‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 16 (Part 7)

Monday.  But, a better Monday as we may be getting a car this week.  We hope.  I hope.  So, I got up at four-thirty yet again today and took Heather to work.  Even though it’s only been like two weeks doing this, it feels like an eternity and I am really starting to loose my patience with having to get up this early in the morning and still be functioning for my teenaged students at school.  I came home and did the usual.  I crashed for an hour, got the kids up and we all got ready for school.  I seemed to have a little more energy for the day today and that scared me a little.  Having energy just means that I’m going to crash even more later on.

I got to school and things were going along as I would expect.  My students are starting to get back to working harder on their music theory and trying the best they can.  As always, I’m having those choice few students who have decided that they just don’t want to do any class work.  It’s frustrating sometimes, but I keep reminding myself that some of my students simply make the choice that they don’t want to learn no matter how hard I push them.  I got done with school and came home and got caught up on some emails that I’ve been meaning to catch up on for months and just got to.  While I did this, Heather put dinner together and we left heading in different directions.  One thing I haven’t been covering is the fact that the kids have football every night of the week and Heather is walking from our house to the High School for practice on the nights that I go over to Vestal for Marching Band rehearsals.  I feel horrible that they have to walk, but we hope to have all of that resolved soon.  I left for marching band, they left for football.

Marching band rehearsal was fun.  We started to see some of the props and mainly the big prop for our show.  A 90 foot by 90 foot mat for the football field.  It’s massive!!  Huge!!  I can’t even begin to explain how big it is and now our director has decided to leave it as one piece.  The original idea was to have it in two pieces and have the two pieces zip together.  Now, he thinks it won’t be too heavy if we leave it as one piece.  I have my misgivings about this idea, but the director seems to have it well thought out.  At least it seems that way.  We worked on the show and the kids remained positive even after the disheartening mood from the weekend.  We had a good rehearsal and I came home, watched some of the new shows on T.V. and was even more excited that I had taped “Heroes” and the fact that the season had restarted as of tonight.  I can’t wait to watch that tape at school tomorrow!  I got very tired, but managed to make it through C.S.I.:  Miami and then went upstairs and crashed in bed.  Hopefully we would find out good news about our loan tomorrow.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 7 of Chapter 16 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn……

Chapter 16 (Part 7):  Kav also reminded Doriana that they had nine days before Outbound Flight even would arrive.  The Neimoidian officer showed Kav that Thrawn’s ship was at it again, so Kav told him to do the same thing.  Then Kav said he believes that Thrawn plans to drain the energy cells of the ships and slip in unapposed, but Kav said his back-up fighters will be more than enough.  Thrawn’s starfighter repeated the game three more times till Kav slammed his fist down and said he’s had enough and tells “The Keeper” to move in.  Doriana then cut in pointing out that Thrawn’s whole force pushed past the droid starfighters and the main task force.  Kav said it would be their final mistake and Kave told all the starfighters to attack, the Neimoidian officer said they don’t respond.  Kav said that they can’t be jamming the signal and Doriana said they aren’t or their fighters would be dormant.  Doriana told Kav to forget about the starfighters as Thrawn’s ships are approaching!…..


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