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‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 17 (Part 8)

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Sunday.  The day God rested.  In my case, it’s the day my crazy week continued.  But today was going to be a fun day.  We had Binghamton Zoo day at the Ross Park Zoo for the Binghamton FanForce Group.  Basically, we were going to the zoo to get dressed up in costumes and have some fun with the patrons at the zoo and help the zoo raise money to keep itself afloat.  So, I got up around eight thirty this morning and dragged myself into the shower and got myself ready.  I got my things together and got on the road about ten minutes to eleven as I needed to be at the zoo by eleven.  Although our particular event wasn’t supposed to start until one in the afternoon, we knew we needed to be there early to set up and to get dressed into our costumes before the zoo even opened up.

I got to the zoo right around eleven o’clock and Karen, our even coordinator, was nowhere to be found, but I will tell you what I did find.  I found two new friends of the Binghamton FanForce Group.  Two gentleman from the R2D2 Builders club and I have to say they have some pretty awesome looking R2 D2’s.  I was totally blown away and not only did they have two great looking robots, but they also brought one of them in a hand carved Star Wars crate that just filled me with massive envy.  Really, these guys had some great R2’s and I was blown away!  Well, so were the people that showed up to the zoo.  I have to say we had a pretty good turn out of Star Wars personnel both from Binghamton, Rochester, and all over the place.  We had a nice variety of characters and the zoo very much appreciated us.  The appreciated us so much so, that they said we doubled their normal attendance on any given Sunday just for showing up.   All I can say is that this is why we do what we do.  It was a great day, even though it ended up being a pretty hot day for the end of September.  I thought this day would be cool and it was still pretty warm and even warmer yet under a helmet and set of armor.  I also didn’t realize the zoo had as many hills as the Ross Park Zoo does.

We had a great time with the parents and kids in the park.  We took a ton of photos and yet again, we were giving autographs all over the place which was also pretty cool.  I had fun playing with the animals, especially the monkeys and the Snow Leopard.  The monkeys liked me because I was bright and moving around so it gave them something to scream at.  The snow leopard moved around the most it has in a year, according to the zoo keeper.  The Snow Leopard got up as soon as he saw me and got off of his perch where he was laying down and started to physically follow me as I passed his cage.  Then I started to walk back and forth in front of his cage and he walked with me.  The zoo keeper said he thought that the leopard liked the bright colors and may have even seen me as a dangerous animal to it, so it was getting territorial.  Needless to say, I couldn’t let that alone and I kept revisiting the animal all day long.  It was pretty fun!

We got done with the zoo event and decided that we would go over to “Thirsty’s” and have a beer or two together and try to relax a little from the day.  One of the guys from the R2D2 Builder’s Club decided to join us and got a taste of what it’s like to be a Falco in the Binghamton FanForce Club.  I don’t know if he found us enjoyable, or if we scared him away for good.  It always seems to go one way or the other with our group and never in between.  We had a few pitchers of beers and decided that since it was such a nice night, we would go over to Ian’s and smoke some cigars on his front porch, after which, we would watch “Family Guy:  Blue Harvest”, the Star Wars themed Family Guy episode from last Sunday which I taped.  So, I went home from “Thristy’s” quick, dropped off my stuff, and then went on over to Ian’s.  We had a great time hanging out, watched Family Guy and had a good laugh and then we all went home.  It was a great day overall and I didn’t get home until nine o’clock, at which point I started to get ready for my next work week.  Oh, by the way, you can find out more about our Binghamton Zoo Event here:  It has a great news article and some great footage of us at the event in the adjoining news video clip.
Okay, let’s continue to talk about my favorite subject – STAR WARS!!!  Let’s talk about Part 8 of Chapter 17 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 17 (Part 8):  As Uliar stormed into the hallway, the two technicians asked him what was going on and Uliar said he ws going to talk to the person in charge, which apparently has become Master C’Baoth.  Uliar asks his techs if they want to join him, but they cower in fear and say they had better stay here since they’re on shif once the Jedi actually leave.  Uliar wondered why everyone on his ship go spineless once the Jedi are involved.  Uliar then made his way to the storage core and was let off  at section 120 and then headed to section 124 where Ma’Ning had said the Jedi training room was.  When he got to the door he noted that there was nothing there to signifiy it as being any different from any other part of the ship.  He tried the control panel on both the regular and cargo doors to the room, but neither would open, so he took to knocking on the door.  Suddenly, a view screen turned on to his left and C’Baoth’s face appeared in it and demanded to know what he wanted……


‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 17 (Part 7)

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Saturday.  A day to get things done for most people.  Maybe even a day of rest and relaxation for half of America.  Not for the Crissman clan!  Today was a day to do Marching Band and try to deal with the issues of owning a home.  Neither of which seemed to pan out as well as we all had hoped.  I had to get up fairly early this morning as I had marching band rehearsal starting at eight o’clock.  Of course, this meant I was getting up at six o’clock and working on little more than five hours of sleep, so I was grumpy already.  We got to band rehearsal and it was a pretty cold morning.  We started to get things going with the students and the guard instructor, Becky, even offered to go get us (Jim and I) coffee, which was a welcome idea to the both of us.  The day went on as it would and of course, we had to practice how to get our Monopoly mat on and off the field.  I have to say that as much as I like the idea of the mat, I hate having to drag the thing around and I really don’t think we are rolling it up the most efficient way.  I was discussing this idea with the staff when the director informed me that this WAS the most efficient way to roll the mat.  Several students throughout the course of the rehearsal came up to Jim and I both and said that the mat could be rolled up better if it were rolled up like a guard mat and I agreed, but told them that I was told to do it another way, so that was the way I was going to do it.  Okay, keep that in mind for later in my post.

We got through practice and I have to say that the students are marching phenomenal for this point in the season.  They have an amazing ability to do cover downs and massive rotations that would have taken my bands days to do, they do it in hours.  I’m very impressed.  Do we have a long way to go?  Absolutely!  But, we have made some great strides in the meantime!  We got done with rehearsal and Jim and I told Jonathan that we would meet him at the competition in Auburn.  I’m not sure our director likes the fact that Jim and I drive together to all the competitions, but I have served my time on buses and quite honestly, I don’t think my body can handle riding in a school bus anymore.  Go ahead, make all the weight cracks that you want, but I think it has to do more with age and having been involved with a Marching Band and Drum Corps. than it does with weight.  Anyway, Jim and I had decided a while ago that we were going to run up to Syracuse this weekend and get a late lunch/early dinner at the original Dinosuar Bar-B-Que and Grill.  For most human beings, not a big deal.

For Jim and I, it became a little bit of a fiasco.  Fist off, both of us decided we would print out directions to Dinosaur.  Do you think either one of us remembered to bring them along?  Of course not!  No, we both had “half-timers” disease and we both forgot our directions.  All well, we both felt confident with knowing the city of Syracuse, we figured, we didn’t necessarily need directions to Dinosaur.  Famous last words, by the way.  So, Jim and I discussed some marching band related things on our way up and Jim and I agreed that we really haven’t been folding the mat very efficiently and we’re worried about time getting the students on and off the field in our allotted time.  So, Jim said we should unroll the mat as we have been and then should roll it the way we’ve been discussing as it will get us off the field quicker.  I agreed and said I would tell the students and really, I wanted to do it this way too.  So, we tried to find Dinosaur in Syracuse and we started to get lost.  We managed to find the highway again, and I told Jim to get off at the next exit.  I’m not really sure why, other than I can say that instinct took over.  Sure enough, we got off the exit and looked to the right and there was the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que and Grill.  We had a great time eating there, because the food is always good.  But this time, we were seated at the bar and I have to say that the “scenery” wasn’t bad either (guys, you know what I’m talking about, sorry ladies).  We had a very nice female bar tender and of course, Jim, being the single guy he is, had to flirt with her a little bit.  She was funny and I wanted to ask for a Martini shaken, but not stirred (she seemed to be making a lot of those, wonder why {heh}).  Anyway, we had a good time and then got on the road and started to make our way to the competition in Auburn.

