‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 12 (Part 6)

It’s Saturday.  The day seem like they’re flying by now.  You know, I kept telling myself that I was going to stay current on my blog, but somehow I’ve still managed to fall behind.  What can I say?  Life has me so busy, I just can’t seem to keep up.  So today I decided to start getting things together for this week and for next weekend.  I am a little upset that Heather and I haven’t taken the time to put together the tent.  Our plan was to do it today, but it was raining all day today.  So that plan went right out the door.  I was able to start putting together some of the things for our camping trip, but I was limited with what I could do since it was raining.  What was sobering about it all was the fact that the forecast for next week is showing rain, rain, and more rain.  And it’s all supposed to happen during our band camp.  I know it won’t affect me, but the kids probably won’t enjoy it as much.  I got a lot done today.  I managed to finish the black coat on my holster and I also managed to get the Falco Clan logo started on that holster as well.  I should be done with it very soon.

I also decided that today, I had better start getting ready for Dragon Con.  I put together my repair kit, my totes, and my an autograph/sketch book to take to the con.  I thought that would be cheaper than spending the extra money to get pictures of everyone that was going to be at Dragon Con.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve worked the whole summer just to go to this one convention.  All I can say, is that it better be good!  I also decided to veg out a little at the end of my day and watch some more of Season 2 of Farscape.  From what I’ve seen, season 2 was even better than season 1!  Man, I wish I would have watched this show while it was actually on T.V.!  It figures, I always find a show I like after it’s no longer being produced!  It happened with “Firefly” and now I have the same feeling about “Farscape”.  Heather worked a split shift today, so I spent most of the day and evening home by myself.  It was kind of nice, but also kind of weird having all this quiet time to myself.  That will change tomorrow as we will be picking up our kids from my in-laws tomorrow.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 6 of Chapter 12 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 12 (Part 6):  Loranna tried to explain to Dean why the Jedi didn’t permit them to find out more about their family, but Dean said it didn’t stop the family from finding out more about her.  Then Dean explain to her that the Jedi fired her parents, who were civilian workers at the Jedi Temple, after she was accepted as a Jedi.  Then Dean gave her more negative attitude and told her that he despised the Jedi because they thought they were perfect.  Then he told her that he was always compared to his high and mighty older sister by their parents.  Then Dean told her that she wasn’t observant either.  He told her that the amethyst on her lightsaber was from her parents and not a gift from some gracious people on Coruscant.  Then she asked Dean what he wanted of her and he pointed out that she had come to him.  She said she wanted him to accept the post and to stop hating himself and her.  Dean gave her a negative and sarcastic answer and she started to get up and gave him a lecture about how he’s wasting his life.  Dean turned his back on her, and holding back tears, she left the room.  She managed to wander the halls back to C’Baoth and Pakmillu.  C’Baoth asked if her quarters were satisfactory and she said she never made it to them.  Pakmillu asked if she would be joining them and she said yes, thinking that they couldn’t get out of here fast enough.


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