‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 11 (Part 9)

Sunday.  It’s supposed to be a day of rest, but for this family, there never is rest.  Heather got up late for work this morning and was in a hurry to get herself there on time.  She ended up working from seven till eleven this morning, but was supposed to have shown up at work at six.  Her alarm clock did not go off and while she was at work, I discovered that she never set it last night.  Needless to say, when she jumped out of bed at about ten minutes to seven, I was awake as well, so there was no point in fighting it.  I went downstairs and watched some T.V. while I fell back to sleep a little.  The kids came down and got me around ten o’clock and we got everyone ready for when Heather came home and this afternoon.  Heather got home around eleven o’clock or so and we got the car ready to go.  Ruth loaded up her stuff and Heather put together shopping lists for school supplies for the kids while I got my Star Wars stuff together for our FanForce group.  We then all piled in the car and headed over to Barnes and Nobles in Vestal.  The plan was that Heather was going to drop me off, go to Wal Mart and do “back to school” shopping and then go out to Deposit and drop Ruth off to horse camp and come back and pick me up.  Well, I got to my meeting and Karen and I were the only ones there.  We talked for a little bit and discussed what we had coming up for events and even tried to come up with some ideas for December when it seemed like we didn’t have a whole lot going on.  Heather came by to drop off a Mountain Dew for me and I told her that I could probably go with her out to Deposit since we were the only two at the meeting and it ddint’ seem like anyone else was showing up since we had been there for an hour and no one had shown up.

We got in the car and headed out to Deposit.  We actually found out the camp is closer to the Afton area.  The place was really in the middle of nowhere.  We drove and drove and drove and then to make matters worse, we did the redneck thing.  We turned off of the paved road onto the dirt road.  And then we drove and drove and drove even more.  It reminded me of the area that they drove to in the movie “House of Wax”.  It was kind of eerie.  We got to the camp and opened the trunk and that’s when I pointed out that Ruth didn’t have a sleeping bag with her.  Then Heather started asking her questions and she realized that Ruth was not prepared at all and didn’t have anything she needed with her.  No bathing suit, no bug repellent, no sleeping bag, no pillow, no water bottle, no hat, no jacket.  Needless to say, it was another moment where I was right, but do you think anyone noted this?  Heck no!!  So, we went in and talked to the camp counselors and they found Ruth an extra sleeping bag and some other supplies and we bought her a water bottle out of the camp store.  We got up to the cabin and that’s when I realized that this was not camping.  No sir, this was living at home, in the woods in style.  Ruth even had the top bunk of a bunk bed.  She had electricity IN their room and to make matters worse, each cabin has a kitchen and living room.  It was ridiculous!  She wouldn’t last five seconds with me in a canoe trip in Boy Scouts.  We got a chance to meet the horses before we left and then we left Ruth behind.  Heather decided she didn’t want to cook dinner, so we stopped at Taco Bell on our way home and then went home and ate dinner.  I spent the rest of the night clearing the memory on my laptop and the upstairs computer.  The upstairs computer had no hope to it, so I wiped the memory on the computer doing a Format C:.  It took me all night and I got it back up and running by one in the morning on Monday. 

Okay, so enough about my day today.  Let’s finish out Chapter 11 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 11 (Part 9):  Thrass said they needed to talk, alone.  Thrawn said Thrass could trust his companions and Thrass said that it is Chiss buisness.  Thrawn told Thrass to be open minded to a people that may need to know Chiss affairs in the future.  Thrass asked if Thrawn actually valued  their thoughts and Thrawn said everyone’s thoughts were valuable.  Thrawn said that the Asendency will meet the Republic and bonds must be made on both sides and Car’das agreed.  They made some sly discussions in Cheunh, but Thrass laughed at how much Maris missed the mark on pronouncing the language.  Car’das insisted they use the Cheunh language as they needed the practice.  Thrass thanked them for saving his brother’s life.  Thrass asked Thrawn what he was doing and he said he was protecting them from their enemies.  Thrass said enemies yes; future enemies, no.  Thrass said that the Eighth Ruling Family is not happy with him for his latest stunt.  Thrawn explained that he’s discovered the Vagaari aren’t pirates, but a completely nomadic people.  Thrass said the Asendency will deal with them when they get to their borders.  Thrawn commented asking why they should wait.  Thrass said they can’t protect the entire galaxy, Thrawn agreed but said that he wasn’t going to wait until they are attacked.  Thrass warned that the Eighth Ruling Family may be close to throwing Thrawn out.  Thrawn said he could live as he used to, but said that he would protect Thrass at all costs.  Thrass said the latest incident pushed the families to the breaking point.  Maris asked if Thrass had to report on it, and Thrass said that with four dead Warriors, he had to.  Maris said he could spin it as a reconnaissance mission gone wrong and Thrass said he would try to.  Thrawn told Thrass to do what he felt was right, but warned that he will do what he must to destroy the Vagaari.  Thrass went to leave, stopped, turned around and asked Thrawn if he considered that his attacks may further provoke the Vagaari.  Thrawn said no he had not and Thrass said, “I didn’t think so”, and left the room.


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