As always, Jim and I got a little lost in Auburn, but we did much better this time around than we did last year.  However, Jim had a “Senior Moment” on one of the streets that I don’t think I’ll ever let him live down!  We pulled onto one of the side streets and Jim pulled up behind a car and waited and waited and waited.  He even was about to say, “man, this seems like a long light” when I looked at Jim and said, “so, when do you want to go around the parked cars and continue driving?”  Well, we both cracked up.  Jim thought all the cars that were parked were waiting for the light, but they were just parked on the side of the street.

We got to the competition and found the band and did our typical warm ups, but relaxed as Jim and I don’t like to stress them out before a competition.  I have to say, Auburn’s field has seen much improvement over years past.  It’s graded, it’s nice, and I have to say it doesn’t have all the divits I’ve come to know and love of the Auburn dust bowl.  When Jim and I got to the group, we had a student who said their saxophone was not playing correctly and something seemed to be jamming the lower register of the instrument.  So, “Mr. Fix-It” (me) had to take a look.  I looked all over the sax, checked the springs, did all the things I was shown how to do in the repair shop and found no problems with the instrument, but the student was right, it just didn’t seem to play.  I looked at Jim and said, “it’s as if there is something stuck down there”.  Just as I said that, Jim shook the sax and we heard a rattling sound.  I reached down in the sax and found a cell phone.  The student had forgotten they put it in the case and it got jammed down into the instrument.  Well, there was “duh” moment number two of the evening.

We got the students ready for the competition and I have to say we kept things light and lively just so the students remained upbeat about the competition this evening.  Tonight’s competition was going to be hard on them and us as it was the first competition with our use of props.  With this in mind, I had students begging Jim and I to change how we were going to fold the mat one last time, so Jim and I decided that we would fold it a different way than we have been.  As I told Jim, what do we have to loose at this point, we haven’t been officially timed.  So, we made the decision to fold the mat a more effective way, just for tonight, to see if it would get us off the field quicker.  We went out to the field and unfolded the mat and got all the props set.  Of course, two of the props were positioned wrong and the mat wasn’t quite straight, but we knew this would happen at the first competition with the use of all of these props.  But, the field aspect looked pretty good.  The students performed quite well.  I was yet again impressed with their ability to put together a fine show under the most pressured of situations.  We got done with the show and the mat crew and Jim and I went out to fold the mat.  The students were doing fine, till the director go flustered about the way we were folding the mat and telling them to stop as they were doing it wrong.  We ended up not quite folding the mat right using either technique, but scrambled to get the mat off of the field.  In the process, one of the parents trying to do the right thing, accidentally rolled the mat and the cart over my left foot.  Not exactly a good feeling.  Probably about four to five hundred pounds ended up rolling over my foot, but luckily I wasn’t injured.

We got off the field, I took my shoe off right away to look at my foot and headed right to the buses to get it iced.  Jim took the mat crew off to get the mat refolded so it could be transported back to Vestal.  On my way back to the mat crew, I passed the director and he proceeded to yell at me for changing the plans on the mat.  Now, I will admit that I was wrong about not letting him know of the change, and that was my fault.  However, the director never once showed remorse about my foot getting rolled over nor did the director ask how I was and how my foot was.  I thought that would have been a human reaction to ask how someone was after an accident, but maybe I was wrong.  Needless to say, there was quite an altercation between the director and myself right there, for all to see.  We pretty much exploded at each other about all the things that have been bothering each of us about how the season has been conducted thus far.  After some arguing, I was now in almost a state of rage.

