‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 14 (Part 10)

Sunday.  The day of rest for most Christians.  Well, it ended up being a day of rest for the Falco Clan.  Well, kind of.  My alarm went off at 7:30 this morning and I couldn’t believe it was even going off.  When I got up, I realized that Charles and Jeff had only arrived about an hour before I woke up.  That was not going to be good for them.  The good news was that they made it back to the room.  The bad news was that Charles was supposed to go down and work “The Dented Helmet” table with me.  I’m not so sure this was a good idea.  I went into the bathroom and took a shower.  It felt good to have some hot water and to take a longer shower while the others were asleep.  As I got out of the bathroom, I realized that Charles and Jeff were now up.  Not only were they up, but I think Charles was still “feeling the effects of this drink” from the night before.  And by that, I mean that I think Charles was still drunk and was not even into “hangover” mode yet.  Jeff decided to follow me downstairs because he was afraid of Charles passing out by the table and me handling the situation by myself.  We got down to “The Dented Helmet” table and I decided I would handle all the money and take care of things behind the table.  All Charles had to do was stand there and look relatively awake.  Luckily, there was another guy from “The Dented Helmet” there and he helped me out.  Jeff tried to do what he could to resolve the situation.  For example, he went and got us coffee to help us wake up.  He also managed to find some pound cake for breakfast, but for some reason, Charles wanted nothing of that.

Charles was a mess!  The boy did nothing but pace the whole time he was there.  Now, I’ve seen Charles pace before because Charles paces naturally, but for some reason, he was pacing at almost double the speed now.  And, to make matters worse, he looked like a caged tiger and I think he was scaring some people away from “The Dented Helmet” table and not encouraging people to come over and check it out.  Then, there was the “moment of all time” for Charles while we were at the TDH table.  The red-headed girl from Mythbusters (Kari Byron) was heading into the “Walk of Fame” and of course had to pass right by the TDH table.  Well, Charles being in the state he was in looked at her and said, “hey baby, how you doin?”  And she responded saying, “okay, hope you’re doing okay too” and Charles said back, “I’m fine” and then smiled at her.  I couldn’t help but laugh because Charles had just made a pass at Kari Byron and that is a moment I will NOT forget from Dragon Con.  Anyway, we somehow managed to make it past this morning without creating too many problems.  I don’t remember half the morning and I’m not sure I want to remember half of this morning, so I may be better not remembering what went on.  We got back upstairs and all of us crashed in the room.  It probably wasn’t until about noon that we woke up and started to become semi-conscious again.  We needed to meet the Mercs downstairs by two o’clock as we had something planned for this afternoon.

This afternoon, we had to meet at two, because Eric Estrada wanted to put us on his show.  Evidently, he was hosting a live Internet show at the Con each day of the Convention titled (I think) “An Hour With Eric”.  From what I understood, Eric wanted the Mando Mercs to be on the show with him.  Well, Novall found out that this wasn’t the case, but that he wanted us to escort him to a panel he was hosting that day.  Well, we met at “The Walk of Fame” at two o’clock like Eric instructed us, but Eric had already taken off.  We found out from his publicist that the panel was starting at two o’clock, so he really needed us before two to escort him over there.  We offered to escort him back and the publicist didn’t see why not.  So, we made our way over to Eric’s panel which was taking place in the Hilton.  We hung outside in the hallway and waited for Eric’s one hour panel to finish.  It was hot and humid and muggy.  What made it worse was the fact that Charles, Jeff, and myself were still not really caught up on our sleep from last night and Charles was starting to not “feel so well”.  We managed to wait it out and make it and we met Eric at the side entrance.  Eric had to get back in a hurry, so we did the best we could to keep up with the man in the hallways, especially with Mando armor on.  But there were two fat pricks in front of me that pushed me out of the way, calling me the “fat Mando” (ironically, they were fatter than me) and then put some serious space between me and Eric.  Luckily, the team waited up for me when they reached the entrance to the Mariott and I had to direct traffic for Eric’s publicist.  We then posed with Eric Estrada for some cool photos.  It was a great moment for the Mandalorian Mercs and I was glad I was able to be a part of it.

When we finished with this, we got upstairs and we were all hungry now.  We decided to hit the mall between the hotels to get some food to eat.  We heard it was really expensive, but we managed to find some decently priced food that wasn’t too bad as far as expense.  We got some food and took it back to the room.  It felt good to get our strength back and even Charles was starting to get more like himself.  We decided to try and head back down to “The Hall of Fame” and try and get some more autographs, but unfortunately, by the time we got our act together, the hall was closed.  So we wandered around and took some pictures and even managed to find a Dalek, which Charles had to violate (inside joke within the Binghamton FanForce group) and we headed back upstairs and began to pack for tomorrow.  Tomorrow was going to be the hardest part of the trip, the ride home.  We all will have to take our turns driving and I think we’ll all be struggling to stay awake.   We managed to get to bed around ten o’clock this evening.  We’re going to have to get going by seven or seven-thirty in the morning if we’re going to make it back to New York at a decent hour.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 10 of Chapter 14 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 14 (Part 10):  The next morning, after a short argument, Captain Pakmillu agreed with Master C’Baoth.  Uliar told Tarkosa that they took the boy three hours later and Tarkosa said he couldn’t blame them, considering how few Jedi there were in the universe.  Jobe Keeley pointed out that before, the Jedi were taking infants who didn’t know their parents, but this situation is different.  Tarkosa pointed out that these families volunteered for this, but Uliar wondered if C’Baoth just wanted to turn Outbound Flight into a flying Jedi Temple.  Tarkosa told Uliar that he’s sure C’Baoth has a plan.  they stopped their discussion because they spotted Jedi Jinzler walking into the mess hall and Keeley showed her attitude and asked if she was here to steal more Jedi, the adults this time.  Uliar suggested taht there may be a quota the Jedi are trying to fill, but Tarkosa said that was a myth.  As Jinzler left the room, Uliar said that C’Baoth would not be happy with her, but then again, C’Baoth was pretty full of himself anyway.  Tarkosa said he knew someone like that at his institute and they will never change.  They then went back to discussions on ship maintenance……


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