‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 12 (Part 3)

Well, today is starting the mark the end of my summer vacation.  Well, the relaxing part of summer vacation for me.  After today, I’m back to work and then getting ready for camping and then Dragon Con and then school.  Wow!  It’s hard to believe that I have to start thinking about school this soon.  I got up late this morning.  Late, late, late.  I didn’t wake up until eleven a.m. and my kids were really cool and let me sleep in today.  That was extremely nice of them to do that.  I got up and got things together to keep working on that holster for my costume.  I went downstairs, ate some breakfast/lunch and then started gluing together the new holster with PVC glue and getting it ready to paint.  My wife left today to take the kids to my in-laws for the week and weekend.  They’re excited and are looking forward to the weekend with the grandparents.  It’s gonna be weird not having them around the house for a while, but it may be good timing as it will give me time to get ready for Vestal’s band camp.

We all left around one o’clock or so to go and meet the grandparents and drop the kids off with them.  On our way home, Heather and I decided to go out and get something to eat together as a little treat to ourselves.  Once we were done eating, I had to book it to Vestal for the evening rehearsal for their mini band camp.  We taught quite a few sets of the first tune tonight and things seemed to go pretty well considering all that we have to get done.  Heather hung out with me while I taught this evening and then we came home together and crashed and went to bed.  Tomorrow I have to work at Wendy’s again (my last day for the summer) and then head out to band camp, so not much work is going to get done on my costume tomorrow.


Okay, now that we’ve talked about Mandalorian, let’s talk Star Wars books.  Let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 12 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 12 (Part 3):  Captain Pakmillu was showing Obi-Wan the sophistication of the ComOps Center of Outbound Flight.  Anakin asked if the one control was like a podrace controller and Pakmillu said he was correct, but he uses it to control the speeders and the swoops.  Obi-Wan was surprised they ran swoops inside Outbound Flight and thought htye would be dangerous to use, but Pakmillu said they were cheaper than more advanced turbolifts.  Anakin and Obi-Wan bickered about the dangers of the swoops a little bit, but Pakmillu assured both of them that their systems were safe.  Pakmillu said they would take a tour of Republic Space before going to the unknown space in case they need repairs.  Pakmillu said that if all goes according to plan, they’ll be in Unknown Space in three weeks.  Anakin asked how long they planned on being gone and Pakmillu said they have enough supplies for ten years but are preparred to go longer if need be with the resulting colonization they expect to do.  He also explained that as each colony gets established, they will leave behind a Dreadnaught from Outbound Flight.  Pakmillu said it will be a glorious adventure and it’s a shame they will not be joining them.  Obi-Wan commented saying that the thought C’Baoth would be arriving when C’Baoth’s booming voice answered saying he’s already here…..


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