We went off to Jim’s truck and listened to some tapes of some judges who yet again, didn’t understand the concept of the show and couldn’t understand why we would push our students to perform such difficult tasks.  We got back together with the rest of the staff, talked about game plan and went into the judges meeting.  I have to admit, I placated the judges tonight, even though I didn’t want to.  I did it because my director asked me to do that.  We got done with the meeting and Jim drove me home.  The whole way home, we had a discussion about the night tonight and talked about mistakes I made and mistakes that director made in handling the situation.  I told Jim that if he brought it up at the next practice, which I expected him to do, we would sit down and talk about the situation and how to avoid it in the future.  I got home fairly late tonight and crawled into bed with Heather after explaining to her about my evening and fell asleep almost immediately.  Tomorrow was going to be another long day, but at least it would take my mind off of the events of today.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 7 of Chapter 17 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 17 (Part 7):  Ma’Ning assured Uliar that he was just giving an overview to which Uliar said that when it comes to high energy equipment, an overview of knowledge is a waste of time and asked who’s dumb idea this was anyway!  Ma’Ning told him that Master C’Baoth has decided that all padawans must learn how to run Outbound Flight’s critical systems.  Uliar thought this was a joke, but Ma’Ning said it was not and informed him they would be out of their way in a half hour.  Uliar said it would happen a lot sooner and opened the comm to the bridge and asked for Commander Omano.  When Omano answered, Uliar identified himself and informed the commander that there were unauthorized personnell in his control room.  Omano asked if they were Jedi and Uliar said one was and as he went on, Commander Omano cut him off and said that C’Baoth has approved this training session. Uliar went to complain again, but Omano cut him off again saying that he now has his orders and he could take it up with Master C’Baoth.  Uliar stared down Ma’Ning and said that he needed to know where C’Baoth was.  Ma’Ning told him he was at the Jedi Training center, in the storage core.  Uliar asked why the traiing center wasn’t in a Dreadnaught and Ma’Ning said C’Baoth was looking to stay away from ship distractions…..

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 17 (Part 6)

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Okay, Friday.  I had a lot to do today to get ready for my week and my weekend and I had a lot to do just in my classroom as well.  I got up this morning and told Ruth that I was going to have to leave early this morning as we were going to start recording both videos and podcasts in my classroom, so I needed to leave early to get to school to set things up.  Ruth, my lovely older, well organized child, took it upon herself to make sure that the kids would get to the bus stop.  I knew I could depend on her, so I wasn’t too worried about the kids getting to the bus stop.  I left the house only ten minutes early, so it worked out okay.

I scrambled to get to school and get things set up.  I got some of the green screen set up and decided I need to do something about the green screen I use at school.  I only have a four foot by eight foot screen and it’s just not big enough.  We tried to get some recording done today, but there weren’t many shots that were taken, which can be frustrating as a teacher, but I’ve told myself that this all comes with working with students and trying to get things to go the way I want them to.  I just keep reminding myself that I need to have patience with this project idea and the more patient I am with the project, the better it will look in the long run.  I think many of my classes have good ideas, but I think it’s up to me to get it all together.  My seventh graders were able to script their podcasts today and my sixth graders continued with “American Idol” Season 6.

While I was at school, I researched an idea for new green screen.  At first, I looked at how much pro green screens cost, but they were WAY too expensive for Heather and I to be able to afford on our own.  So, I went onto the Internet and got into some chat rooms to look for some cheap alternatives.  First off, I found out that lighting the green screen is just as important as having a seamless green screen.  So, I found out that having some shop lights would actually help to fill the room with light to get rid of green screen lines and shadows.  Next, I found out that anything that is colored Kelly Green would work for green screening, including table cloths, and that’s when the idea dawned on me.  We just had a new “Maines Food and Party Warehouse” put in down the road from our house.  So, I asked Heather if we could meet there after work and explained what it was all for.  She agreed and we managed to find a roll of really cheap table cloth material that will work and it’s really cheap.  Perfect!  We also managed to go to Lowes and get some lights.  I think this will really help for next week.

