‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 17 (Part 8)

Sunday.  The day God rested.  In my case, it’s the day my crazy week continued.  But today was going to be a fun day.  We had Binghamton Zoo day at the Ross Park Zoo for the Binghamton FanForce Group.  Basically, we were going to the zoo to get dressed up in costumes and have some fun with the patrons at the zoo and help the zoo raise money to keep itself afloat.  So, I got up around eight thirty this morning and dragged myself into the shower and got myself ready.  I got my things together and got on the road about ten minutes to eleven as I needed to be at the zoo by eleven.  Although our particular event wasn’t supposed to start until one in the afternoon, we knew we needed to be there early to set up and to get dressed into our costumes before the zoo even opened up.

I got to the zoo right around eleven o’clock and Karen, our even coordinator, was nowhere to be found, but I will tell you what I did find.  I found two new friends of the Binghamton FanForce Group.  Two gentleman from the R2D2 Builders club and I have to say they have some pretty awesome looking R2 D2’s.  I was totally blown away and not only did they have two great looking robots, but they also brought one of them in a hand carved Star Wars crate that just filled me with massive envy.  Really, these guys had some great R2’s and I was blown away!  Well, so were the people that showed up to the zoo.  I have to say we had a pretty good turn out of Star Wars personnel both from Binghamton, Rochester, and all over the place.  We had a nice variety of characters and the zoo very much appreciated us.  The appreciated us so much so, that they said we doubled their normal attendance on any given Sunday just for showing up.   All I can say is that this is why we do what we do.  It was a great day, even though it ended up being a pretty hot day for the end of September.  I thought this day would be cool and it was still pretty warm and even warmer yet under a helmet and set of armor.  I also didn’t realize the zoo had as many hills as the Ross Park Zoo does.

We had a great time with the parents and kids in the park.  We took a ton of photos and yet again, we were giving autographs all over the place which was also pretty cool.  I had fun playing with the animals, especially the monkeys and the Snow Leopard.  The monkeys liked me because I was bright and moving around so it gave them something to scream at.  The snow leopard moved around the most it has in a year, according to the zoo keeper.  The Snow Leopard got up as soon as he saw me and got off of his perch where he was laying down and started to physically follow me as I passed his cage.  Then I started to walk back and forth in front of his cage and he walked with me.  The zoo keeper said he thought that the leopard liked the bright colors and may have even seen me as a dangerous animal to it, so it was getting territorial.  Needless to say, I couldn’t let that alone and I kept revisiting the animal all day long.  It was pretty fun!

We got done with the zoo event and decided that we would go over to “Thirsty’s” and have a beer or two together and try to relax a little from the day.  One of the guys from the R2D2 Builder’s Club decided to join us and got a taste of what it’s like to be a Falco in the Binghamton FanForce Club.  I don’t know if he found us enjoyable, or if we scared him away for good.  It always seems to go one way or the other with our group and never in between.  We had a few pitchers of beers and decided that since it was such a nice night, we would go over to Ian’s and smoke some cigars on his front porch, after which, we would watch “Family Guy:  Blue Harvest”, the Star Wars themed Family Guy episode from last Sunday which I taped.  So, I went home from “Thristy’s” quick, dropped off my stuff, and then went on over to Ian’s.  We had a great time hanging out, watched Family Guy and had a good laugh and then we all went home.  It was a great day overall and I didn’t get home until nine o’clock, at which point I started to get ready for my next work week.  Oh, by the way, you can find out more about our Binghamton Zoo Event here:  http://www.news10now.com/content/all_news/southern_tier/?SecID=383&ArID=121594.  It has a great news article and some great footage of us at the event in the adjoining news video clip.
Okay, let’s continue to talk about my favorite subject – STAR WARS!!!  Let’s talk about Part 8 of Chapter 17 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 17 (Part 8):  As Uliar stormed into the hallway, the two technicians asked him what was going on and Uliar said he ws going to talk to the person in charge, which apparently has become Master C’Baoth.  Uliar asks his techs if they want to join him, but they cower in fear and say they had better stay here since they’re on shif once the Jedi actually leave.  Uliar wondered why everyone on his ship go spineless once the Jedi are involved.  Uliar then made his way to the storage core and was let off  at section 120 and then headed to section 124 where Ma’Ning had said the Jedi training room was.  When he got to the door he noted that there was nothing there to signifiy it as being any different from any other part of the ship.  He tried the control panel on both the regular and cargo doors to the room, but neither would open, so he took to knocking on the door.  Suddenly, a view screen turned on to his left and C’Baoth’s face appeared in it and demanded to know what he wanted……


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