‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 14 (Part 3)

Okay, I can only once again give you the facts.  I feel like I’m a police reporter all of a sudden.  Okay, here are the facts for today:


Fact:  We had pancakes and bacon for breakfast.

Fact:  We went to Harper’s Ferry today and learned about John Brown’s raid.

Fact:  We also went to the Bull Run Battlefield Park.

Fact:  On our way back from visiting these sites, it started to rain and rained all through dinner and most of the night.

Fact:  It cooled down enough for Heather and I to sleep tonight.

Fact:  We leave tomorrow and head home.


Okay, let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 14 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 14 (Part 3):  Obi-Wan shockingly asked if the childeren would be taken from their families by force, but C’Baoth said he hoped that would not be necessary.  Ma’Ning questioned why they were even doing this and C’Baoth said that it was because they were going on a long trip and he needed more Jedi than Master Yoda would allow, so he would train them and didn’t care about the age of the children as the precious Jedi did.  Ma’Ning said that Master Yoda would disagree with him, but C’Baoth said that Anakin was proof that older children are trainable.  Ma’Ning said this may be true, but there were reasons for only accepting infants.  C’Boath said there is nothing in the Jedi Code that speaks to this, but Obi-Wan counters saying that the writings of Master Simikarty are clear on this subject.  C’Baoth said that Simikarty’s writings are interpretation of the codes and not code itself.  One of the Duros Jedi asked C’Baoth if he’s against tradition and C’Baoth said he doesn’t accept it blindly and especially when their numbers are declining acrossed the galaxy.  Ma’Ning interrupted saying that it’s different when you’re forcing parents to give up their children for training.  C’Baoth said they may want that anyway, but Ma’Ning said they had the ability to test their children as infants and give them up for training then.  C’Baoth then said that children should be allowed to choose but Obi-Wan said that there are reasons for taking infants only.  C’Baoth pointed out that these particular reasons are solved by the use of Outbound Flight.  The children won’t be going light years aways and he’s even considered giving these children time with their families.  Then C’Baoth revealed that the training will take place in the storage core, where they’re away from outside distractions…..


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