I finished editing my podcast tonight because my weekend is full of things to be done as I have a competition tomorrow and I have an event at the Binghamton Zoo for my Star Wars FanForce group on Sunday, which will fill my whole weekend and Monday is the first, so I needed to get my podcast edited tonight.  I got that done and then got everything organized for the weekend.  By the time I finished with all of this as well as dinner somewhere in the middle of this crazy night, it was midnight and I needed to get to bed because tomorrow was going to be a long day.
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 6 of Chapter 17 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 17 (Part 6):  Uliar turned the corner of his ship to run into trouble and asked what was going on outside the monitor room door.  The senior officer said that Ma’Ning and some of his Junior Jedi are touring the ship.  Sivv, the senior officer, said they were kicked out and told they didn’t know when they would return.  Uliar then went to the door, opened it and entered.  Ma’Ning continued his lecture to the you Jedi at the boards, but looked at Uliar questioningly.  He finished his lecture and then looked at Uliar and asked what he needed to which Uliar asked them what precisely they were doing.  Ma’Ning said they were teaching the padawans about reactor operations.  Uliar looked at the young children who ranged in age from five to eight, and told Ma’Ning that this was no place for children and that Ma’Ning was not trained on the subtleties of reactor operations…..

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 17 (Part 5)

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Thursday.  The one day of the week this week that I didn’t have anything going on after school.  It was a nice change of pace to the usual routine of going, and going, and going.  Sometimes I feel like I need to be the Energizer Bunny both for my family and the marching band I’m working for and everything else I’m expected to do.  I got up at my usual time today and got my kids ready for school while I got ready for work.  I have to say that I love my children because they have become pretty self-reliant without too much prodding from me.  I really like the fact that Ruth and Austin have stepped up to the plate and get all their things together the previous night and really have themselves organized.  Tara, on the other hand, is really starting to fall behind in her expectations.  It figures that I had to have one child that would drive me insane since I drove my parents insane myself!  She just doesn’t seem to have the ability to keep her room relatively neat and tidy and I’ve threaten to take everything out of the room, and have done so, but she still sits there and defies me.  As a matter of fact, once I took everything out of her room except her bed and dresser, she made up a song about how wonderful her room was empty.  To a parent, this is extremely distressing.  I keep telling myself she’ll bring herself around.  Anyway, back to this morning, she refused to eat any breakfast.  I found out later today that she got to school, complained about being hungry and said we didn’t feed her breakfast, so they sent her down to get a school breakfast.  This makes me look like I’m a horrible parent, but SHE made the choice to not eat breakfast.  See what I mean?

Anyway, my day with my students went okay and I have to say that I’m really starting to get back into the swing of things with my students.  That may have something to do with the fact that I’m not as exhausted since I don’t have to get up at five in the morning anymore.  I have to say, every morning I go to work, I have to grin a little thinking about having the option of having my own car again.  I guess I just keep taking it for granted and I keep telling myself that I won’t do that anymore.  I got done with work and came home and got myself all set for podcasting a little more and that’s when I realized that I had to take my son to football practice tonight.  So, I lost a little bit of time of working on my podcast to take my son to football practice.  That’s okay, I ‘m there for him and at least I have a car to take him there.

At football practice, I had to have a discussion with my son about what he’s doing on the defensive line.  For some reason, he has it in his head that he needs to turn his back on his opponent and I had to read him the riot act about doing it.  The reason I am worried about him doing this is that I’m afraid he’s going to injure himself or another player.  He thinks that in order to get leverage on his opponent, he needs to lean backwards into him.  I’m trying to show him that this won’t work.  I wish his coach would get on his case a little more about it, but his coach is worried about other players and I understand that, so that’s why I’ve taken it upon myself to try and help Austin because coach has other things to have to worry about.

