‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 16 (Part 2)

Wednesday.  I had to get up early yet again and take Heather to work at five o’clock and I was grumpy the whole time.  I came home and crashed and got another hour worth of sleep and then got up and got the kids up and we started to get ready for school.  I have to say that in some ways this is becoming a habit and in other ways it scares me about how little I am conscious in the morning when I am driving Heather to work.  I have to say that yesterday and today I don’t really remember driving Heather to work and I don’t even know how I got home.  It’s kinda scary!

I got my coffee and got the kids ready for school and we all headed out the door.  Today was a day to start introducing keyboards to my 8th Grade students.  It’s always funny because they think it’s so easy the first week and then when I introduce the left hand and tell them they have to be able to play their songs with both hands, the griping and complaining becomes massive.  But, I push them to do it and by the end of the class they’re amazed they were even able to do it at all.  My seventh graders struggled through their first scale on keyboard today and I have to say they really struggled through the idea.  I was amazed at that and I hope they all figure it out as we continue to cover scales throughout the course.  My sixth graders started recorder today and they actually sounded pretty good.  I have to say that they’re catching on pretty fast and are doing quite well when it comes to playing recorder.  It was quite a long day, but I think my students learned quite a bit in school.

I came home and crashed for about a half an hour before having to get up, eat dinner, and then run out the door for marching band.  We had our final rehearsal before Saturday and our first competition.  We found out today that we won’t have any of our props for the first competition.  That has me a little disappointed as some of our show depends upon the props to hide students and equipment changes, but I do understand that we have asked our parents and students to do a lot as far as props were concerned, so I can understand why the props won’t be done.  I told Jim that our show should be able to hold up on it’s own considering how well our students play and march this show, it shouldn’t matter.  I got done with rehearsal, came home and yet again went to bed with Heather at ten o’clock.
Okay, so let’s discuss Part 2 of Chapter 16 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 16 (Part 2):  They came out of hyperspace and Car’das asks where the enemy is on the viewscreen in front of them.  As the image magnified, Car’das’ heart went into his stomach as he realized that the invaders were Trade Federation Battleships.  Thrawn asked if he recognized the ships and Car’das said they were Trade Federation battleships adn technically part of The Republic.  Then Car’das said that Thrawn knew that already, Thrawn openly admitted that their hull markings matched the “Bargain Hunter’s” quite a bit.  Car’das pointed out that The Republic does not have a standing army.  Thrawn said that supposedly The Republic doesn’t believe in slavery, either, but there was evidence of that onboard the ship chasing him and his crew.  Car’das had forgotten about The Hutts and explained to Thrawn that The Hutt’s lived outsid the privy of Republic law.  He said The Trade Federation didn’t deal with slaves, but robots and let him know that a battleship of this size would have thousands of battle droid starfighters, battle droids, carriers, and quite a landing force.  Thrawn asked if it was an invasion force, but Car’das said he didn’t think so, since there were only two battleships.  Thrawn asked if they were here to invade them and Car’das sarcastically told him to ask them.  Thrawn smiled and said he would and told his communications expert to open a channel.  Once the channel opened, Thrawn introduced himself in basic and asked them to identify themselves and their intentions…..


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