‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 16 (Part 3)

Thursday.  Tomorrow is payday and I’m hoping we can start to set aside some of that money for a car because I’m really getting tired of this early morning “thing” of taking Heather to work.  I got up at five as I have been all week and got her to work and came home and, of course, don’t remember doing any of it!  I crashed, then got up an hour later and got ready for school again.  Somehow I kept telling myself I would catch up on my sleep this weekend, but I really don’t know what I was thinking about because that was not about to happen!  I got the kids ready for school and we all headed out the door ready for the day.

I got to school and felt some relief when I realized that today I would be doing music history with my students and my eighth grade students would actually be watching some videos to start them on this idea and I had some time to myself.  I thought, “wow, I’ll catch up on my blog entries”.  Well, considering when your reading this, obviously that never came to be!  I tried to do that, but for some reason my students decided today would be a day to goof off and not pay attention.  So, I spent more time policing students than I wanted to.  I got done with the end of the day and thought that I would just go home and enjoy the evening.

I went home, crashed with Heather for a little bit and we went downstairs, vegged for a little watching T.V. and then went to bed at ten o’clock yet again.
So, let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 16 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 16 (Part 3):  Doriana came stumbling onto the bridge as he asked about an attack.  Kav told him to relax as he didn’t think it was serious.  In the background, Thrawn’s introduction kept repeating.  Doriana asked who this man was and Kav said he did not know.  Kav showed Doriana that he was foolish as he tries to threaten them with three small cruisers and nine fighters.  Kav assumed they were pirates.  Doriana points out to the Vicelord that they don’t sound threatening in their message, but sound like some locals that are wondering why they are here.  Kav implied that it’s assumed as they approach in warships.  Doriana noted that the ships were using stealth very well as you could barely see them on the viewscreen and wondered if they had a reserved and Kav said they scanned the entire area, and this was it.  Doriana said that they should talk and told them to open a communications channel.  Doriana spoke introducing himself as Commander Stratis of Special Task Force One.  Thrawn returned the greeting and asked why they were here.  Doriana said they mean them no harm, but their mission is top secret.  Thrawn said that was unacceptable and Stratis said they were under orders…..


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