‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 14 (Part 1)

Okay, well, as always, I got up this morning at 5:30 and got my wife to work and then came home and crashed for an hour.  Then, just like the rest of the week, I took a shower, got some breakfast, and got ready for marching band rehearsal this morning.  The kids even helped me get a lunch together today so that I had something to eat before we went to the Fair today.  I waited for the babysitter to get to the house and then I left and went to marching band rehearsal.

I had some more of a DVD showing while the kids showed up this morning and then Jim and I got right to work, no goofing around.  We told the kids that if we work hard this morning, we could finish the show, which means tomorrow, when I’m not able to be there, all Jim has to do is clean the show up.  Well, that was the plan, and I think they executed it very well.  We were doing so well, we ensembled in the late morning the last song AND we gave them a break to eat some icee pops that parents had brought in for them.  Today was much different from the rest of the week.  It was hot, humid, and sunny.  The kids liked the change of pace, but of course I was putting my 30+ SPF sunscreen on every fifteen minutes.  It was a good morning and we got a lot accomplished and things went well.

Once we were finished, the kids packed up their equipment for this afternoon and then we all sat down and ate lunch.  The parents were nice enough to offer the staff some sub sandwiches which was nice, so I ate a sub and didn’t eat my lunch the kids made me.  The other reason I didn’t eat the homemade lunch was because my children forgot to put in an ice pack in the cooler and I wasn’t sure the food was any good anymore considering how hot it was outside.  Not too long after eating lunch, I started to have some pains in my abdomen toward the bottom of my abdomen.  Right where either my kidneys are or my small intestines.  I thought I just ate too fast and didn’t think too much about it.  We got on the bus and headed up to Syracuse for the State Fair parade.  On the way, the pains in my abdomen seemed to be getting worse, but I thought it may just be some of the bumpiness of the ride on the bus.  I did have some good conversations with the parents and managed to get a small nap on the bus to make sure I could get through the night.

We got there and the parade was as disorganized as it was when I did this parade about ten years ago as the director of Binghamton.  The kids did a great job in the parade and I was proud of them considering we had to march almost a mile just to get to the beginning of the parade and then the parade was about a mile long.  It tested their stamina and I thought they did a great job.  We got done and the kids changed at the buses and put their instruments away while we waited on them.  By this point, the pain in my abdomen got intense.  I had no idea what my problem was, but I was afraid to let my director know what it was in case it was only something minor.  We got done waiting on the kids and went into the fair.  I went and used the restroom in the State Fair and the pain in my abdomen seemed to subside, so I thought that was the problem.  I had a blast hanging out with the director and his wife.  We tried some things that were there and I showed them as much of the fair as I could in the short amount of time we were there.  We saw the butter sculpture, at the $1 potatoes and just had some food and had some fun.  We got back to the buses and headed home

As he buses drove home, the pain in my abdomen started again.  I sat there in pain and wondered what could be causing this.  I went through everything in my head and then wondered if I was just having gas problems.  I texted my wife and let her know how much pain I was in.  I told her I was concerned that it may be something serious, but also wondered whether it was gas pains.  We exchanged texts for a while and she decided to come and pick me up from marching band instead of me getting a ride home with the director.  On our way home, we picked up some medicine for gas relief and I took it and went home and went straight to bed.  It seemed as though the Gas-X did the trick.  As I slept through the night tonight, it seems that the pain went away.  I would have to evaluate where I was in the morning as to whether or not I was going camping over the weekend.

Okay, let’s talk about the first part of Chapter 14 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 14 (Part 1):  As the turbolift car opened, C’Baoth asked Anakin where they were and Anakin answered questioningly Dreadnaught Four and C’Baoth said he was correct.  As they stepped out, C’Baoth explained that they were now the farthest they could get from the command ship within Outbound Flight.  Obi-Wan jokingly referred to it as the Tattoine of the project and Anakin agree, but with less sand.  Then Obi-Wan explained why to C’Baoth.  As they walked around on this Dreadnaught, Obi-Wan noted that it wasn’t any different than the other Dreadnaughts.  C’Baoth explained that Jedi Master Justyn Ma’Ning was in charge of this Dreadnaught and that they had met him at the First Night dinner.  Obi-Wan said he thought Commander Omano was in charge of Dreadnaught Four and C’Baoth corrected himself saying that Ma’Ning is in charge of Jedi affairs.  C’Baoth said they should check on them and their choice families on board, as one of each of the family’s children would be starting Jedi training, which shocked Obi-Wan.  he asked how old these potentials are and C’Baoth said they average in age from four to ten, which is the age Anakin was when Obi-Wan took him on as a padawan.  Obi-Wan asked if the parents have given permission for these children to be trained, and C’Baoth said they will as it is an honor to be trained as a Jedi.  Obi-Wan asked what happens if they don’t agree and C’Baoth said they would discuss it later as they have arrived at their destination……


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  1. I loved chapter 14! I like to analyze the movie and books while I’m out camping under the stars.

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