We got done with practice and I got home and did some recording and basically finished recording my podcast, so all I have to do is edit my podcast tomorrow and get it out on the airwaves.  This one is going to be interesting and I can’t wait to see how people will react to this show.  Once I was done with that, Heather and I watched some of our usual shows on a Thursday, such as “Survivor”, “C.S.I.” and “Law and Order:  Criminal Intent”.  We went to bed shortly after that and I have to say I was out like a light bulb because I was exhausted.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 17 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 17 (Part 5):  Car’das asked what would happen if Kav and Stratis decided to make a run for it and Thrawn said they couldn’t jump to hyperspace with “The Whirlwind” around.  That’s when Car’das realized that “The Whirlwind” had a Vagaari grav projector inside keeping them from hyperspace jumping.  Then Thrawn said that Stratis doesn’t want him to leave because Stratis wants him to destroy Outbound Flight for him.  Car’das seemed surprised that this is where the Trade Federation was going, but Thrawn said he saw it coming with the “evil Jedi” talk.  Car’das asked if he would do it, but Thrawn said he would do what he had to, to protect his people.  Thrawn thanked Car’das and stumbled as he got up to leave the room.  Car’das told him that he may want to get some rest and Thrawn thanked him for the concern.  Car’das then asked one last question as Thrawn got to the doorway.  He asked how Thrawn knew the droidekas wouldn’t gun them down on the bridge.  Thrawn said he noted the architecture, another form of art to him, and said the Neimoidians wouldn’t put themselves at any more risk than necessary.  Car’das said he was precisely correct.  He also pointed out that Kav was too close to them to let the droidekas attack.  Thrawn said he wasn’t sure if the Neimoidians were making a point or calling a bluff.  Thrawn said he hoped the Vagaari haven’t stolen Neimoidians military droid technology.  Car’das said he didn’t think so and Thrawn told Car’das to sleep well.  As Thrawn left the room, Car’das wondered what game Thrawn was playing with them.  He wasn’t sure if Thrawn was for or against them, but he knew things were heating up and he knew he needed to get the crew of “The Bargain Hunter” otu of here as soon as possible…..

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 17 (Part 4)

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Wednesday.  Hump day!!  LOL!!  Okay, I think my humor is going to end up starting to slowly come back considering that I may actually be able to sleep through the night and through the morning.  Heh.  Well, this morning we all helped each other out just a little more getting each other ready for school.  I found the kids were in pretty high spirit and so was I.  I think we were all happy to know that Heather has a reliable, dependable, working vehicle to get back and forth to work now.  I got the kids going and then headed to school myself.  It was a pretty calm and cool morning and I have to say the day started off on a good foot today.

My kids at school were complaining because today is the first day that we started to do “hands together” playing.  It’s amazing how quickly teenagers today give up on a concept.  I sure as heck hope I didn’t give up as easily as these kids do.  They want to give up after attempting something for as little as two to three minutes.  My sixth graders are really getting into recorder though and I’m glad to say that I have some of the best recorder players I’ve ever had.  Even my students that have been struggling in class seem to be getting the concept of the recorder.  I got done with work today and did my usual race home, take a ten minute nap, and then get up, eat dinner and head off to marching band.

Practice tonight seemed to go well and I have to say things are looking up with all of the props for the show starting to come on the field.  I can say this now as I’m not “letting the cat out of the bag” when I say that we’re doing a show based on the game Monopoly.  I thought it was a really cool concept and I think the audience will get into it after a while.  I think they will understand it even more with the props on the field after tonight.  The only complaint I have about said props is the weight of the ninety foot by ninety foot board mat that we put on the field.  The thing has to weigh at least seven hundred pounds and  all I’m saying is that I’m not the spring chicken that I once was when I was younger.  I’m not sure how many times I’ll be able to lift that mat without back problems, but I’m determined not to hurt myself this season.  We have a crew of students helping us with this monstrosity of a mat and I have to say that I’m quite proud of all of them.  They’ve all stepped up and really come through with helping to roll and unroll the mat.  We got a few chances to practice with that tonight and I can say this weekend should go okay.  Although I’m not sure that the way we’re folding the mat is the most efficient.

I got done with practice, came home, crashed with Heather for an hour and then went to be at eleven o’clock.  I have to say that it’s nice to not have to worry about needing to get up at five in the morning.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 17 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 17 (Part 4):  Thrawn explains that Thrass is doing what he sees that he has to as the head of the Eighth Ruling Family.  Car’das is amazed that Thrass would call down an admiral on him, but Thrawn points out that if Ar’alani reverses his orders it protects him as well as Thrass and his family.  Car’das points out that this gives the Vagaari free reign on the galaxy and Thrawn woefully agrees.  Thrawn says till Ar’alani arrives, he’s still in charge and again asks Car’das of his impressions of ViceLord Kav and Commander Stratis.  Car’das says he does not believe that Stratis is in charge as Neimoidians would never answer to humans and Thrawn agrees stating that Stratis is an assumed name.  Car’das does agree with them about not having an invading force though.  They just don’t have enough droids.  Thrawn asks if he believes their mission is to destroy Outbound Flight, Car’das says he can’t answer positively or negatively as he knows nothing of an Outbound Flight.  He said Ferasi or Qennto would know more and asked if they were heading back to Crustai.  Thrawn said he needs to be there to greet the admiral and said his people can finish up here…..

