‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 16 (Part 10)

Thursday and I had to get up at five o’clock this morning.  Again!  The grumpy early morning lifestyle is really starting to take over my life and I’m totally frustrated about it now.  The kids are now grumpy in the morning, I’m now grumpy in the morning, and no one at our house is in a good mood in any way, shape or form.  The other thing I haven’t talked about here is the problem we’ve been having with our house.  We have an infestation problem.  Somehow, the light on our back deck that is connected directly to my house came loose over the summer.  Heather disagrees with me about this, but I believe it happened when we had our house power-washed this past summer and the gentleman who came over and power-washed the house managed to knock it loose.  Anyway, there was a gap behind the light and into the wall and we now have a nest of bees in the wall.  It wasn’t a big deal at first.  We just had the kids go out front and Heather and I figured we would wait them out until the first frost and then just fix the light.  However, lately, it’s been really warm around this area.  Like, summer warm.  Well, since it’s been warm longer, the bees have decided that not only are they going to continue to gather pollen, but they are now starting to invade our home.  So, every morning I’m spending a good ten to fifteen minutes killing bees in the kitchen because my kids won’t go in the kitchen if they see bees in there.  The problem has been getting progressively worse and I really wish the weather would get cold so I have the possibility of killing this nest and fixing the light.

I went to school today and had a halfway decent day with my students.  Thursday is always music history day and I have to say my one class finally defined itself as a problem class today and I think this class is going to continue to be a problem throughout the quarter.  I got done with school and raced home as I knew we had to get out right away to find a car for Heather.  I got home and we agreed that tonight would be another night we ate out so we could try and find a car for her.  We decided to start with “Dependable Auto” on Upper Front Street, but when we looked at their lot, we realized that all their cars were over the budget of money we wanted to spend.  While we were standing there, I happened to look at the lot of a small car dealership acrossed the street and spotted some cars that look like they may have been within our price range.  So, I told Heather I was going to go over there and check it out and if I managed to find something over there, she could drive the car over and join me and check it out.  I walked around and found several options.  There was an older Ford Taurus and an older Saturn, both with about 150,000 miles on them.  Then I got excited because I ran acrossed a Kia Sportage with a little over 100,000 miles on it.  Well, I have been doing my research and Kia has a high dependability rating on their engines and vehicles.  The price tag on the window was a little high at $3999.  I told Heather that this was a high price and said I would be willing to negotiate with the guy.

So, we went inside and I talked with him about the cars on his lot and we took the Sportage for a test drive.  We got back from the test drive and said there were some small things that would need to be fixed on the car, like the brakes as they were squeaking and he said there was probably just dust in there.  I brushed it off, but knew better.  I offered to pay him $3000 cold hard cash.  The salesman put on quite a show acting like I was busting his balls or something, negotiating for that price, but I wasn’t buying it and I simply told him that I have cash and that’s my offer and if he didn’t like it, we would go elsewhere.  His tune changed when I said this and agreed, but said it all depended upon the inspection.  That’s when we found out that the car didn’t have a latest inspection and he would need to get it inspected and that “his guy” was in Endicott at the Monroe Muffler over there.  Heather was a little miffed, but I told her that patience may get her a better vehicle in the long run.  We asked how long it would take to get it inspected and the guy said it may take a day or more.  He said that if there were major expenses incurred at inspection that we would be responsible for them.  I told him to get it inspected and to let us know what may be wrong with the car and we’ll discuss it then.  He agreed and basically said the car was ours, pending inspection.

We grabbed some Wendy’s on the way by, as we raced over to Austin’s football practice.  Austin ate as fast as he could, got his uniform put on inside the car and then had practice.  Heather was excited all through practice and I finally felt a little at peace with the idea that I may not have to get up early too much longer.  We came home, dumped things off from school, got lunches together and got ready for the next day.  Heather and I went downstairs for about an hour or so and then went to bed at ten o’clock.  Tomorrow was Friday and we needed to do some shopping tomorrow night and then get ready for my parents who are coming over the weekend.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 10 of Chapter 16 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 16 (Part 10):  Car’das noted that all the droid starfighters were now attacking from their flanks and knew that Thrawn’s tricks would each only work once.  Then he wondered if the main force was a diversion, but noted that the Chiss cruiser, “Whirlwind” was rushing in to attack.  Thrawn then asked Car’das what happens to droid starfighters when their signal is jammed.  Car’das said this is impossible, it was too difficult to do over such a wide area.  But Thrawn pointed out that their enemy just brought all their ships in close and into a narrow spectrum.  Car’das asked how Thrawn would communicate with this own men, but Thrawn said his warriors are capable of independent thought and did not need him.  He then ordered a full spectrum jamming…..

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