told me that I went way too far at that meeting and may have jeopardized Vestal’s chances at championships!  This judge should be removed from the Championship panel tonight and my director should be making the call to make it happen!  Instead, he’s defending the NYSFBC judge.  It didn’t make me feel like I was part of the team!

My favorite moment of the day was the beginning of the judges meeting though.  We addressed the judge that said all of our student were out of step.  I stated that if they were all out of step, then weren’t they therefore in step, considering they were all out of step together.  He got caught off guard and tried to explain and didn’t know how to.  Then he back peddled and said, “I saw some of your students marching out of step”.  Jim said, “No, you didn’t!  My students don’t march out of step and now you’re lieing to us”.  The judge said, “maybe I am” (in a sarcastic tone).  Needless to say, that judge wouldn’t look at Jim or myself in the eye for the rest of the judges meeting.  What can I say, it was an awful judges meeting.  I’ve never had a judges meeting that was this big of a joke and worse yet, there is nothing we can do about it!  Some of these guys are on our championship panel and they’re willing to make these comments the day before championships?  Who are these guys and who do they think they are?!!  I guess what depresses me the most about the NYSFBC judges is that most of them do not come from respectable programs.  Heck, some of them have never even been in a functioning marching band, instead they do things like serve as a “financial officer” for a Drum Corps.  Do you know what that means?  It means he collects the money and pays the bills.  And that gives you experience to judge?!!  This conference is really starting to get on my nerves.

We got done with the day and Jim and I were in a pissed off mood when we left.  I was really pissed off at the fact that I don’t think our director is going to say anything about this to the conference president and this meeting should have been brought to the head judge’s attention as soon as it happened.  I came home and vented to Heather and we talked for a while and ate dinner together as family and talked about tomorrow and what the plan was and we headed to bed early as tomorrow was going to be another long day and championships could only be more interesting than this competition was today.
Okay, so enough stress for one day.  Let’s talk about Part 13 of Chapter 19 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 19 (Part 13):  Six hours later, Car’das arrived seeing the battle was doen.  He saw debris and bodies, but noted the many Vagaari ships orbiting the planet.  He noted all the small ships moving between the planet and the larger docked ships, knowing they were bringing in supplies and slaves.  He thought he should just turn around, but talked himself into heading toward one of the larger Vagaari ships.  His comm was now open with a strange alien language being yelled at him and he answered in Sy Bisti.  No answer.  He tried Minnisiat and an alien asked for his name, species, and intentions.  He introduced himself as Jorj Car’das of Corellia and then said he was here to offer them a deal.

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 19 (Part 12)

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It’s official!  The TJCS site is back up and running as of tonight.  It happened around eight o’clock this evening and should have all of the information back up on the site.  The only episode that I was aware of missing, is Episode #10, which I should have back up online soon.  But before I talk about my evening, let’s talk about my day.

It was Friday and I have to say that I worked hard today to get things done as this weekend won’t give me time to get much of anything done except the championships of marching band.

I got up this morning and got the kids ready for school and we all headed out the door around the same time.  Today was a much different day weather wise.  It’s been cold and wet almost all week long this week and I have to say that Fall has finally shown up, but I don’t think it will last for long as there is already discussion that there may be snow flurries flying on Sunday.  Going on, we headed out to work and school and got ourselves going for the day.  School was okay today and I have to say that working with the students on their videos is definetly becoming a bunch of fun.  It’s fun to see them come up with concepts and ideas and implement them to see what it’s like to have them think outside the box.  Some groups have had some great ideas and others are finding their ideas aren’t working out they way they wanted them to.  Some groups are even finding that they may have thought too far outside the box because we don’t have enough time to implement some of these concepts.  For example, I have a group that wanted to do a stop-motion movie which we just don’t have the time to do that much shooting, so they had to come up with a back up plan and even that plan was pretty eccentric, so they decided to just do a simple video.  I guess it goes to show that even the best laid plans don’t work unless you plan on the time involved first.

Anyway, I got done with school and got things wrapped up that needed to be completed for the end of the school day and I came home and got right to work on getting the website of “The Jedi Council Speaks” updated.  I worked hard all night getting all the MP3’s loaded back onto the website and I believe that it’s all back up and running the way it should be.  I have to say that I have been ignoring this blog almost all month trying to deal with this issue and I’m hoping that I’ll get back to getting caught up on my blog.  The rest of the night, I started to get things ready for the weekend.  I would be gone most of the day tomorrow and almost all day Sunday before the weekend was over, so I needed to prep myself carefully so everything was ready for school on Monday.
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 12 of Chapter 19 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 19 (Part 12):  Car’das again adimently denied being a spy for The Republic to Ar’alani.  She had a hard time believing it as two Chiss Warriors have sworn they heard it from Thrawn as well.  Car’das guessed that Thrawn was trying to confuse the Trade Federation Commanders, which Ar’alani said have vanished along with their intact ship.  Car’das denied knowing about that either and again explained that they were just merchants and Ar’alani dismissed Car’das and confined him to his quarters.  Car’das left, but knew he had little time in which to escape.  Car’das strolled down to the Chiss shuttle, and had it up and running in five minutes.  He cleared the base and got into open space.  He hit the button for hyperspace and headed for the location of the Vagaari attack five weeks ago.  With luck, the Vagaari would still be there…..

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 19 (Part 11)

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Thursday and I wanted to rest a little today and I was able to a little bit.  Is it horrible that I’m looking forward to a vacation day coming up soon?  I need a vacation and I hate to say it, but I feel as though I need the vacation right now!  Anyway, I got up this morning and headed to school and got the kids ready for school as well.  It was a typical school and work day and what can I say, there wasn’t much exciting about my day.

I got home and started to work on rebuilding the TJCS website and I’ve decided to build it in a way that is new and different.  I’m sorry if some of you don’t like the way it looks now, but I’m hoping that by changing the design of the website I may actually be able to get more listeners and attract more people to the show.  I worked all night on this, so much so, that Heather brought dinner down to me in the basement while I continued to work.  Not only did I work on that, but I also worked on finishing the notes for the next episode of Novel Ideas.  It was quite a busy night after school and I have to say that I did not do much to The Jedi Council Blog site in quite some time.  I apologize to all of you for that and I hope I haven’t lost my readers, but I promise you that this site will be updated fairly soon.  I’m hoping that by December or January, we’ll be completely caught up.  It sucks getting this far behind in my blog, and worst yet, I’ve gotten behind in my reading too, so I’m scrambling to get both caught up and don’t give up on us now.  After marching band season is over, I’ll be working hard to get this blog caught back up.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 11 of Chapter 19 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 19 (Part 11):  Car’das spent some time sneaking onboard the shuttle and familiarizing himself with the Chiss controls.  Thrawn helped Car’das with the “Springhawk’s” navagational download by putting it in a tube mixed in with reports he got from Thras and Ar’alani about the battle site.  He couldn’t sleep the night of this second day.  He had a lot to think about, worried, and had nightmares.  He knew that the next day would not be as quiet…..