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 17 (Part 3)

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Tuesday.  Not only was it Tuesday, but it was a GREAT Tuesday.  That’s right folks, the Crissman’s are now proud owners of a new Kia Sportage as of this afternoon.  Yeah!  Well, not new, but new to us.  Anyway, let me walk ya through my day and we’ll get to that.  So, back up the trolley train, let’s start at the beginning of the day.  I bounded out of bed at five-thirty this morning in the ultimate hope that this would be the last day I would ever have to take Heather to work that early.  I came home and barely got any sleep and then woke the kids up and got them ready for school.  It even seems like our kids are excited about their mother getting a new vehicle.  And why shouldn’t they be?  This means they won’t have to walk to football and cheerleading practice anymore.  I think Heather wants the freedom too and has been annoyed by the idea of being stuck at work and stuck to the bus schedule.  So, we all got ready for school with a little bit of positive energy.

I got to work and the day went as I had expected it to.  Some of my students are doing really well in my class and others are simply deliberately tanking my class because they just don’t want to be there.  I swear that if I wrote a book about teaching classroom music it would be titled “No one in the center”.  I got done with school and gave Heather a quick phone call and she was happily driving her Kia home to meet me.  I was ecstatic and I think she was too.  I asked her if she would be willing to take Austin to football tonight so I could continue to work on my podcast as it is due very soon!  The first of October is a little over a week away and I have a ton of things to record and edit.  She agreed and said it would just be a good reason to drive her new vehicle.  I was glad she was not upset about this and it made me feel better knowing that now she has a pretty reliable vehicle.  So, we are now the proud owners of a 1999 Red Kia Sportage.  I have to say, that aside from some rust and a little bit of a squeal from a belt in the engine, the car looks and sounds reliable.  I’m excited because Kia’s have such a dependable engine in them and I’m hoping we get a few years out of this car before we will ever run into any problems with this vehicle.

So, I got home and we ate dinner together and went our separate directions.  I went downstairs and recorded for an hour or so while the girls did dishes in the kitchen.  Heather got home and we actually took some time to spend some time together, just her and I enjoying our company with each other.  It was nice to know that tomorrow I would not be getting up early to have to take Heather to work.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 17 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 17 (Part 3):  Car’das sat at a computer desk in his quarters on “The Spring Hawk” for hours waiting  on Thrawn.  When Thrawn entered he apologized and asked if Car’das managed to keep himself preoccupied and Car’das said he was studying the schematics on the Trade Federation ships given to him.  Car’das said that the droid starfighters are top of the line equipment and if Thrawn had not knocked out their communications, they would have ripped Thrawn’s ships to shreds.  Thrawn asked about Vice Lord Kav and Commander Stratis and Car’das turned and asked why he was being asked this, considering Thrawn didn’t trust him.  Thrawn said he trusted Car’das the minute he used Chiss computers to study their language instead of trying to find out more about Chiss technology.  That’s when Car’das noticed that Thrawn wasn’t looking good himself and asked if he was okay. Thrawn siad it was a long day and he just found out that Admiral Ar’alani was done studying the Vagaari ship, but Thrawn said he believes she cut it short to come back.  Thrawn said this is why he accused Car’das of espionage in front of his warriors.  He said it would explain why Car’das was still around and apologized for any distress it may have caused him.  Car’das seemed surprised that Ar’alani would be suspicious of him, but Thrawn said he had no doubt, considering the reports she was more than likely getting from Corustai.  Car’das began to question who and then realized that Thrawn’s own brother, Thrass, is selling him out…..

