‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 14 (Part 11)

Monday.  Labor Day.  Again, one word can describe our day today.  DRIVING!!  We got up around six o’clock this morning and started taking showers.  We finished packing our things and managed to get on the road by about seven or seven thirty or so.  I was worried that we were going to run into problems trying to drive home since all of us were so tired.  And, quite honestly, the adrenaline had run out of all of us and I think we all just wanted to get home and hopefully in one piece.  We got going for a while and when we got about two and three hours outside of Atlanta, we decided to stop and get some breakfast at a McDonald’s.  That was okay with me because I got a chance to get some breakfast burritos from there that I haven’t had in a while.  We were definetly feeling pretty depressed and I think the post-Con feeling was starting to settle in.  We all tried to lift each other up, but it was going to be a long car ride home.  As we drove, Charles and Karen fell asleep as Jeff and I talked about some things like our jobs and our lives with family and kids.  Once Karen and Charles woke up, we decided now would be a good time to do some recording for my podcast, so you all could get all the stories of what happened at Dragon Con first hand.  So, we had a blast doing that for about two hours.  In amongst all of that, I ran out of microcassette tape, so we decided to try and stop at some places and find some, but were unsuccessful, so we decided that I would take the time and move one of the tapes onto the laptop while we were driving.  I just hope that I don’t loose the information on the other tapes as they have the end of the story of what happened at the Con.  It will definetly be an “adult” oriented podcast, so I’m warning all my young fans that the next Special Edition will be an “adult” oriented Special Edition.  Do not listen if you have “virgin” ears.

We no more than got done recording than we decided to take out video cameras and record some video of us going home.  There is going to be quite a bit of video coming out of the Binghamton Fan Force while we were at the Con and on the way there and on the way home.  Shortly after that, we decided to take a break and got to a rest area and ate lunch off the back of Jeff’s truck.  There is still quite a bit of food left and we had as much of a feast as we could, including some frozen Snicker’s bars that I have to say tasted pretty good today.  At that point, Jeff finally decided to relinquish control of the truck and Charles decided to take over driving the truck on the way home.  At this point, I took on the role that I always took on as a kid for my parents on their way home from my grandmother’s house.   My job was to keep the driver awake.  We were only in Virginia by now and had a LONG way to go.  So, I helped to keep Charles awake by talking with him about everything from dumb incidents at Civil War reenactments to life and how we view ourselves in this world along with our views on religion and other world issues.  Jeff and Karen fell asleep as we kept moving.  We made a stop just before we entered Pennsylvannia and that’s when everyone woke back up and Jeff switched back with Charles and began driving again.  We stayed awake on our way through PA.  We stopeed one more time for dinner (briefly) and got right back on the road.  We made excellent time and made it back to my house by ten o’clock at night.  I was relieved to be home, but had to get things ready for school tomorrow.  I felt bad for Charles who had to unpack the truck quick and get himself on the road again and drive another three hours to Rochester.  All in all, we were a little depressed that the trip ended, but we were all happy to be home.  Dragon Con was amazing and will be an experience that none of us will ever forget!  I think we will forever be bonded because of our Dragon Con experience.  Truly amazing!  Okay, I need to sleep as I have teacher conferences tomorrow.
Okay, enough about me.  Let’s talk more Star Wars by talking about Part 11 of Chapter 14 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 14 (Part 11):  Lorana found the Pressor family in the D-4 mess room.  Lorana greeted them and the father asked if anything was wrong.  Lorana told Jorad that she was sorry, but he failed the recent Jedi test they did on him.  Jorad said that was okay and that his parents had prepared him for that.  His mother pointed out that there are lots of others things to be in the universe and Lorana pointed out that each person has unique strengths and talents.  The father then told Lorana that he heard about the stand-off with the Jedi yesterday and she said she heard about it, but wasn’t there.  Pressor told her they had taken the boy away this morning, and Lorana said that being a Jedi means hard choices and sacrifice.  She thanked them for their time and let them get back to their meal.  As she moved through the room, she sensed no anti-Jedi sentiment.  Lorana decided to get back to work helping to move the crates that made it onto Outbound Flight last minute.


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