‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 11 (Part 4)

Okay.  Tuesday and the week can only get better, right?  Well, I had a split shift to work today.  I tell ya, being a teacher doesn’t really buy me any breaks in this world.  I think it’s kind of embarasing that I lecture to my students everyday that they need to educate themselves so that they don’t have to work at McDonald’s for the rest of their life, yet here I am as a teacher working at Wendy’s and having my students I lecture to see me working there.  Heather doesn’t think it’s a big deal and I think it’s totally embarasing.  I just don’t think she understands where I’m coming from.  I have been having lots of fun lately writing the backstory of my Mandalorian on the Mandalorian Mercs forum.  It’s a blast and I hope to make it into an audio drama or even a Fan Film at some point.  I love the idea of creating something within the Star Wars universe, but still using a massive amount of creativity.  I also have started to get sets for Vestal’s show this year.  That’s good news as I will be able to address the sets fairly early this year and may even have plenty of time to teach all of the sets and Jim and I may even have time to clean the sets up a little during band camp.  To make the situation even better, thanks to our July camp, most of the students will have their music learned and may even be able to play the songs while we go over the sets during the mornings of band camp.  Well, I got up around nine this morning to get to work around ten o’clock or so.  I worked from ten to three, had two hours off and then worked five to ten o’clock.  You would think that it’s no big deal, but it was an exhausting day.  I don’t have much energy left, so I’ll just get onto the main point.

Let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 11 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn……

Chapter 11 (Part 4):  Thrawn ordered his crew to prepare for an outer hull operation and told his chief engineer that they will either collapse the projector or move the projector as is.  Within three minutes, all the Chiss crew signaled they were ready.  Thrawn ordered the fighters to attack and told his helm to stand by.  Within a minute they controlled this region of the battlefield but not unnoticed by the rear gunners of the larger Vagaari warships.  Thrawn told his fighters to take defensive positions as he ordered his helm to move in.  As they got closer, Thrawn told the chief engineer he had five minutes.  Car’das worried about whether they have that long.  Thrawn said he thought so because they would need that much time to maove closer so they don’t destroy their own projector.  Car’das pointed out that the Vagaari may think they’re going to destroy the projector anyway.  Thrawn said that he thinks they’re confused.  Thrawn also pointed out that if they loose the cone, they won’t be able to trap their enemy.  Car’das then noticed that these Vagaari ship had the bubbles on the outside of their hull as they had observed on the captured treasure ship.  Thrawn demanded the viewscreen to zoom in and Maris gasped at the horror……


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