‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 12 (Part 1)

Well, it was quite a long night last night, so I’ll be honest I was a completely lazy bum today.  I woke up around nine o’clock or so and decided now was the time to just not do anything.  I have the first part of band camp with Vestal this week and then next week I’m into full fledged band camp and then things start going like thunder until the beginning of the school year.  I went downstairs when I got up this morning and played some more of “Star Wars:  Legos II”.  Heather got home around one o’clock and the kids and I had just finished eating some lunch and she said we needed to go to get Ruth from horse camp.  So, we headed back out to the middle of nowhere to pick up Ruth.  She was bouncing off the walls.  She had a great time and talked non-stop all the way home about the camp that she was at.  She definetly had fun.  We got home and Heather and I crashed for a little bit and then we all ate dinner together and had some fun playing outside while Heather did some more sewing in the basement.  Not too exciting of a day, but a day none the less.


Okay, let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 12 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 12 (Part 1):  As C’Baoth and Lorana rounded the corner of their transport at Yaga Mirof, C’Baoth pointed to the six new dreadnaughts in a hexagon frame with a strange core.  He called it the future of the galaxy.  Lorana couldn’t help but think that since C’Baoth had expected a lot of her as a padawan and suddenly the same was true when she reach the role of Jedi Knight.  C’Baoth asked her to help with final preparations instead of a proper Council Member such as Yoda.  C’Baoth explained to her that all the family members were aboard and most of the Jedi were aboard as well.  Suddenly Lorana realized that C’Baoth kept making “we” references and asked if she was expected to go on Outbound Flight.  C’Baoth said, “of course”.  He told her he fast tracked her approval as a Jedi Knight.  She said that she thought she had earned it and C’Baoth said she kind of had, but on Outbound Flight he would have plenty of time to continue her training.  Lorana said she can’t go as she hasn’t made arrangements and needs Council approval.  C’Baoth told her not to worry about the Council and asked her what arrangements would ever need to be made.  C’Baoth then got demanding and told her she will go where the Council chooses and said she’d get more excited when she met the other Jedi destined to go with them……


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