‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 15 (Part 6)

Sunday.  It was Austin’s first game day and we had to be at the field early for practice.  So, we slept in a little and got up at nine this morning and got ready for the day.  The weather around here is unbelievable.  It doesn’t seem like fall at all.  It seems more like it’s July with it being eighty in the shade I swear!  We got going and got over to the field for practice and then the game.  Heather managed to get herself roped into being the coach of the cheeleaders when the cheerleading coach asked for help and Heather volunteered and the coach said, “oh good, could you assistant coach?”  Interestingly, my wife couldn’t say no.  You know, she rips on me about this, but she is one of the first ones to do it herself. Anyway, I got a chance to watch Austin and he seems to be all over the place.  He scares me sometimes because he turns his back on his opponent thinking he can get more pushing power if he turns around and tries to back into him.  I keep trying to tell him that’s not the case, but he does not want to believe me.  So, Austin got put in the game maybe twice today.  He just doesn’t seem to be getting into his head what his coach and I are telling him.  We got done with the game and it was now about two o’clock or so.  We stopped at Wendy’s on our way home to let Heather drop off the schedule and decided now was a good time to get something to eat.

So, all of us ordered some food and we headed home to watch some T.V. and eat some lunch/dinner.  We all ate our food and literally crashed where we were.  It was quite the long day even though it only involved a football game.  I have to say that I’m getting extremely tired of having to get up early every single morning trying to get Heather to work.  It’s not helping with the Marching Band situation either.  I hope we find some way to fund a new car sometime in the near future.  We got lazy the rest of the afternoon and watched football and didn’t do much else.  I did do some grades for school and after that I managed to relax and go to bed.  This week was going to be the first full week of school and I know it’s going to be exhausting because it’s also the first competition next weekend.  Off to the races!
Okay, before my busy week, let’s talk about Part 6 of Chapter 15 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 15 (Part 6):  As they got to a crowd, C’Baoth told the others to clear a path as a man half lying, half sitting was in the hall holding his right shoulder.  Another man sat aboard one of Dreadnaught One’s speeders.  C’Baoth demanded ot know what was wrong and the one holding his shoulder insisted the man on the speeder rammed him.  The man on the speeder insisted the other man jumped out in front of him.  C’Baoth siad that was enough, he stretched out with The Force, said it was a dislocation, and the man holding his shoulder let out a sigh of relief.  He instructed two of the others to assist the injured man to the medicenter and told the man on the speeder that he has no doubt he was driving wrecklessly.  The man on the bike insisted the speed on them is set too high and C’Baoth countered saying they’ve never had an accident until now and that he personally  has tested the speeders.  The man reminded C’Baoth that he has Jedi reflexes, nonetheless, C’Baoth docked the speederbike driver a day’s pay and banned from the speeder system for a week.  A Rodian stepped forward and told another worker to take the speeder back and then dispersed the crowd.  C’Baoth turned around, saw Kenobi, walked over and barked about how he told Kenobi to stay with Anakin…..


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