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 17 (Part 2)

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Monday.  First day to a work week and I have to say I was hoping the last day I would have to wake up early.  I got up at four-thirty this morning to take Heather to work and I will admit that I was just going through the motions.  I don’t even remember what I did or even in what order I did them.  I just know that I took her to work and came home and crashed for an hour before I got the kids up for school.  We did our usual routine and the kids headed for the bus stop, Tara  for her babysitter’s, and me to school.  I was hoping today would be the last day I would have to take Heather to work.  We’ll have to see how it plays out.

I got to work and started things for the day.  Quite honestly, my classes are starting like I would expect my classes to act like at East.  The kids are now awake in the morning and I am hearing complaints about having to do work and the “why do I have to do this?” routine.  I’ve actually grown accustomed to it over the years and it really doesn’t surprise me anymore when I hear it.  Today my students started to fight me over having to do music theory in class, but I think in the long run, they will thank me for pushing them and presenting this information to them, especially if they end up going to college and taking music there, the information I give them will help them with their college course and my hope is that somewhere along the way, students will appreciate that.

I got done with work and raced home, hoping that Heather would be at home with a car.  She told me she did not have the car yet, but that it would be ready for tomorrow.  So, I have one more day to take Heather to work, after which, I may not have to do it for a long time.  I then crashed for a brief amount of time (about fifteen minutes) and then got myself going, ate some dinner and then rushed over to marching band rehearsal.

Tonight, we started to work with our floor mat for the first time.  What a piece of equipment that thing is!  It’s about ninety feet by ninety feet and weighs about five to six hundred pounds.  Once it’s all painted, it will look amazing, but it is a giant pain in the kanish to get on and off the field.  It’s heavy and the way we’re trying to take it on and off does not seem very efficient.  There seems to be a plan about that, but it has not been explained to us yet and I’m not so sure that leaving it as one piece is such a good idea in the long run, but we’ll have to see.  Time will tell.  As always, the students did an amazing job at the rehearsal, and really got used to the idea of this mat on the field and adjusted what they were doing on the mat as effective marchers.  What other band could put a mat under their students’ feet and ask them to adjust in one night’s time?  This band did, and I give them a lot of credit for that!  We got done and it was time to go home.  I came home and crashed with Heather and then went to bed.  I know we both went to bed with the dreams of Kia Sportages dancing in our heads.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 17 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 17 (Part 2):  Doriana led them into Kav’s command office knowing that he has been sparred his life.  He offered them a seat and refreshments.  Thrawn and Car’das sat down but turned away the drinks.  Doriana then started to tell them about Outbound Flight.  Thrawn said it was a great story, but asked what it had to do with the Chiss.  Doriana continued to explain that the Jedi onboard are dangerous as they have rigid ideas on what people should do and how they should act.  Thrawn said this does not affect the Chiss as Outbound Flight is going to another galaxy.  Doriana said that the Jedi may attempt to force their will upon the Chiss.  Thrawn says they may attempt, but the Chiss have never been forced to do any such thing.  Doriana said perhaps not, but warned that the Jedi have powers beyond any of the Chiss understanding.  Thrawn then stood up and said this will have to wait for later, as they have other matters to discuss.  He told both Doriana and Kave to stay on the bridge as he would be bringing in a team onboard the ship to examine their equipment.  Kav snapped back saying the ship is the property of the Trade Federation, but Doriana cut him off and told Thrawn he would assist him in any way possible.  Thrawn told Car’das to come with him and they could feel the tensions between the Neimoidian and human as they left the room.  Once they left the two of them argued with each other.  Kav argued that Doriana was turning his back on his people and Doriana said they have failed in this mission as Thrawn destroyed their fleet, but argued that they still have a hope if they can convince Thrawn to destroy Outbound Flight for them.  Kav asked if he could convince Thrawn and then wondered if Thrawn could even achieve such a task.  Doriana said he wasn’t sure about that, but knew he was talking to Car’das about Outbound Flight even as they speak.  Doriana told Kav to leave everything to him.  Kav agreed for now, but says he’ll be watching Doriana intently…..