‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 16 (Part 12)

It’s Saturday and it was a day full of things to do.  Heather and I got up early to try and get some things done around the house and then we all got ourselves some lunch and got ready for the big event of the day.  Austin’s football team had been invited to the Chenango Valley and Norwich game where at half time they were going to introduce each player by name and have them run acrossed the field in honor of their hard work.  Well, Austin just thought this was a really cool idea and begged us to go.  I was going to not go since it seems to be the only Saturday I have off the whole month, but I told Heather that it’s important to him so I can’t see why I couldn’t go.

We got to the field and it was full of activity and discussion about the Valley team.  Chenango Valley has done pretty well for themselves up until now.  They are undefeated and there’s talk in the town that they could potentially go to State Championships.  What makes it really exciting is that this particular class of Seniors was the first set of boys to go all the way through the Valley system, from Pee-Wee football all the way up to the top.  Needless to say, it was a pretty exciting day for everyone there.  Not only was it exciting, but it was hot!!  So hot that it seemed like summer at the end of September.  There is just something severely wrong with that!  We ate some food at the football game, but I have to say that I started to get sick while we were at the game.  By the time we were leaving I had a massive migraine headache starting to form.  The kind where I need to lock myself in a room and not see light for days on end.  We got home, and Heather knew I wasn’t feeling well, so she told me to head to the bedroom and just lie down.  I have to admit that I actually took a two hour snooze this afternoon.  I think the migraine was a mixture of lack of sleep, overheating myself, and stress.

I got up and helped Heather finish dinner and we ate a nice feast for dinner.  We hung out with my parents for a while after dinner and then I excused myself to the basement for a while to do some recording.  I came upstairs later to help the kids with the dishes and we were having a bee problem in the kitchen again.  It’s been so frustrating dealing with this issue and it just keeps ticking me off how little Heather cares about the issue and how she doesn’t see it as a big issue.  But then again, she wouldn’t considering she doesn’t take fifteen minutes of her life every morning to clear the kitchen of bees so the kids will go in there.  I then noticed that the bees were coming through into our kitchen via the light that was just above the kitchen sink.  That’s when I decided it was time to do something about this.  Of course, by the time I decided to get to the issue it was going on ten o’clock at night.  But, I waited until the kids were done and in bed before I investigated the scenario.  All I wanted to do was secure the light to the ceiling better.  Well, all I will say is that our sheet rock in that part of the house was put in very cheaply.  I was either puncturing holes that were too big or the screws wouldn’t hold into the sheet rock itself.  I tried to use sinkers like everyone was suggesting (everyone meaning my wife and my father) who had now become my audience in the kitchen as I was now cursing out this God forsaken light that has bothering me there in the kitchen ever since we moved in.  What has really cheesed me off about this light is the fact that my dad fixed it when we first moved in and it worked fine.  Then my mom and dad left and it didn’t work anymore and hasn’t worked since.  In the process of working on the light, it fell down into the sink and the wires came loose.  Heather suggested we get another light, but I was determined to put this one back.  After a few hours of blue air and cursing out the previous owners, I got the light back up, but it still doesn’t work, which still frustrates me.  Heather finally convinced me to go to bed around midnight.  I know my father was frustrated with the way I’ve been acting, but between the bee issue, my lack of sleep, and the light issue I simply exploded.  What can I say, I’m a Crissman!  Many would say this is not a plus.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 12 of Chapter 16 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 16 (Part 12):  Kav said that was impossible as Thrawn’s fighters did it again and again.  Now Kav was nervous and ordered his crew to prepare for lightspeed.  Doriana argued saying that they can’t abandon their fleet to which Kav said he no longer had a fleet!  The helmsman told him to go to lightspeed, but the helmsman says the hyperdrive is not responding.  He said that the computer claims they are too close to a planetary mass, which they obviously were not.  Kav muttered about Chiss wizardry.  A new flicker caught their attention as all the droid starfighters started to activate their self-destructs from bein dormant for too long.  The “The Keeper” battleship lurched as the ships inside that battleship exploded from the inside, as they had laid dormant for too long as well.  Kav said they are all dead Doriana agreed.  Doriana then realized that Thrawn had a different plan and told Kav to lock down the ship and be prepared to be boarded.


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