‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 11 (Part 8)

Saturday.  I had BIG plans for today but Heather took some of my plans away.  I told her that on top of clearing off some things off of the computers in the house today, I had planned on starting to prime the one side of the house for painting which is now going to have to happen next summer.  She told me not to start that project.  When I asked why, she said she wanted to do that while I was gone at Dragon Con with the kids.  She said it would give her something to do while I was gone.  I think either one of two things is going to happen.  Either she is going to get it done and it will look exquisite or she won’t get it finished and I’ll be spending all of my free time in the Fall trying to get it finished.  So, instead of priming the house, I mowed the lawn instead.  I did all of the house.  The front yard, back yard and second property.  It was quite a bit of mowing with a push mower.  I got done with that and it was a little after one o’clock.  I came inside and had some lunch and then went downstairs and got to work finishing with my students’ videos.  By tonight, I had made a DVD of this year’s music videos.  It came out looking pretty nice.  After dinner tonight, we had Ruth get ready for Girl Scout Horse Camp, which she was going to go to starting tomorrow and into Monday.  I was a little upset that Heather wasn’t checking what she was packing, but Heather said she needed to learn some responsibility sometime.  I tried to explain to Heather that she may be learning responsibility the hard way if she forgets things for camping, but she didn’t want to hear it.  Heather had to work tomorrow morning, so she went to bed early and I finished the night by creating a DVD of this year’s videos.  It was a busy day, even for a weekend.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 8 of Chapter 11 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 11 (Part 8):  When they arrived at the base, Maris and Car’das found Qennto extremely upset in a cell.  They asked Qennto what happened and he explained that Admiral Ar’alani was stealing from him.  He said she claimed that she outranked Thrawn and therefore did not approve of them taking this art.  They asked if the admiral took all of the art with her and Qennto said that Thrawn’s brother talked her out of it and it was all under prescribed seal.  Qennto said that meant it was locked somewhere where even Thrawn can’t get at it.  Maris said she would talk to Thrawn about this and getting Qennto out of the cell.  Maris got to Thrawn’s room in the medical bay and convinced the guards to let her and Car’das into Thrawn’s room.  Thrawn told her that he knew of the situation and had read Thrass’ report.  Thrawn said Qennto needs to control his temper, Maris agreed but said that being locked up was doing Qennto no favors.  Maris asked if Thrawn could release Qennto and he agreed as long as the two of them could talk to him about his manners.  They asked about their bounty and Thrawn said that would not be so easy.  Those treasures can and will not be released until Ar’alani returns to make claim to it.  Thrawn said it could take months and Car’das said they can’t wait that long.  The doors opened behind Car’das and in walked Thrass…..

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