‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 14 (Part 6)

Okay, it’s Tuesday before Dragon Con and I’m amped!  I think my body is actually beginning to produce it’s own endorphins because I was flying high on energy all day long today.  I spent most of my day today working on things for Dragon Con.  I got up early and watched T.V. while I downloaded a whole mess of tunes for our trip down to the con.  We plan on being in the car for about fourteen hours on the way down and about fourteen hours on the way back.  So, the way I figure it, I need to make about 20 CD’s to cover all the travel time from here to Atlanta and back.  I know we won’t listen to music the whole time, but I figure it will help us all from becoming tired.  While I was downloading music, I cued up my VCR with the tape I made of “Robot Chicken”.  I decided that not only was I going to add the greatest hits from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and today; but I was also going to add in to that Star Wars parody songs AND clips of the “Robot Chicken” episode.  It should be a fun weekend.

Heather went to work today and ended up coming home around noon or so.  She told me to meet her outside with the kids when she got home.  We then headed out to Aldi’s to go shopping for food for the trip.  Heather and I got into a little bit of an argument on the way to the store because she has decided to put almost half of my trip money in the account.  We haven’t been able to rely on the account and the ability to use the card.  It’s happened many times where we put money in the account and then can’t seem to access it through our ATM card.  I’m just afraid that this is going to happen on my way to Dragon Con and I’ll get caught down there without enough money.  Anyway, we got to Aldi’s and went shopping for the trip.  We found some real bargains and honestly, I think we had enough food to feed an army, but that’s okay because it’s going to save us a TON of money on this trip as we won’t have to go out and get too much food while we’re in Georgia.  We got to the check out line to check out at Aldi’s and sure enough, the card didn’t work.  Why?  Enterprise Rent-A-Car never put our money back in from the car we rented last weekend.  See, this is why I worry and Heather thinks I am a “whoa is me” kind of guy.  I’m not a negative guy, I just try to be on the cautious side when it comes to money.  Anyway, Heather had to drop me off at home, go to the bank, withdraw the money and head back to Aldi’s and do all the shopping all over again.  While she did that I kept on working on CD’s for the trip.  She got home and the kids and I helped her unload the car.  Heather decided she wanted to go out for dinner, so we all got back in the car and headed back out for dinner.

She also decided she wanted to check some things out at Wal Mart, so we headed over there and by the time I got home, must of the songs I wanted were now officially downloaded.  I started to actually make the CDs tonight and it was pretty late by the time I got to bed.  It was midnight and somehow I was up and acting like it was still three in the afternoon.  I got to bed by twelve-thirty, but didn’t fall asleep till one in the morning.  Too many things to think about and not enough time to get it all done in.  Tomorrow evening I would be having guests and I was pumped about that!
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 6 of Chapter 14 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 14 (Part 6):  The man introduced himself as Dillian Prosser and he said his son Jorad had a question.  Lorana introduced herself and Jorad asked if she really was a Jedi.  Lorana then introduced herself as Jedi Jinzler, which Jorad tried to say unsuccessfully.  Then the boy said that Ma’Ning said that those who were called would be Jedi and he wanted to know if he could be a Jedi too.  Lorana tried to explain to the boy that being a Jedi required being born with the ability to manipulate The Force.  He asked if he could be tested again, and said maybe he got better.  Lorana said the he may have, but knew that Force sensitivity coulc not be created.  She promises the boy that she’ll speak to Master Ma’Ning and have him tested again and if he shows signs of improvement, she’ll try to get him into the program.  Jorad thanked Lorana and Lorana said your welcome.  Lorana looked at the baby they had and asked Jorad if that’s his sister and he said her name’s Katarin and she cries a lot.  Lorana said that this is what babies do and thanked them all for coming.  Dillian said no problem and thanked Lorana for talking to them…..


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