‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 15 (Part 2)

Okay, Wednesday and the second day of conferences before we have kids tomorrow.  Of course, before I could do all of that, I had to take my wife to work this morning and have her there by five-thirty this morning.  This morning drive thing is going to get old quick!  I waited for the babysitter and then headed off to work.  We watched a video this morning at West Middle about how we can reach our Special Education students better.  Although the video was nice and all, and it brought up some valid points, I truly believe this video was produced in the late 1980’s, so it was hard to take a video seriously from this era and say that all the concepts behind it apply to today’s standards.  So, I made my way through that video and then had to go to a workshop on reading strategies.  There were actually some excellent ideas in this workshop and even some “game” concepts that I may try to implement within the next year or so.  This workshop was actually rather interesting and I got a lot out of it.

We got done with this last workshop and then I could head to my room and finish working on my room.  I worked hard all afternoon long and even worked through part of lunch to make sure I had enough time to get things together.  I put my keyboards out and started to hang posters and put things back together like my stereo system and T.V.  I am actually excited about the fact that I finally have a DVD/VCR combo T.V. in my classroom that will also hook up to my laptop directly without any components for PowerPoint presentations.  I know it seems like such a small thing, but for me and my students in my classroom, it will save me a TON of time in the long run!  It was nice to be able to test that out today with my laptop as well.  I got things put together and almost back the way I wanted and it was already past the time to leave school, so I took off and raced home.

I got home and wolfed down some food for dinner and Heather and I went in two different directions.  She walked the kids over to Chenango Valley High School for football practice and I took off and went to Vestal Marching Band rehearsal.  It was hard for me to watch my son go to his first all-out football practice and then leave and go another direction.  I feel some massive guilt about this and I don’t know why.  Anyway, I got to marching band rehearsal a little late and things were already chugging along as I pulled in.  I got a chance to see the new High School stadium for the first time.  It’s a beautiful stadium, but I believe we’re going to have the same problem with this stadium that Binghamton had with their own stadium the first year or two.  The marching band will never see the field because every sports team in a five mile radius will want to have their games on that field.  We ended up practicing on the lined parking lot instead of the football field.  It was okay with me as I was used to the “parking lot scenario” from when I worked with Webster.  We always practiced on a lined a parking lot!  Anyway, the kids did okay, but once we were finished, I left right away and came home and went to bed.  Tomorrow was my first day with students and I was already exhausted!  It’s the first time I’ve gone to bed before ten o’clock since I was a kid.  I’m worried that I won’t be able to keep this schedule up for long once school actually starts.
Okay, enough about me.  Let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 15 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 15 (Part 2):  Since Qennto couldn’t keep up with the conversation in an alien language, he asked Car’das if they were talking about Jedi.  Car’das explained that the Chiss have nothing like the Jedi and Qennto was glad to hear that they’re better than the Chiss in some way.  Car’das said they would talk about all of this later.  They finished the tour and then headed back to the base where they were released to their quarters.  As they headed tot their rooms, Qennto grabbed Car’das and yanked him into his own quarters and asked to hear more about the conversation between Car’das, Maris, Thrawn, and Thrass.  Then Qennto asked about the private chats between Maris and Thrawn and Car’das acted as if he didn’t know what Qennto was talking about.  Qennto then let Car’das know that he believes it’s been happening for a while and Maris denies it.  Then she said they don’t understand and she explained that she admired Thrawn more than any man since she’s left school.  She said most of the men she hung out with at school were idiots, but Thrawn had an artistic sense and seemed mature and wise for his age.  Qennto asked why she was hiding these meetings with Thrawn and she said she was afraid Qennto would act like this.  Qennto asked who suggested the secracy and Maris said Thrawn.  Qennto said he thought so and said that Thrawn was playing her for a fool.  Qennto warned her that Thrawn would let her down and Maris got mad and stormed off.  Qennto asked Car’das if he had anything to say and Car’das said he did not.  Qennto told Car’das not to trust Thrawn either and asked both of them to leave his quarters…..


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