‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 12 (Part 5)

Friday.  End of the week and I am starting to panic a little.  I have just realized that starting next week I have very few free moments left and I have band camp next week, camping next weekend, two days, and then Dragon Con.  Once I get back from D Con, I’m right into school.  This morning I worked on the holster for my costume.  I got up around nine and managed to get a second coat of primer on it.  I then decided now was the time to finish my classroom videos from last school year.  Yeah, you read that right, I still didn’t have the fourth quarter videos finished.  I finished up editing the videos and managed to put together a DVD for the entire year.  It actually came out pretty nice.  As I reviewed last year’s videos, I’ve caught onto some things I can do to improve the videos for this year.  The big thing that I think will help is if I can manage to control the amount of sun light coming into my classroom because that is what is messing with my green screening.  Now I know why they green screen indoors in huge studios with no windows.

While I worked on this, I also worked on getting the black paint onto my gauntlets and I tried to catch up on things on the Mandalorian Mercs boards as well as other boards that I’m normally on.

Heather came home and we decided to go out to dinner for one last time before we had to pick up the kids this weekend.  We went out for dinner and then treated ourselves to some ice cream at “Suzy Q’s” our favorite ice cream place in the summer.  We came home and she sewed while I continued to work on my costume for Dragon Con.  We got to about ten o’clock and Heather was tired and she went to bed.  She had to get up early for work tomorrow and I decided to stay up till midnight to continue to work on my project.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 12 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 12 (Part 5):  Lorana lifted the grid with The Force while the technicians secured it in place.  They thanked her and said a Jinzler was on their team and asked if there was a relation, to which the Jedi said she did not know much about her family.  The technician, named Brooks, insisted that Jedi Jinzler meet this technician in case he knows her.  Brooks took Lorana three decks below to a room full of tables where he told her he would introduce her to him.  As Lorana got closer, she realized the man they were heading towards was the man she had seen on Coruscant several dozen times over.  As Brooks went to introduce them, the worker said there was no need to.  He introduced himself as Dean Linzler, Lorana’s brother.  With some negative disposition, Dean asked her to sit down and then sarcastically congratulated her on becoming a fully fledged Jedi.  He told her that their parents knew and keep tabs on her.  Dean let her know that they followed her every accomplishement and then jammed it down his throat!…..


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